Somewhere in the north, there is a country known as country Angelous it is one of the most powerful country who has conquer twenty countries and have fifteen rulling territories, the king has always been feared cause he was said to be a bloodthirstiest king who has kill and crush on so many soldiers and citizen to get the territories all his citizen has always fear him including his chiefs.

King thump grand castle was like a mighty gigantic mansion was painted in white the gate were gigantic, the house was huge and the garden was spacious and colourful while the wall to the window glass were like a magnificent work of art, they were Mable floor stretch out for miles and there was enormous beautiful chandelier the hallway of the palace had large and beautiful molded panels which look very expensive the palace was fill with maids moving up and down and doing their daily tasks.

Inside the palace in a large luxury bedroom sited on the chair with his eyes close, a prince who was tapping the chair with his index finger there were four chairs in the bedroom and a wardrobe fill with different types of dress, Charles sit on the long chair humming as he tap the edge of the chair with his index finger holding his phone with his right hand as he stare intensely at it, he was busy smiling as if there is something good at it when his friend enter ”that was James always James and forever James ” he said not averting his gaze from his phone it was only James that could enter his room without knocking, ”your highness ” he bow politely Charles averted his gaze from his phone and look at him ”how many time have I warn you to stop doing that? We are friends ” he said ”no matter what we still have to respect the future king ” he smirk and move close to him ”hey am sixteen I can be king yet is like you are wishing the crown prince dead ” he reply and James grasp ”of course not why will I wish his Majesty dead ” he replied and sit next to him ”if so then stop addressing me as his highness, call me Charles ” he said and smirk as he focus his gaze on his phone smiling ”err…. Charles anything wrong with you? ” He ask seeing Charles red face ”hows your girlfriend doing ” Charles ask changing the topic ”do…. I have one ” he reply causing Charles to smirk ”maybe I should give you one of the girl dying to be the crown prince wife ” he look at him still smiling ”what was funny ” James stood up from his sit and sit beside him ”what are you doing ” he ask ”chatting with a cute cheesy teasy lady ” he reply ”ah perhaps some kind of minister daughter ” he reply ”nope she is not, she is a simple girl living in downtown ” he said causing James to choke and cough ”what do you think of her ” he said as he show him her picture James grasp and blink thrice ”she is cute you are already engage let me have her ” he said as Charles throws him a deadly glare causing James to shift backward ”if gaze could kill I should have been long dead now ” he said and clears his throat ”do you love her? ” He ask ”yes ” was his brief reply as James blink twice at him ”perhaps because you are the crown prince ” he said as he relax his head on the chair and close his eyes preparing to sleep ”she didn know am a prince ” he reply as James flew his eyes open and sit straight at look at him ”are you crazy you are already engage do you want to put her life at risk how can you say that you love someone else aside from your financee, you are falling in love with a girl you won marry, do you want to raise her hope and let her down by getting marry to someone else any **ing time? Do you even have human feelings? Do you even know what they call love? If you really know what they call love you won tell me you fall in love with a girl you won marry ” he explain almost yelling, Charles blink at him with confusion thinking why he snap out he put his phone on the table beside him and rest his head on the edge of the chair and close his eyes, James stare at him with curiosity did he hurt him with his word? he thought to himself and inhale as he run his finger through his hair.

Charles was just five years old when his mother died he has never been treated as the prince in the palace even his father don respect his opinion he got him engage when he was Ten for exchange of power he has always find life so boring since he has never been allowed to step out of the castle he take his tutor and exam inside the castle, he has always call himself a dark moon who was there but could never been seen, he has always hated his father and could not fear him though he heard the rumor about his father, but he did not know why the fear did not grow up in him was it because he knew he will not kill him? Yes he will not kill him he need him to get marry to the prime minister daughter the most wealthiest man in the country he needed him to accumulate more power.


Charles inhale sharply as he stared up at the ceiling ”how do I tell her I love her without hurting her ” he said as James widen his eyes and cough wai with all he just said he was just thinking of a way he could tell her he love her without hurting her? Aish this guy is imdeed crazy…. Crazy he is just a stupid idiot

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