Locked Freedom

Joy\'s POV (9)

I want to cry but I can , its not the time to cry

Mom sit here, I will make something for you.


First, drink this glass of water and I am coming.

I will not leave that bitch !!

(Joy went to the kitchen to make Avocado Toast for mom)

Finish !

Oh I should also make some coffee for myself .

(After 10 minutes)

Mom, I am coming.

What have you made, Joy?

I have made your favourite food, Avocado Toast

(Excited) Ah! Really, Avocado Toast?

Yes,I know that you were not allowed to eat Avocado Toast for past fews days,so, I made it, today.

Thank you, Joy.

Seeing Mom like this, makes me feel sometimes that she is a little girl and not my mom

(After eating)

Mom, What do you want to do ?

I want to go out and visit someone.

Visit someone ? Who ?

Oh, he is a poor kid who talks to me from his house,when he doesn like to study.

Mom, you made a new friend ? Then we will surely go to see him. Lets go.

Wait a minute, Joy what we will do about the broken things ?

Oh , I will clean it after we will come back.

But is it okay, because your father w-

Mom lets go! Come on or we will be late.


( They changed their dress and went out.

while Joy and Mrs. Roberts are walking )

Oh! Mom, you never told me about him?

Oh , because, I thought that you would be angry.

And why is that ?

Because , when I don use to eat then only,I talked and we used to talk for 3 hours and then I used to not eat and only go to sleep.


See,thats why I never told you.

(Sigh) Mom! Forget it , lets see your new friend .

(After sometime , in a lane )

Mom, where is his house , Do you remember?

No, because according to me, his house was in third row of first column.

An there are 7 columns, and rows.


Mom, do you know his name ?



( After 1 hour)

Oh God! Why is the house not here? We have been roaming here for an hour.


Ye- , Mom , what happened?

( Joy runs to Mrs. Roberts to help her).

Thanks, I was walking and suddenly my ankle twisted.

Mom, lets go home.

But the kid ?

Mom, you had got hurt and on top of that you are sick.

(Sadly) Okay.

(While , they are at the end of the road , a young kid sees them and , was shocked and started to laugh )

Hey what happened? Never saw some older person getting hurt ?

Sorry , I didn thought that she would be here.

(Suddenly Mrs.Roberts looks at him)

( Happily) Ah! You, you really live here. We came to find you only.

Mom? So that means you are t-

( The boy) Sorry , I am Arthur Mendes. I am the boy about whom your mom might have talked to you.

Oh! I am Joy Roberts and this is my mom, Demy Roberts .

( Arthur)So,she had a son and she never told me.

I am sorry.

(Arthur) Ok,where are you all going , now?

Oh that !, Mom got hurt so I am taking her to home so that I can treat her.

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