It is a new dawn Tina yawns and stretch herself she look into the mirror her hair is so messy, she hasn have a good sleep this days she stand up from the bed and check the time it almost 9 o clock she grasp with her mouth open wide out and look around he sister was no longer on the bed she flew up and walk straight down to the sitting she heave in a long sigh of relief after she saw her mum and her sister all dress up ”going somewhere ” she ask arranging her hair ”sure we are visiting Aunty Jenny Suzy is traveling out ” julienne replied, Tina nodded and sigh if she hadn wake up earlier they would have gone without even saying goodbye to her? Well maybe because they don want to disturb her sleep ”okay ” she said preparing to leave ”so you won give your mum a goodbye hug ” Jessy her mum said before Tina turn and hug her ”goodbye mum ” she said as she kiss her forehead ”take care of yourself okay? ”

”Okay mum ” she reply ”love you sis ” julienne said ”love you more Julie ” she said with a wave as she watch them leave Tina is not an extrovert thats the main reason why her mum always go out with Julie even when she was in high school she rarely go out for break she stay in the class from morning till it was the set time to go home, she forgot that Charles will be there any minute she lay back on her bed preparing to go back to sleep when she recall that Charles was coming today, she flew up from her bed and enter the bathroom she take her bath and change her dress turning left and right in front of the dressing mirror debating on which dress she should wear she has been a type who didn care about her appearance or how she dress but she actually found herself wanting to look good, after the struggle of the dress she decided to wear swing dress which fitted her bodice flaring up above her knees she turn around ”this is perfect ” she said and inhale she let her hair down and apply red naked lip gloss on her lips which make her lips bright colourful and tempting.

Charles was all dress up in a casual cloth he was wearing in blue shirt and red trouser he flip his hair sidewards showing his gorgeous visual, he peep outside the window seeing the royal guards moving up and down there is no way he could go out of there he sigh and ran his finger through his hair after a lot of thought he finally move out and ready to leave

Stepping out of the room as expected two royal guard in black follow him he grunt out in frustration and face the royal guards ”hey!! I need to go somewhere I will be back before twilight ” he said but the two guard keep staring at him like they did not hear what he was saying, Charles bit his lower lip and smirk while putting his hand in his pocket ”you heard me right I will go ” he said and turn preparing to leave but before he could move a step the two guard were already at the front of him blocking his way Charles smirk and take his hands off his pocket his guard didn know that he was no longer the ten year old weak child that only cry and shiver when the king and chief decided how he will live his life, this guard didn know that he was no longer that weak child that could only nod and agree to every decision his father and the chief want him to make, he started growing stronger the day he met Tina he grew up the courage in him that he could no longer fear nobody the get strong the day he realize that life is really interesting he get strong the day he found something interesting to do in this life ”get out of my way now or you are fired ” he threaten but the guard didn move, Charles inhale and punch the other guy bringing out his gun and point it at himself as he tilt his head and smirk wickedly the guard were in shock since it all happen so fast where did this prince got this from? How did he become so strong? the guard ask themselves as curiosity was written all over their face ”let me go now or I will tell the king you try to kill me and you know what that means you might actually get yourself kill ” he said and smile triumphantly the guard didn even realize that he was pointing his gun at his forehead he gulp and wipe off his invisible sweat ”y_y_you_ca_can go yo_your highness ” he stuttered as he put his gun back in his pocket ”thanks ” Charles smile and leave the guard lying unconscious on the floor finally stand up holding his head and they both stare at Charles with amusement.

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