Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 13 Light Ball Mall

Dead Sea resident information (if you don like it, you can skip it directly, the main character attribute panel, which is updated once every major event):

Name: Liu Yufeng

Resident code: No setting yet

Resident ID number: 731538809

Status: Resident

Basic character attributes:

Strength: 8 (its your arm and finger strength that pulls your overall strength to the level of an average adult man)

Agility: 11 (this stat is higher because your single hand is really fast)

Spirit: 13 (you have a great spiritual gift)

Physical strength: 8 (ordinary adult male category)

Luck: 1 (you have a little bit of luck)

Advanced character attributes:

? ? : ? (Insufficient level)

? ? : ? (Insufficient level)

? ? : ? (Insufficient level)

Specialization Attribute Level:

Cold Weapons: All 0 (0 means almost no experience)

Hot Weapons: All 0 (0 means almost no experience)

Special weapons:

Poker: Masters (gosh, dare I say there aren many guys like you)

Inheritance of talent:

talent:? ? ? (Its weird.)

Ancestry: none

Heritage: none

Original secret skills: Poker series (original skills are not restricted by game rules)

—- Flying cards. (Range Attack Series)

E-Class: One leaf blinds the eyes.

d class: double spend

Class D: Eight Immortals

D+ level: fleeting years

Grade C: Sonata

C+ level: peak moment

B-level: curtain call

—- Flurry. (Melee Attack Series)

Class D: Dazzling Demons

Class D: Butterfly Dance


jokers mask—primary

Upgrade requirements: Uncover the secrets of your life experience, activate your bloodline, become an actor, and on a suitable night, you will get the jokers intermediate mask.

Current completion: 3%

Current activation time: 100 seconds

Activation effect:

1. Add 15 to all attributes

2. Proficient in using joker part to perform stunts.

Card Stands (You thought I was dead? No, it was the cards that died.)

Card Jump (Where the cards are, Im everywhere.)

Splicing Secrets (How about I give you a big change? After all, I was a tailor.)

The marionette moment (they laugh with their heads in their hands, they dance with their stumps, they do a great show with me, and I will give them death.)

jokers playing cards (3 cards drawn without level limit)

Passive: Dangerous Insight (predicts danger to some extent in advance)

Passive: Insane (Immune to higher levels of mind control, the whole person is always in a highly excited state of madness)

Passive: Artist (will get high attribute bonuses in certain environments)

Magic Secret Art (the corresponding equipment is not activated)

Throwing knife stunt (the corresponding equipment is not activated)

Dance of Death (corresponding dance steps not activated)

Awakening series (unlearned)

Gods Whisper (inactive)


Looking up at the gray sky, Liu Yufeng smelled the smell of death in the air.

Every breath of air inhaled into the lungs is filled with broken souls.

The endless Dead Sea is like a smooth mirror, with no wind or waves but full of fog, and the line of sight does not exceed 20 meters, which brings Liu Yufeng a huge depression in the calm.

Just as Liu Yufeng continued to look at the world around him, a sudden dizziness came.

”Cough, feel that you have entered the Dead Sea world and activate the memory of the playing card carrier. ”

After the reminder of the existence in the body, Liu Yufeng saw a picture from the perspective of playing cards.

In a dark place where there is no light, a pale and powerful hand suddenly appeared,


Countless seals and orders discovered it and began to strangle this hand frantically,

The entire palm is turning into bones at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the bones are rotten, like the passing sand, gradually dissipating.

But the owner of that palm was extremely determined, and at the moment when the bone palm was about to dissipate, he held the poker card without hesitation.

The picture ended here, and the voice inside the body sounded again:

”Your mental power is not enough to carry the next image. In order to ensure that the screen continues to play, the visual range has been reduced and jumped to the point where your mental power can carry the screen. ”

”Woooooooo~ ”

”Wow wow wow~~~ ”

In the darkness, Liu Yufeng heard the sound of strong wind and rain, and the cry of a baby. He didn know how much to reduce the visual range, because he couldn see anything.



He keenly guessed the meaning of this scene, and this is most likely the night he was abandoned in the orphanage.

”Clap clap~ ”

Attentively, Liu Yufeng recognized the sound of running on the water. Then, the sound gradually slowed down and finally stopped. He thought it should have stopped at the gate of the orphanage. He didn want to hear an emotionless voice suddenly.

”I found you. ”

This voice is incomparably mechanical and ruthless, like a sentence of death for a person.

The cry of the baby, the sound of wind and rain, all the sounds came, and there was silence for a long time.

”Cough cough… ”

A cough suddenly came, and then Liu Yufeng heard a chaotic sound of running. He could think of the person holding him stumbling and running in the rain. Liu Yufeng guessed that there seemed to be some kind of fight during the silent time just now. My man was hurt.

”Bang bang bang! ”

There was a violent slam on the door, and this sound was the iron gate of the orphanage!

Give me some pictures! I want pictures! !

As if he heard Liu Yufengs prayer, half of the picture that suddenly appeared was blocked by the babys swaddle, and the other half was the night sky with pouring rain, and then he saw a person,

Thats a teacher I know.

Aunt Zhao.

It was she who picked herself up. At this time, she had black hair and was so young…

The picture dissipated, and Liu Yufengs eyes returned to the isolated island.

”I want to see it all, I want to know who the man who sent me to the orphanage is, who is my mother, and why did they send me to the orphanage! ”

Liu Yufeng roared at the system-like existence in playing cards, this is the most powerful resentment that every orphan has suppressed in his heart.

”The ability of playing cards depends on the ability of the host itself. Forcibly opening the screen will only kill you. You need to improve your mental strength. ”

Adding a little free attribute point directly to the spirit, Liu Yufeng shouted impatiently:

”Look at it again. ”

”First of all, 1 point of mental power won change much, and secondly, you need to complete a new task to watch the video again. Please apply after completing the jokers performance task next time. ”

e a gross system! Its rubbish! ” It was about his own life, and Liu Yufeng was out of control.

”Do you dare to scold me? Do you dare to respect the system? Believe it or not I let you… ”

”Cough, sorry, I was excited for a while. Don bother with me as a great existence. Im just an ordinary new player. Isn it thanks to you that I can live until now? You are the most credited… ”

”Ding! Reward from joker: randomly draw a playing card, and get the content reward on the back of the playing card (currently located in the Dead Sea world, status: available) It is recommended to browse the Dead Sea Mall through the light ball in the center of the island, and check the various commodities. There is a basic understanding. ”

Seeing that the reward was issued, Liu Yufeng breathed a sigh of relief, which meant that he didn care too much about himself, and it would be troublesome if there was a deadlock. According to the instructions, Liu Yufeng found a ball of light in the center of the ”island ”. The reason why the island is in quotation marks is that it is only about ten square meters in size. A home toilet can be several times larger than it. A tile, calling it an island is a disgrace to the word island.

With some anticipation, Liu Yufeng stretched out his hand to the ball of light. He wanted to see what was in the ball of light in the Dead Sea.

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