Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 6 Dividing life and death

The huge ghost space is like a monstrous wave galloping 10,000 meters. In the gray fog and waves, there are terrifying ghosts looming from time to time, covering the sky and the sun, and it is extremely terrifying.

They are huge, strange, and possess powerful power. They are eager to rush out of the gray fog to kill the life in the city, and because of various restrictions, they can only wander in the gray fog, making terrifying and impatient voices from time to time. Craving for food like a beast that has been hungry for days.

In the ancient city, because the gray fog continued to compress the living space from all sides, the players gathered in the center inevitably collided together, fighting between life and death in every corner of the city.

At this critical juncture, Liu Yufeng walked briskly through different rooms from time to time. While obtaining healing potions through the resource ball, he hoped to find out the history of the city, even the hidden information of the previous players. baby.

He is really enjoying the game!

Walking out of the residential area, Liu Yufeng came to the commercial area of ​​the city. He flipped the intermediate healing potion he had just found in his hand, and swallowed a little greedily. This is what he just gained. After an upgrade, Liu Yufeng wanted to know, In addition to the substantial effect, is the taste also improved?

Looking at the crystal clear red medicine bottle, Liu Yufeng struggled again and again before licking his lips and didn drink it directly.

And this scene happened to be seen by a human player not far away. An epiphany flashed in his mind. He first observed Liu Yufeng from a distance, then walked to the elf who had just died in the corner, and used the blood of the corpse to wash the white The belly of the t-shirt soaked through and drenched on his dirty blue jeans.

For a moment, I saw him clutching his stomach and walking slowly out of the street corner, pleading to Liu Yufeng:

”Can you give me a bottle of medicine, I was injured in the battle! ”

”Oh? ”

Looking up and down the bald bearded man, and then looking at his covered stomach, Liu Yufeng scratched his head, showing a kind and innocent smile:

”OK. ”

Looking at that innocent smile like an angel, the bald man licked his lips and guessed right, he was a little fat sheep who didn know anything, lets just say, how can a normal person show off with a trophy.

”Thank you, thank you, the hero is a boy, you have helped a lot! ”

The bald man stepped forward quickly and stretched out his rough palm towards Liu Yufeng, the meaning is self-evident.

”Give. ”

He casually threw the intermediate healing potion, Liu Yufeng said innocently and happily:

”Its great to be able to help uncle. ”

Taking the potion in his hand, the bald man never thought it would be so easy. Facts have proved that he is indeed a young man who has just entered the society, and he does not know why he was chosen here. Kindly ask:

”The people who can be selected actually have some specialties. I don know what my brothers specialties are? ”

”Are you special? ” Liu Yufengs expression seemed a little confused, and he smiled suddenly.

”I can do magic! Look! ”

Liu Yufeng took out four fives and turned his hands in front of the bald man, and changed four aces. Then the bald man stared wide-eyed and watched the cards in Liu Yufengs hand keep changing, directly changing his whole person. Silly.

”Okay, okay, brother, Im a little dizzy, your poker magic is really good, what else can you do besides magic? ”

”No. ” Shaking his head innocently, Liu Yufeng gave the bald man a concerned look.

”Uncle, don you hurry up and use the potion? I see a lot of blood on your clothes. ”

”Hey, don worry, I can still stand up. ” The bald man suddenly changed the subject and said:

”Brother, you won fight. Its very dangerous, why don you come with me? ”

”Okay, okay, Im also very scared, so my uncle can still protect me. ” Nodding his head, Liu Yufeng showed his signature smile again.

”Okay, Ill be in charge of the battle for a while, my brother will be in charge of collecting resources, I need… ”

The bald man chattered out a long list, and he used Liu Yufeng as a tool. Then Liu Yufeng, led by the bald man, searched for supplies and evacuated to the security center by the way.

After running another two blocks, he heard the sound of fighting not far away. The bald man hurriedly stopped Liu Yufeng, who was collecting resources in the room.

