Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 8 Four clan melee

ear in his hand at the orc who was shot in the chest, but was grabbed by the furious orc and threw him somersaults!

”Roar! ”

The orc strode forward, raising the big sword with both hands, Lao Gao,

almost predictably,

With this knife cut, what will happen to the fallen man and the woman who is helping him.

”We were already dead, and we lived a little longer to see so many miracles. Its not a loss. ”

The woman hugged the mans head and comforted that it wasn because they didn want to struggle, it was because the gap was too big, and it couldn be made up by a few reinforcements, not to mention that the enemy could also strengthen themselves, even more than them.

”I originally thought that if I could survive, I would propose to you. ”

The man raised his glasses and sighed. He hated it. He hated that his talent and professionalism would not help him in battle at all.

”Its okay, we are already husband and wife. ”

Holding the mans head in her arms, the woman closed her eyes as she looked at the long knife that went straight down into the sky.

”Ding! ”

”boom! ”

With a crisp sound, the long knifes path shifted and hit the ground heavily.

The couple waiting for death slowly opened their eyes and saw a playing card slowly falling from the air. The front was a 5 of hearts, and the back was painted with a clown with pale makeup. He looked very crazy with colorful hair. Especially the exaggerated smile on his face that seemed to laugh at the world, made the two of them extremely impressed and unforgettable at a glance.

”Flying Cards – Double Flowers! ”

”Whoosh! ”

A figure leaped over the heads of the two and the orc in front of them, and six white lights flashed across the black cloak.

”Puff puff! ”

The tall orc knelt to the ground with a bang, his head like a flower blossoming, terrifyingly and bizarrely split into three petals from the center, revealing three playing cards that were inserted deep into his head from the top of his head.

The same is true for another orc not far away, except that his flower blooms diagonally, and because it is slanted, it looks more terrifying than the one next to him. The boy holding a Western sword instinctively backed away in shock. step.

Directors broadcast: Humans numbered 12—Double kills—Orcs numbered 16, Orcs numbered 19, honored: Super God Terminator! Settlement Bonus +5%

Although the screen has been swiping because of the melee system, the remaining three humans still noticed Liu Yufengs killing information. It turned out that the boy who danced and mocked everyone just now was the super god Terminator numbered 12!

No matter how the three of them associate it, it is difficult to combine the boy who slaps his butt, sings and mocks, and the strong man in front of him. Its like saying that poop and chocolate are the same thing, which is too contradictory.

”Hes so strong, what kind of talent is this? A dartist? A magician? ”

The woman who had fallen into despair was restless in her heart, and something called hope was taking root in her heart.

”There is also the existence of supernatural abilities. Maybe he has awakened some special abilities. ”

The man beside the woman said firmly, because he has awakened the ability, but it is not an ability that can be used in the current battle. Thinking of this, the man cast an approval look at the boy holding a foil.

”My friend, you are also very strong. We only survived by facing an orc alone just now. My name is Liang Zhi. I am a computer hacker from the world of technology. This is my lover Li Hui. We can know your name. what? ”

”My name is Chen Chuxing, and Im the second in the World Championships. ” Chen Chuxings eyes were staring at the battlefield in front of him, his eyes skipped Liu Yufengs back from time to time, ready to come forward to support him at any time.

But his worries were obviously superfluous. When Liu Yufeng used the practice cards to quickly kill the two orcs rushing in again, there were no more opponents who dared to go forward easily.

Because not being afraid of death and being sent to death are two different things, Liu Yufeng has already shown powerful and strange abilities. Its not that there are no people who can deal with him, its just not them.

This melee of more than 40 players will not last long at all, because there are enemies who want your life everywhere. After a period of rapid screen swiping, the situation on the battlefield has become clearer and the camp is clear.

At this moment, the 4 elves, mainly the 1st elf, are in a decisive battle with the 4th undead and its 5 subordinates.

At the center of the melee, the three orc swordsmen are the absolute meat grinders of this melee. They use their superb swordsmanship skills and tacit cooperation to kill the Quartet on the battlefield. Show up and kill four orcs and they will be the biggest winners.

At this moment, the Three Musketeers, who had killed all the nearby enemies, finally freed their hands, and took the remaining four orc warriors on the corpses all over the ground to stare at Liu Yufeng. Obviously, they regarded Liu Yufeng as their next opponent. After all, the number 12 Human teenagers are too dazzling.

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