Tina was watching movie and also staring at her phone she was reading her past message with someone special, anytime she miss him she read their past message and no matter how many times she read it she can just help it but blush it sounds crazy falling in love with someone I haven met yet she inhale and rest her head on the chair ”I miss you Charles ” she said and sigh after several minutes of slience she pick up her phone ready to text him ”should I text him first? ” She said ”no ” she shook her head ”I can text him maybe he is busy ” she was about to stand up when her phone vibrated ” Hi cheesy teasy girl ” she pick up her phone an read the message the message was from Charles she smile as she read the message he always call her cheesy teasy because she tease him a lot it sounds weird but it cute ” Hi ” was all she reply she sit down smiling she was not expecting his message any sooner but her phone vibrated again ”Tina I got something to tell you ” he texted causing Tina eyes to widen with bewilderment what did he have to tell me she said to herself ”what? ” She ask ”I think am in love with you Tina ” he said and Tina hold her breath as she grasp ”please Tina ” he texted before Tina could reply, she chuckle and sit upright as her lip curve up in a flash smile that wasn a smile she was actually blushing, but wait why am I blushing I have heard so many confession but why am I blushing at his confession ”am seriously in love with you Tina ” he texted again before she could reply, her face turn red seeing this he is serious about this she said to herself and roll on the chair.

Unknown to Tina that her sister already stood by the entrance watching her whole drama all along, she clear her throat to make her presence known to her Tina stop rolling and look up at her sister gosh how long has she been standing there she smile at her phone ignoring her sister presence ”sis ” she smile as julienne tiptoe behind her ”oh my god ” she grasp ”he tells you he love you ” julienne ask and sit beside her ”yep ” she reply ”Geez thats why you have been blushing all along ” she said and Tina inhale ”I just can believe that he love me it just like…. A dream ” she said ”everything happens like a dream just before you realize you knew it was real when you pinch yourself ” julienne said and Tina phone vibrated she check her phone it was a call from him, it was Charles calling.

Charles was practicing his taekwondo skills when the thought of Tina flash in his head he take a break and pick his phone to chat Tina he didn plan on telling her sooner but the thought of getting married anytime pierce his heart no girl has ever race his heart the way she did, he has not even seen her before how did he fall in love with her, even though he told her how he feel about her he didn know why he feel hurt maybe it because she was not replying his message well if she didn reply then I will just call her he said and dial her number the call was connecting has his heart thumps out faster in his chest it was like it want to come out of his chest, he rub his chest curious of whats going on with him ”Is this love? ” He said to himself. Tina was still debating whether to pick his call or not minutes went by she click on the accept button ”hello ” she greeted in a cold tone ”so don wanna pick my call before huh? ” Charles ask as Tina chuckles ”no I was busy sorry about that ” she reply as Charles sigh in relieve ”what about what I told you Tina ” he said and Tina could feel her ears became as hot as ever ”Charles can I see you, I can date a guy I can be able to see around me ” she bit her lips realizing she said this to him she was not planning on telling him that now what the hell was wrong with her mouth ”tell me the address of your house I will be there tomorrow ” he had no plan of coming he has never gone outside the palace ”really? ” She ask ”yes ”

”Then come to frost town I will meet you by the street ” she said ”it just an hour travel from here I will be there I promise ” he reply ”huh Charles lets talk later my mum is around ”

”Okay bye love you ” he said ”thanks ” she reply as her cheek redden ”call me when you are here tomorrow ” she added ”okay bye ” he said and cut the call, upon seeing the call ended he breath out heavily he didn know he has been holding his breath all along what has Tina do to him he heave in sigh of relief as he continue with his taekwondo practice all he have to do now is to plan on how to sneak outside the palace.

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