Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 10 The Show Begins

On the battlefield, the stalemate is short-lived, a gust of wind blows suddenly,

The air waves engulfed in dust were like the horns of war, and all the players started again with a heart-to-heart.

It can be seen to the naked eye that the gray fog has gradually engulfed the surrounding cities, compressing them within a space of less than one kilometer. Now is the time to decide the winner.

”The furnace is dead! ”

Directors translation: (Blast jump!)

One of the three orc swordsmen suddenly let out a loud roar, and the three orcs pulled out a series of phantoms in the air from three tricky angles, but in the blink of an eye, they crossed a distance of more than 30 meters and pulled the long sword from the three The angle slashed hard at Liu Yufeng.

Such a sudden attack can no longer be explained by ordinary moves, it is like magic!

The pupils shrunk wildly twice, Liu Yufeng instantly felt a strong crisis of life and death, adrenaline surged wildly, and the instant the whole person suddenly retreated, the playing cards exploded like a goddess scattered flowers!

”Flying cards—peak moment! ”

”Stab!! ”

”Puff puff puff!! ”

The body continued to retreat, Liu Yufeng covered his stomach with his left hand and forcibly stuffed the unknown parts of his body back, and hurriedly poured the primary healing potion into his mouth with his right hand, and quickly drank all the potions in his hand, Liu Yufeng finally felt a trace in his heart. The security of not dying, even though most of his ribs have been chopped off his entire chest! It is more apt to describe his tragic state at this time with a broken stomach.

The three orc swordsmen standing opposite him were not much better than him. More than 30 practice cards were stabbed into their bodies, which made them almost die on the spot. Before, they temporarily lost the ability to chase. With the idea of ​​​​one-shot lore, they never thought that the two sides would suffer a lose-lose result in the first round of battle.

”Roar! ” Just as the remaining four orcs were about to launch an attack, the Three Musketeers raised their hands to stop them, because Liu Yufeng showed four practice cards in his hands again. Although his face was pale and the wounds on his body were shocking, he looked like he was about to die. But the Three Musketeers did not dare to gamble, because these warriors were not Liu Yufengs enemies at all.

After wearing white gloves, the attack power of Liu Yufengs flying cards has undergone a qualitative change. The damage of the flying practice cards is even more exaggerated than that of flying knives. This is why the Three Musketeers used combat skills to plan a lore.

No one dares to let such an opponent attack at his own pace, because everyone will become his living target!

Just when the battle on this side stopped, the fighting on the other side also drew to an end.

”You actually…!!! ” Elf No. 1s face was full of puzzles and doubts, and then gradually relieved.

”Puff puff! ”

He used dozens of bone spears to pierce all the elves in an instant, and also nailed the powerful No. 1 elf. He raised his right hand, and the eyes of No. 4 undead during the spell did not fluctuate. Behind him, five undead players turned into black fly ash. , quickly dissipated.

”They live just waiting for me to sacrifice them and gain power beyond the new. ”

Walking in front of the dying elf No. 1, the undead No. 4 smiled slightly,

”Because for low-level undead creatures, death is often not fear, but relief. ”

He took a deep look at the undead No. 4 in front of him, and the No. 1 elf who was nailed to the ground by the bone spear slowly closed his eyes, and whispered softly before death came:

”It turned out to be the Carl family, you said, we are from the same other world, shouldn we unite… ”

Putting the cloak on top of his head again, hiding his handsome face in the darkness, No. 4 undead suddenly paused when he walked past No. 1s corpse, and replied:

”The grievances of generations are difficult to adjust. In the Dead Sea world, we are just pitiful people. I hope that one day our clan can abandon our grievances and come together. Its a pity that even that day, you won be able to see it, right, My full name is Hugh Carr, and you deserve to know my name. ”

Xiu stood proudly beside Elf No. 1 and waved his hand. The countless bone spears around him dissipated, and the nailed elves fell to the ground one after another.

There were words in his mouth, and the ancient undead incantation sounded, and Xiu slowly gathered his pale hands over his head. After a while, Xiu slowly put his hands down again, and stood silently in the same place, looking into the distance through the dark hat. The last few players at the place are like watching the dead.

Beside Xiu, the spirit of death No. 1 stood up again, his face was full of decay, his blond hair was like a withered flower, lost its proper color, turned pale and rough, and the original blue eyes were full of Snow white, looks like G**sen.

In the battlefield, the dead corpses climbed up one after another, like an undead army formed by the dead corpses of warriors of various ethnic groups, eyeing the only living people on the battlefield.

”The natural disaster family. ” The three orcs said without any hesitation. The three sharp swords turned around, because they and the undead came from the same world. When the natural disaster family appeared, it was no longer important whether they could win the game or not. , Even if death is exchanged for the death of the undead of this natural disaster family, the Three Musketeers will not hesitate at all.

Because everyone in their world knows what the natural disaster family means.

”Master, come here! ” Seizing the gap, Liang Zhi took out a bottle of healing potion and greeted Liu Yufeng.

”Pfft! ” A poker card pierced the head of an undead in an instant. Liu Yufeng showed his attitude with his actions. He would not attack the orcs from behind, and then quickly ran towards Liang Zhi.

Without language communication, the tacit understanding between Liu Yufeng and the Three Musketeers of the Orcs was formed in this silent exchange.

”Roar!!! ”

The three orc swordsmen led their subordinates into the undead army, and were soon overwhelmed by many undead. From a distance, in the middle of the battle, the stumps were flying, and the orcs were unstoppable.

