”Am a lucky guy Tina ” Charles said as he pull away he never plan on hugging on hugging her for such a long minutes but her body is cool he felt relax he never thought hugging someone could felt that way he smile at her and hold her hand Tina who was still in shock snap out as she feel his hand on her ”huh ” was all she said as Charles pinch her cheek ”my cheesy teasy girl is teasing me again ” he said and smile at her ”am not teasing you Charles ” she reply as she start walking away while Charles follow her ”Tina ” he call her name seductively and hold her hand ”hm? ” Tina said and face me ”will you be my girlfriend? ” He ask as Tina heart race faster ”no ” she said and lick her lips Charles did not avert her gaze from her causing Tina eyes to widen why did I reject him I want to be with him too why can I say yes to him ”will you be my girlfriend Tina? ” He ask again not averting his gaze from her eyes Tina gulp down and wipe off her invisible sweat ”no ” she reply and avert her gaze from him Charles pin her down to the wall trapping her in him he lean closer and place his left hand on her left shoulder side so she couldn get away he place his head on the side of her neck Tina shiver feeling his hot breath on her neck ” be my girlfriend Tina I love you ” ”no ” she reply as she tilted her head back ”I won take no for an answer this time ” he said in a seductive threatening tone he didn mean to threaten her but he suffer a great deal before he come down here he just can go back in vain being rejected he want this girl he really love her he really want to have this girl but she is province stubborn he press his body closer to Tina as his eyes fell on Tina lips, Tina gulp down as their body touch ”wha… ” She couldn complete her statement when she felt something wet on her lips her eyes widen as her eyes fell on Charles kissing her passionately this is her first kiss she never thought this guy could actually steal her first kiss she wanted to push him away but she actually found herself kissing him back, Charles pull away and smile at her mischievously as Tina catch her breath ”tell me you don love me now ” he said and lick her lips Tina swallow as she look at Charles how could a man be so good at seducing he should be call the God of seduction he release his hand and he pull away ”guess I have to leave now I know that you have make up your mind so bye ” he said as he turn preparing to leave Tina widen get eyes as she watch him retreat she didn want him to leave she want him too she want to tell him that she love him too she said to her self as she wrap her hand around his neck causing Charles to halt on the spot ”I love you ” she said and Charles smile ”say that again ” he said ”I love you Charles ” she reply as Charles suddenly kiss her passionately Tina kiss him back with the same force and before they know it they were back on the wall kissing passionately uzz buzz buzz Charles phone beep, he try to ignore his phone but it was beeping consecutively Tina pull away breathing heavily ”Charles your phone is ringing ” she said ”leave it all I could hear is you now ” he said trying to kiss her again when his phone beebs causing him to grunt out in frustration ”answer your call Charles ” Tina said as Charles pick his phone and accept his call ”hello….. Okay I will be there ” was all he said before he put his phone back in his pocket he look at Tina and smile as he rub her hair ”you are now my girlfriend Tina ” I love you Tina cheek redden ”stop being so cheesy Charles ” she said still blushing ”I have to go ” Charles said suddenly causing Tina to sigh out ”but you are barely here thirty minutes ago ” she said with dull tone ”geez I know you will miss me I will come back tomorrow okay? ” He said before giving her a passionate kiss on her lips and her forehead ”okay ” she said and hug him ”I will miss you ” Charles patted her head ”i love you ” he said ”I love you too ” she reply as Charles hug her one more time before leaving he smile waving his hand at Tina ”I love you ” he shout from afar causing Tina to blush she wave back at him and she has never been so happy till this moment she finally tell Charles that she love him too.

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