Tina is seen, laying on her small bed, the room is narrow and contain two small bed each one for her and her sister julienne each bed is place adjacent to each other the room is decorated with pink wallpaper and shinning color and a shelf containing many books and a calendar on the wall, Tina lay on her small yellow bed with her hair spread out on the pillow as she was chatting on her phone chatting and blushing so hard.


Tina roll on the bed as she use her thumb to scroll her phone up and down, julienne who was her elder sister who just finished taking her bath rush in as she was drying her hair ”have you perhaps help me find the towel around here? ” She ask as her wet hair drip down her cheek covering her face with water, Tina who was so obsessed with her phone did not even notice her sister was there she was smiling like the world is empty ”Tina! Tina!! Am I a ghost? Can you talk? Aren you the one am talking to? ” She said as Tina burst into laughter julienne fell speechless antonished at Tina sudden change of mood ”what the hell is wrong with you she said and Tina burst into laughter ”this guy is just too funny ” she said still laughing out heavily ”which guy is it again this time ” julienne ask as she moves closer to her ”no one ” she reply shortly, as her sister becomes interested and sit down ”so tell me who you are chatting with little sis ” she said teasingly ” no one ” she reply blushing, julienne puff her cheeks and roll her eyes looking at her blushing little sis then her curiosity grow stronger she want to know why she is blushing ”or is it perhaps some cheesy guy online ” she said and Tina flew up from the bed ”No ” was all she said as she inhale she pick up her phone as she continue with her chatting julienne narrow her gaze on that phone as she snatch it and raise it up ”huh! ” Tina said as she stand up to take her phone back from her sister, it all happen so fast he sister was as fast as the wind she didn even know how her phone got to her hand as julienne sc

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