Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 6 Dividing life and death

t power of the players in this game is not uniform. For example, the undead encountered at the beginning and the orcs who died in front of them are not the same level at all!

If this is the case, it cannot be ruled out that stronger and more terrifying opponents will appear later.

Then, rushing into the safe zone in advance does not seem to be the best choice. Perhaps it is the best choice to let the major races consume it first.

I took the taunting card of the —joker that I just transformed into my hand and took a look. The front of the card is the domineering moment when the orc volleyed the knife with both hands, and the back is still the familiar mocking smile.

Liu Yufeng stood up slowly. For some reason, his heart was a little heavy, and he did not feel the joy and joy of killing the enemy.

Placing the mocking card on the soldiers chest carefully, Liu Yufeng slowly closed his eyes.

”I believe that you are a great warrior. ”

Taking a deep breath, Liu Yufeng slowly stood up, holding the storage bag on the orcs waist.

”Life needs a sense of ritual, but I can live without money, sorry. ”

Embarrassed, he scratched his head at the orc corpse. Liu Yufeng opened his pocket impatiently. Inside were two bottles of primary healing potions and a small note.

Putting two bottles of primary healing potions into his pocket, Liu Yufeng opened a small note, and on the note was curled a line of small characters that Liu Yufeng did not know. Fortunately, the director stood up at this time and translated for Liu Yufeng:

”Tell the Three Musketeers to kill No. 4 undead first, no matter what the cost. ”

”That undead has already won the title of murderous, so you shouldn need this small note, right? ” Liu Yufeng shrugged indifferently, and threw the note away.

He didn know what price the orcs paid for this information.

In the mind that the thief will not go empty, Liu Yufeng thought about the snow-white broadsword. When the system indicated that the broadsword was an E-class weapon, Liu Yufengs eyes lit up!

Lifting, pulling, dragging, moving, after unremitting efforts, Liu Yufeng, who was half tired, gave up because the knife was too heavy.

”Poor play. ”

Feeling a little heartache, Liu Yufeng stopped looking at the loot that couldn be taken away, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he walked to the dead headless man.

”Hey, you don have to go bald anymore. Look, the big orc cut it for you, and you won have to worry about your hair anymore. ”

With plausible words on his lips, Liu Yufeng cleaned the other side with both hands.

Wearing the worn-out armor with large holes on his body, he took out a bottle of primary healing potion and stuffed it into his pocket. Liu Yufeng, who always hated poverty, set his eyes on the big leather boots on the headless mans feet.

This pair of boots should be of high-quality goods, and the size should be the same as his own size. Even if these military boots are fake, they will cost at least two or three hundred yuan on a certain treasure, and Liu Yufeng himself has never worn such a large size. Expensive shoes!

Damn, this man is so bad and dressed so well, its unbearable, ripped him off!

Taking off the leather boots halfway, Liu Yufeng gave up extremely unwillingly. At this moment, Liu Yufengs face had turned the color of pig liver, and he crawled a few steps to the side with a painful expression. He suspected that he was poisoned, and it was highly poisonous! The kind that smokes people to death!

”Ouch!~~ ”

”Whats the matter with you, youve never washed your feet in your life! ”

Wiping away the choked tears, Liu Yufeng felt that the decision to take off his shoes just now was really a bit… abrupt…

”Roar~~~ ”

Liu Yufeng, who was shocked by a loud roar, turned his head and looked behind him, and the gray fog had already floated less than 100 meters behind him! In the gray fog, a big white bone hand of thirty to forty meters is doing its best to stretch out the gray fog and grab it!

”The wind is screaming~ ”

Even in such a dangerous situation, Liu Yufeng still went around ten meters away from the headless mans stinky feet, and only started frantically escaping for his life!

”Roar!!! ” When the gray fog drowned the headless corpse, an angry roar suddenly erupted from the gray fog.

”Hahahaha~~~ ” Guessing that the monster inside was smoked, Liu Yufeng happily ran towards the center of the safe area.

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