Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 3 Game Turntable

”Who are you? ” Liu Yufeng asked the voice in the dark.

”Next, turn on the game dial and randomly select the game mode. ” The ethereal voice sounded again, but did not answer Liu Yufengs words.

A golden roulette that covered the sky suddenly appeared in the pitch-black world, just like the roulette of some merchants doing activities, but it was magnified thousands of times, and it was written in blood-red characters:

—–Please close your eyes when it gets dark

—–The Great Escape

—–Bloody Canyon

—– Bridge of Death

—–Horror Movie Room

—– Blasting offensive and defensive battle

—– real chess pieces

—– Famine Survival

—– Treasure Hunt Dream World

—– Mystery Tavern

Just after reading the contents of the turntable, the huge golden roulette slowly spun, and Liu Yufeng stared at the pointer and the ten results above.

Although there have been speculations about the world after death, such as heaven and hell, or people die like lights out, leaving no trace of smoke.

But the scene in front of him completely overturned Liu Yufengs cognition. While he was still adjusting his mentality and thoughts to accept this sudden scene, the turntable slowly stopped, and the pointer very slowly skipped the ”Darkness, please close your eyes ” stop. On ”Battle of the Heavens ”.

”You are about to enter the world of the battle royale game world. ”

”The alien races selected by the residents this time are: elves, humans, undead, orcs. ”

”The last surviving person will be rewarded with Dead Sea Coins. As long as you have enough Dead Sea Coins, you will be able to do anything in the Dead Sea, such as building your own city, recruiting troops, enjoying everything you want, and even returning to Going to be a blessing in your original world, it can meet all your needs, provided you have enough Dead Sea Coins. ”

The basic survival attribute reward of this game is: 1 free attribute point (very precious, the way to obtain it is very limited, this time is the welfare of newcomers)

The basic reward for survival in this game is: 1000 Dead Sea Coins (System Note: Believe me, for newbies in the Dead Sea, this is a… Poor income, but better than nothing.)

The kill reward in this game is: 100 Dead Sea Coins/target (System note: Want to get rich? Kill it, kill it, they are the stepping stones of your dreams.)

The special reward for single-player survival in this game: 8888 Dead Sea Coins (the beauty of eating alone, only people who have eaten it know, hahahaha~ But before that, I think you may have to eat your own conscience first, because it is superfluous .)

A friendly reminder for newcomers: the game world is only a way to select the residents of the Dead Sea, and you can only complete the game alive to be eligible to become a member of the great Dead Sea world.

Finally: Welcome to my game world, my name is the director, I am Shenlu… ahem, I am the creator of the game, I hope you can have fun in my game, and finally I wish you an early death and early life, goodbye .

Hint: You are about to enter the ship of Gods, and you will be randomly dropped into the battle royale city by the ship of Gods and 99 other members participating in this round of the game.

Tip: The ghost space will continue to shrink randomly, and if you fall into it with your strength, there will be death and no life, and your living space will be continuously compressed…

Hint: You can only become a resident of the Dead Sea by surviving the game, rewriting the fact that you are already dead.

Hint: Countdown to 300,299,298…..

Just as Liu Yufeng was quickly digesting the above information, the screen suddenly turned, and the huge golden roulette burst instantly, replaced by a clown head that Liu Yufeng was all too familiar with, and his smile that mocked the world.

The clowns face that covered the sky and the sun was extremely oppressive, and the strange eyes turned slightly, and suddenly turned to look at the ant-like Liu Yufeng, and the shocked Liu Yufeng took a few steps back.

”Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!! ”

A burst of wild laughter sounded, the clown looked extremely happy, and the laughter resounded throughout the spiritual world,

Horror, madness, hatred, and all kinds of negative emotions are mixed in the sensible laughter, which sounds like a lunatic who has been baptized with blood and begins to take revenge, or a laughter that can only be made by a demon who has finally got his wish.

”Shh… ”

The clown put his finger between his lips, stopped Liu Yufeng who wanted to ask a question, and then smiled strangely:

”Did you hear it? The Dead Sea world is welcoming you back! Im going to do something, grow up! All the mysteries are waiting for you to solve, my time is limited, after a while, we will see you again, at that time I Tell you everything you want to know, hahaha! ”

The weird laughter is still echoing in the space, but the clowns huge head has dissipated, and the whole world is dark again, just when it is about to return to silence,

A deck of playing cards slowly lit up in the air, and it became the only thing left of Liu Yu

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