Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 10 The Show Begins

unded by undead.

Not taking the undead beside him seriously at all, the clown seemed to have thought of some beautiful idea. He clapped his hands happily while avoiding the attack of the undead behind him. The black cloak was like a curtain blocking the audiences sight.

”Whoosh~~ ”

Xiu only felt a sudden darkness in front of his eyes, and the dizziness came again. With a bursting headache, he forced himself to open his eyes again. Xiu saw a strong body that he had never had before. This is… the body of an orc, terrified. Turning his head slowly, he saw the orc swordsman who was looking at him. At this moment, they shared the same body, but had two heads, looking at each other strangely!

”what!!!! ”

An extremely frightened and angry roar sounded, and under Xius order and stimulation, the surrounding undead servants went mad and killed the clown.

”Crack! ” The clown snapped his fingers, and hundreds of transparent dotted lines went straight down into the sky. The picture was eerily still. Whether it was the undead rushing towards the clown, or the orc swordsman who jumped high and made a slashing action in the sky, all of them were like The marionette is generally frozen in place or in the air.

”Clap! Clap! Clap! ”

The blood-red gloves held up the top of his head and clapped vigorously. The clown was like a gorgeous lead dancer. The place where he was was the center of the stage where the lights converged.

Around him, all the undead put down their weapons and did the same movements as him, especially when the undead hanging in the air also applauded strangely, the scene was momentarily terrifying to the extreme, like a wild The clown is leading a group of undead in a happy party.

”If I pull the strings, everyone will dance for me—joker ”

Three steps from the left, three steps from the right, the clown applauds and twists all the undead in a highly consistent manner; I have to say that when it is neat enough, no matter how ugly the dance is, there will always be a harmonious beauty. .

”Yo hoo! ”

The clown who was having fun suddenly let out a mad and excited roar. He stood up straight and made a gesture of salute with both hands. His head suddenly fell to his left shoulder, his tongue stuck out, and he rolled his eyes. A terrifying demeanor.

”Shu~ ”

The moment the clown made his poss, the heads of all the undead were cut off by the silk-thin puppet line, and a series of crackling sounds were heard on the ground.

The human skin mask of joker fell off the face of the clown, Liu Yufeng held it in his hand, and showed an innocent and kind smile to Liang Zhi and Chen Chuxing, who had already looked silly:

”The time is just right. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Yufengs eyes narrowed slightly, because he found that the gray fog that was nearly 200 meters continued to shrink. At the same time, there was a very resentful and angry roar behind him:

”Death Sacrifice! ”

The corpses of the undead servants turned into various gray airflows and continuously gathered towards Xiu, holding his head up. In the gray air representing death, countless bright red bone spears loomed.

”Have you had enough? Has that power of effectiveness disappeared? ”

”You underestimate me too much! I am the Karl family, and I am a natural disaster!!! ”

Hearing the frantic roar from behind, Liu Yufengs mouth curled slightly,

”Draw! ”

In the spiritual world, 54 playing cards slowly rotate, mysterious and unpredictable.

”Ding! You have drawn the Winter Plum, the power number: 2. ”

Raising his hand and pinching the black plum blossom 2 at his fingertips, feeling the terrifying gloom of the poker cards, Liu Yufeng turned his head lightly and glanced at Xiu. This look means farewell.

”Jokers show never fails. ”

At this moment, the two who were in the decisive battle stared at each other, and in Xius pupils was Liu Yufengs confident smile.

The black cloak swirled like a full moon,

A black light shot out from the gap in the cloak, pulling a long black line in the air.

”Whoosh! ”

The black light pierced through Xius head and disappeared into the gray fog behind him.

A large lump of ice fell to the ground and shattered,

Xius head fell to the ground along with the ice cubes, braving the frosty mist that only extreme cold produces on the ground.

All around, the gray fog finally stopped moving, and the directors voice sounded again:

Directors broadcast: Humans numbered 12—End—Undead number 4, won the settlement honor:

Permanent title:

Super God End King! (End the super god progress 20 kill streak or more enemies) (Gods Battle Royale game currency settlement permanent +10%)

Chicken player! (Gods Battle Royale game currency settlement permanent +15%)

The human faction has won! All factions get +10% game currency settlement reward.

This comprehensive settlement reward +35%

Now its up to the human player number 12 to decide whether the game continues to compete for the high special bonus of single-player survival.

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