They stare into each other eyes as the flower petals started falling on them Tina heart thumps faster in her chest not averting her gaze from Charles, Charles slowly hold her hand and stand up not averting the gaze as a gust of wind blow pass them pushing her hair to her face Charles close the gap between them pushing the strand to the back to her hair Tina gulped as her face flush red ”I love you Tina ” he said as he moves his lips closer to her his phone vibrated as soon as their lips almost brush against each other he ignores his phone and makes his moves to kiss her his phone vibrated but he did kiss her passionately before he pull back and check his phone it was a message from James he king and the crown prince fiancee are freaking out because the crown prince has been kidnap reading the message Charles could only sigh as he ran his finger through his hair he look at Tina and tlit his head wondering how he is gonna tell her that he had to go he is here barely thirty minutes ago he must find a way to cut off his engagement and stop hiding Tina ”hm… ”

”You have to go right? ” Tina cut him off before he could complete his statement ”it fine at least I have seen your face today and we will chat I have my phone with me ” she added cutely Charles inhale and hug her ”what should I do without you Tina ” he said as Tina patted his back ”bye ” she said as Charles pull away he kiss her forehead and rub her cheek ”I will come back soon and check on you okay? ”

”Okay ” she said as Charles turn to leave she wave at him with a smile as she watch him go further till he finally step out of the compound she sigh and blush recalling what happen earlier between them she pull the chair and sit back with her piano.

Grand castle….

One hour after Charles step in into the castle the person that welcome him was his fiancee and his friend James ”where have you been ” James ask as he approach him ”gist for another day ” he reply as his ears redden James grasp seeing his redden ears he knew it was really a gist he will have to sleep in the palace tonight to get the full details of the gist.

Klara wrap her arms around Charles waist causing Charles to grunt out with frustration as he stare at James with curiosity despite all his warning this brave lion daughter won just listen her grip around Charles waist tighten as she bury her face in his chest ”you sure you are really the prime minister daughter you just prove yourself ” he ran his finger through his hair and breath out heavily ”chop off my hand and send it to my dad for dinner I really don care I just want you heart ” she said as tears was flowing down her cheek as her grip around Charles waist tighten that he couldn breath he rub her hair and hug her back she won release him if be didn do that ”shh…. Don cry ” he pull away and cup her cheek in his palm ”I hate seeing tears ” he said as Klara stop crying and hiccups ”you are my future wife the next queen should learn how to endure a woman will never be enough for me I will have a lot of mistress in the future ” he said as James jaws fell open ”am sorry if I had hurt you ” he added ”promise me you will not go back to her or I will kill myself ” Klara said as Charles rub her cheek ”I promise you that I will always visit and kill yourself and I will use your blood to take our marriage vow ” he said and walk away as James follow him ”you are a badass I should give an award your highness ” James said ”ho ho you can just expect me to be a dump prince ” he smirk as he halt ”so tell me Charles were have you been ” he said and smile mischievously ”been enjoying my life with someone special ” he reply as he insert his hand in his pocket and wink at James ”ohhh….. You sure you are a badass prince ” he follow him.

Klara froze on the spot as she stare at he stare her Charles her hunch was right Charles has been seeing someone else now she has one enemy to defeat she bit her lower lip and leave.

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