But after Xiu brought the No. 1 elf into the battle, the three orc swordsmen who were seriously injured were obviously unsupported. Under the attack of Xiu and many undead, the battlefield soon returned to calm.

In Liu Yufengs line of sight, Xius figure slowly walked out of the undead. He was like a supreme king. Behind him was the No. 1 elf, the Three Musketeers of Orcs, and more than a dozen resurrected undead!

When the Three Musketeers who had just fought with him also became undead, it can be said that all the masters in this round of the game stood on the opposite side of Liu Yufengs few humans, like a dark cloud covering the air, and the air became extremely depressed at this moment.

”Are you sure? ” Chen Chuxing asked Liu Yufeng, tightening the western sword in his hand.

He gulps down the healing potion provided by Chen Chuxing and hacker Liang Zhi, Liu Yufeng makes a cheerful voice that only comes from drinking draft beer in summer,

”It depends on luck. ”

After drinking the stamina potion he had obtained before, Liu Yufeng looked down at the rapidly recovering body, and showed a pure and kind smile to Liang Zhi and the others.

”Thank you. ”

The seemingly virtuous woman Li Hui spoke up, and she said embarrassedly:

”This is the only thing we can do, and then we will all live and die with you. ”

Nodding slightly, Liu Yufengs blood-red gloves showed two ghost cards, and he squinted at the many menacing undead.

”You can surrender to me, but the three of them can . ”

Xiu suddenly stopped when he was still more than ten meters away from Liu Yufeng and said:

”Being a member of the undead will not be obliterated. ”

Xius words and the surrounding undead made Liang Zhi and others extremely nervous, and looked at Liu Yufeng anxiously. After all, this was a huge temptation, and Liu Yufengs choice would determine the lives of several people.

”Im very worried. Im worried about whether I can have sex with women after becoming an undead, can I still enjoy food, and… ”

With a pure and kind smile on his face, Liu Yufeng was interrupted by Xiu Jis dissatisfaction before he finished speaking.

”You have to understand that everyone in the Dead Sea world is trying to survive, and those who are addicted to low-level interests are only worthy of death. ”

With a hint of disgust on his face, Xiu looked at Liu Yufeng with disdain and moved his fingers slightly.

”Looking at your combat power, I will give you one last chance. ”

Under Xius gesture, several undead walked up to Liang Zhi and the others and aimed their weapons at them. At this moment, Liu Yufeng gradually put away his signature smile, and he keenly felt a murderous intent.

”I don have much patience, look at your notice, director? Do you know whats behind the name? We
e all just poor creatures on the road of God, this kind of fighting game is just the pleasure of some noble people, Today, let me teach you the first lesson, remember, in the world of the Dead Sea, friendship is cheap. ”

Xiu sighed. He seemed to know something about the Dead Sea World. It seemed that even he was full of despair over the Dead Sea World. When he spoke, he waved his hand indifferently.

His pupils contracted, and when Liu Yufeng, who was on the alert with Xiu, discovered this unforeseen blow, it was too late to stop it!

”Pfft!! ” A long sword instantly inserted into Li Huis chest and stabbed her in the opposite direction. Even Chen Chuxing didn have time to react, because the one who shot was one of the Three Musketeers after his death!

”Hui!!! ” Liang Zhis eyes were blood red, and Li Hui shouted loudly as soon as he picked up the spear:

”Don !!! I beg you. ”

”Pfft. ” The long sword was drawn out of his chest, and Li Hui fell into Liang Zhis arms.

”Live… That boy… there is still hope… After you become strong, take revenge for me… ” Li Hui tried her best to show a smile, and she died in Liang after she said these words. Zhis arms.

”Hui!!!! ” Liang Zhi cried and shouted, his face turning blood red.

”Kill! ” The unbearable Chen Chuxing pulled out the western sword and stabbed the orc swordsmans chest with a sword, but was blocked by the swordsman instinct, and then slashed at the head of Chen Chuxing!

”Ding!!! ”

The ghost joker card instantly knocked the orcs long sword into the air! Liu Yufengs face is stern:

”I don know what Dead Sea world you
e talking about, but after all, I drank someones potion. You make it difficult for me to do this. ”

”You don seem to understand the situation at hand. ”

With a sigh, Xiu slowly took off his hood,

”I changed my mind. Maybe the idea of ​​absorbing you is a mistake. You should die together. ”

Squinting slightly, Liu Yufeng said to Xiu in an unprecedented serious tone:

”You will pay the price. ”

”Heh. ” There was a sneer on his face, Xiu seemed to have heard a joke, a ridiculous and somewhat offensive joke, as ridiculous as a beggar suddenly said how to make a king look good.

Xiu glanced at Liu Yufeng with disdain, and the king who thought he had been humiliated by the beggar was a little angry.

”Talking to a waste like you is my biggest mistake today. After you die, I will restore your sanity, let you kneel in front of me forever, and lick the filth on my undead servant every day. And tell me when its over, youll pay. ”

When Xiu opened his mouth, the surrounding undead servants had already started, because they felt the will from the master! Not only did they want these three humans to die, but they also wanted them to die without dignity!

”Pfft! ”

”Pfft! ”

Liang Zhi and Chen Chuxing, who had no power to fight, were quickly chopped down with blood under the siege of the undead. They were humiliated and played around by the undead like blood monkeys.

”Leave us alone, kill him! Avenge Hui! ” Liang Zhi knelt on the ground and roared.

”Kill! We will die if we die, what are you waiting for! ” Chen Chuxing roared loudly at Liu Yufeng, protecting the scarred Liang Zhi.

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