Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (8)

Mom (Holding her hands from the back)

(Screaming) Let go of me, joy. Let go.

No mom , if I let you will continue to break the things. I will not let you go.

Mom, listen to me , why are you doing this? Please tell.

(Suddenly, warm tears are flowing from her eyes and she is having her shuddering attacks)

She is going to faint if this continues, I have to calm her down

Mom sit in the chair.

(In a wobbly voice) Why are you leaving me ? Please don go away. Don leave me alone her. Atleast please take me there with you.

Mom, why are you crying now ? If you were so upset about my going then why did you said earlier that I can go and you were so calm then why like this now, mom ?

At that time I was fighting with myself, but when you were out of this room then I understood that if if you are gone then there is nobody in this whole world, who will even think of me.

Oh no ! I don know but I think that I have done a big mistake. I have to do something for her or else her conditions will degrade

Mom, calm down !

Mom, look at me, see, I am here and how will I leave you alone here ? Your joy is docile, right ?

(In shrill voice)No but you will leave me and there is no one here here, who will love me.

Please take me with you.

Mom, I will return back very soon and so how wi-

(Screaming) You don love me anymore.

I will have to call David

(Shouting) Daaaavvviiiidddddd !

(Echo) Daaaaavvviiddddd !

David, Lucy , where is everyone ?!

David ! Come here at once !

Lucy, Da- (Coughs)

My thoart is becoming sore of this shouting,I should ring him



Hello, Young master, where are you ?

I am at the house. Where is everybody else ?

Young master we are at the hospital.

Hospital ? Why, what happened ?

Young master, Older master had an accident yesterday and so all the staffs and First mistress and Master are here.

What ? From yesterday, you all are there and so nobody woke me up yesterday ? What about dinner ? Did anyone of the staffs gave mom, her dinner yesterday ?

Sorry, Young master, first mistress started crying and so all of us came here without doing anything.

What the heck is this ? So, my mom is starving from yesterday ? And all of you didn gave her to eat also, when you all knew that she was sick ? Are you out of your mind ?! She is throwing tantrums in the house !

Young master-

(From the phone)

(Alberts mom) (In a plummy voice) Lucy !What are doing here ? If you don take care of my son properly then I will complain to Master and fire you. Now, give me the phone and go back to work.

(Joy is hearing the conversation from phone)

But Mam, its Young master.

I said, Go !

Ye-Yes Mam.

And give me the phone.

Hello, Joy , I know you can hear me, please don just call uselessly to anyone of us now.

Listen Julia, just because of an accident you cannot just do this.

My mom is sick and she need foods and medicine, so how can you take all of the staffs ?! Its, Its-

Its unfair right ? Oh joy, you see your mom is now in 50s and then she will die very soon, so no need to take so much care of her. Where as, my son, he is young and now if he will not be taken proper, then later on how will he become a potential CEO ? After all, neither you or your mom is gonna be the head of the company and now that my son will be the head, so you are just jealous. Anyways, please don call anybody anymore, okay ?

Who are you to say that to me. You are b-

What the f*** is this ? Why God, why always my mom and I have to suffer this things.

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