Lord of the Dead Sea

Chapter 11 Reward Settlement

content on them was written in their own blood, with full sincerity.

Nodding with satisfaction, he stuffed two white cloths into his clothes. Liu Yufeng smiled at the two of them.

”Then, goodbye, please remember to work hard to make money! ”

After speaking, Liu Yufeng slowly raised his head and said to the system:

”Abandon the single-player survival reward and settle it directly. ”

Director: ”Thank you for your wonderful performance for this round of the game! The game has entered the settlement countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7… ”

”I won forget you. ” Liang Zhi suddenly said loudly, holding his lover Li Hui, looking at Liu Yufeng.

”Me too. ” Chen Chuxing danced the Western sword into a sword flower, and finally stopped in front of him, paying tribute to Liu Yufeng in the way of a swordsman. This act of pretending almost cost him his life, but For Chen Chuxing, who was seriously injured, his life could not be lost, but his demeanor could never be lost.

Liu Yufeng didn speak, just smiled and waved to the two of them.

He could never have imagined at this moment what kind of characters the two players in front of him became in the future. If he could know in advance, he would definitely add a few zeros to the IOU, or simply charge a long-term interest…

At the end of the countdown, Liu Yufengs eyes went dark, the settlement interface appeared, and the directors voice sounded again, and began to count the information of the current round of the game for himself:

The basic reward for survival in this game is: 1000 Dead Sea Coins

The basic attribute reward for survival in this game is: 1 free attribute point (very precious)

The kill reward in this game is: 700 Dead Sea Coins (7 kills)

The final reward of this game is: 2295 Dead Sea Coins (35% bonus)

You have been awarded the Dead Sea resident ID card, ID number: 731538809 (welcome to search the group number)

Tip: According to the strength of your power in the Dead Sea world, you will be awarded the corresponding title and corresponding rewards and treatment.

The primary title is divided into: resident – head of household – head of village – head of town – head of county

Completing the Junior title will unlock the Intermediate title.

Hint: You are about to be randomly teleported to the newcomer area of ​​the Dead Sea world.

You will create your own faction on your own island and grow.

You have been randomly assigned to the newcomer sea area in the southern part of the East China Sea and obtained the ”Survival Manual for Newcomers in the South of the East China Sea ”.

The following is the content of the new survival manual in the southern part of the East China Sea:

1. Don swim in the sea like a fool, you will die.

2. Fishing in the Dead Sea can indeed make a fortune, and you can also catch two evil ghosts and send you to the sky. As a newcomer with little strength, you can gamble your life, and no one will stop you.

3. Please raise fire in the night, light is order, there are gods to protect, in the Dead Sea world, newcomers face darkness and only death.

4. Grow your territory as soon as possible, because every other month, aliens or evil spirits will climb your island from the sea and have a barbecue with your corpse. Most of them like cumin.

4. Be careful of other players, there are ghosts from other worlds hidden among them, their existence is to kill you. (Killing ghosts from other worlds will get huge rewards)

5. When the territory continues to expand, conflicts between you and the surrounding players will be inevitable, either surrender or die. In short, if you are not willing to surrender, you will be enemies everywhere.

6. Going out of the novice zone is the beginning of your understanding of the world. Before that, you must first find a way to survive.

7. The development of the Dead Sea world and the game world complement each other. Before you understand what each round of the game means, it is recommended that you listen to the radio more.

The above is the Donghai Survival Manual written by the rules, which was identified by the Dead Sea World Temple of Truth.

Finally, here are my words as the mayor of Donghainan:

”If you don plan to join Lao Tzus alliance in the future, then Lao Tzu wishes you an early death and an early death. ” ————- Mayor of the South China Sea, Proton.

The settlement interface in front of him suddenly disappeared, Liu Yufeng felt dizzy, as if he had fallen into some kind of tunnel, opened his eyes dimly, and he saw the endless Dead Sea.

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