”What did you find? ”

Raising the old set of armor in his hand, Liu Yufeng scratched his head embarrassedly,

”Just this one, and a broken book. ”

Putting the armor on his body, the bald man glanced at the broken book and was too lazy to pick it up. He scratched his beard and asked in a puzzled way:

”Thats it? Ive encountered a resource ball, but you haven ? ”

Shaking his head slightly, Liu Yufeng carefully put away the book, and lowered his head a little embarrassedly. It is impossible to tell this ”uncle ” that he has quietly strengthened his physical ability by 10%.

”You are really a waste. You can fight and fight. You can find a few things. If you go on like this, you can run by yourself. I don want to carry a burden. ”

Rubbing his hands in embarrassment, Liu Yufeng buried his head even lower under the scolding of the bald man.

”I will definitely try my best to find some more equipment for my uncle, please don leave me behind. ”

Liu Yufengs attitude made the bald man quite satisfied. Sure enough, everything was within his expectations. With an impatient look, the bald man raised the hammer in his hand and said:

”Im not afraid to tell you, I was a murderer before I died, and I killed a lot of people. Its completely different from a little sheep like you who can only do magic, but there are other monsters now. If you are willing to work hard, I can also Reluctantly bring you, if you are not obedient… ”

”Obey, obedient. ” Nodding one after another, Liu Yufeng was like a frightened child, constantly attracting the attention of the bald man. From the corner of his eyes, he aimed behind the bald man from time to time, and a meaningful smile appeared on his mouth.

”Pfft! ”

Before the bald man could turn his head, a spear pierced his chest in an instant, the tip of the spear sank three inches in front of Liu Yufengs feet, and was almost pinned to the ground together with Liu Yufeng, pretending to be surprised, Liu Yufeng suppressed his smile, a little overwhelmed Stand still.

”Its an orc, get behind me and help me attract firepower, or well all die! ”

He ordered Liu Yufeng to die, and the bald man hurriedly took out the intermediate-level healing potion that Liu Yufeng had given him. His Adams apple moved slightly, but the potion that could be delivered to his mouth could no longer enter an inch.

”you? ”

Looking at the white palm on his arm in surprise, feeling the powerful force, the bald man looked up at the young man in front of him.

From his angelic innocent smile, the bald man seemed to see a devil.

The fingers were separated one by one. The young mans finger strength was amazing, and the two sides were not on the same order of magnitude, but after a while, the medicine fell into Liu Yufengs hands.

”Uncle, you said that you can be pretty good. ”

Taking two steps back, Liu Yufeng, who took the potion back, shrugged innocently.

Until this moment, how could the bald man still not understand that he was being played by this innocent-looking boy in front of him!

”I was wrong before. I was blind and greedy. You also got your things back. Lets forget it. ”

The bald man took out another bottle of primary healing potion from his pocket and hurriedly put it into his mouth.

”Snapped! ”

One hand firmly blocked the potion symbolizing life, Liu Yufeng took the potion off again, and then said softly against the ears of the bald strong man:

”Uncle, be confident, you can still stand up. ”

”what!!! ”

With a loud roar, the bald man suddenly punched Liu Yufeng, but was easily dodged by Liu Yufeng, and then the whole person retreated continuously, withdrawing a distance of more than ten meters.

Seeing Liu Yufeng being so cautious, the bald man didn feel that he had such a great deterrent power at all, and looked back suddenly.

”Pfft! ”

A dark light flashed,

The bald mans head flew high, the blood gushing from his neck, like a fountain, and the body was still twitching slightly when it fell to the ground.

Across the bald mans body, Liu Yufeng and the tall orc looked at each other, and neither of them made a move easily.

Directors broadcast: Orc number 10—kill—human number 22, this is his eighth kill, honor: Super God! Settlement Bonus +5%

Hearing this system broadcast, Liu Yufengs eyes narrowed, and the time matched perfectly. It seemed that the beastman numbered 10 was in front of him. This was no ordinary opponent.

Just as the two looked at each other and were about to start, two more broadcasts sounded:

Director broadcast: The undead numbered 4—killed—the elf numbered 7, this is already his eleventh kill, and won the honor: Killing like hemp! +10%

Directors broadcast: The elf numbered 1—double kill—the human numbered 25, the orc numbered 13, this is the ninth time he has killed, and won the honor: super god! +5%

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