Tina has been staring and tapping on her phone screen waiting for Charles message or call all along she grunt out in frustration and stand up ”I will never talk to him again ” she said to herself she was about to go back into the bedroom when her phone beeb she moves closer to the table and pick up her phone to see who is calling her it was Charles she puff her cheek and blink at the phone twice is he here? she ask herself of cause not he want to apologize for not been able to come today she wanted to reject the call but she ended up accepting it ”hello ” she said in a low voice ”hey Tina I think am lost am in frost town right now and am in the street you said I should stay but no one is here, it empty here there is no sign of anyone living here ” he said and Tina jump up with excitement forgotten that she was annoy with him thirty minutes ago ”just stay right there am on my way ” she said and straight her hair as she check herself in the mirror one last time and run out of the house, few minutes later she got to the street she look around before her eyes fell on a young man sitting on the public leg crossing his legs with his eyes close he look like a young guy in his early sixteen he is as white as snow and a perfect muscle he has a red lips which makes him gorgeous that will make any girl fall on their knees and worship his beauty at the sight of him she shook her head and turn her back
o the man am coming to meet must not be as handsome as this she bring out her phone and dial his number ”are you the guy in blue shirt and red trouser ” she ask ”yes ” he reply briefly as Tina grasp she look at him flashly and retrieve her head ”no he must not see me am not qualified enough to be his girlfriend ” she said to herself and felt something pierce her heart it hurt
o it didn she inhale sharply and turn ready to leave, she was about moving when a hand hold her wrist which makes her halt in her track the hand was so cold that she could felt her body shiver from the touch her eyes widen as sweat tick down her cheek she dare not face him she was about dumping him here what excuse will she make for leaving him ”wanna leave me here huh ” she heard the masculine voice say she close her eyes shut and inhale you can do it Tina just face him this will be the ever last day you will meet him she said to herself and turn to face him she was about speaking when he flash his killing smile on her i wonder how many girls will be dieing to have this man ”i_i_ was not leaving you here I didn know you were sitting there ” she lied causing Charles to smirk he knew she was so bad at lying Tina gulp down knowing that he was not falling for her lies ”i_ I mean that you were too handsome I didn expect the man am coming to meet here to be… ” She couldn completely her statement when Charles suddenly pinch her cheek ”my cheesy teasy girl is at it again ” he said and leave Tina cheek, Tina face flush red she thought he only sound cute when he call her cheesy teasy on but now she didn know any word that could compliment him right now he was damn gorgeous and handsome she tilt her head slightly staring deep into his eyes is this man really a human? Am I really sure that he is not a vampire she said to herself her sister Julienne has tell her so many stories about vampires and she has also watch it in movie too vampire are considered to be the most beautiful creatures most of them always have a white skin and red lips she always take all that as folktales but the man in front of her right resembles nothing but a vampire ”are you expecting an ugly guy or something? ” He said teasingly causing Tina cheek to become hot with embarrassment ”of course not ” she said and scratch her head when she suddenly feel him around her body he was hugging her so tight her eyes widen in shock and she became motionless she didn know what to do, should she hug him back or push him away she can push him away he is too cute to do that to him she didn know when she hug him back as she burg her face in his chest she inhale as she hug him back with the same force he smell like red roses flower which calm her nerves down she didn know why she suddenly feel safe when she was with him she felt protected.

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