Charles has been happy through out his journey he has been recalling Tina smile and the kiss they shared he never knew love could actually felt like this getting to the castle he wipe his trouser and straight his hair ”This way your highness ” a maid said and guide him through the grand palace hall he sigh as he quietly follow the maid they stop at the front of a huge golden door with black dragon drawing on the door Charles knew they were here for meeting his father always want him to be present in every important meeting held in the palace Charles always find it boring but he could not decline it he put his phone in his pocket and stare at the huge door before him before releasing a long breath, the maid open the huge door for him as every chief and minister attention became focus on the door to see who entered Charles step in as the sounds of his footstep could be heard he walk in with his hand in his left pocket as the chief and minister stare at him Charles has always been a rude prince he didn greet anyone on the sit no even his financee father the prime minister who is sitted adjacent to the king throne every minister clear their throat and sit properly as Charles strode in and sit on the golden chair beside the king without even greeting the king.

The king look at him before he pull his attention back to the minister and chief ”has the analago country decided to become one of our territories? ” The king ask causing Charles to cross his leg rest his head on the chair and close his eyes humming ”crown prince you can just behave ill manner here we are in middle of a meeting ” the king said as Charles open his eyes and sit upright ”am all ears ” he replied ”your majesty I think its high time you fasten crown prince marriage with my daughter ” the prime minister added and smirk at Charles. The prime minister is the most wealthiest and powerful minister in the country he has always want to over throw king thrump and become the king there fore he always fed the late queen with ricin which slowly terminate the queen womb, everything got destroy when the queen became pregnant and died through the process of giving birth to Charles, he poison Charles when he was two years old but the prince body was immune to poison so then he thought if he can be king he will make his grandchildren the king, then he began to manipulate the king and get his daughter engaged to Charles.

Charles smile mischievously at him and sit upright ”I never said I want to get marry so shut up ” he said almost yelling ”don worry prime minister I promise to get them marry as soon as possible ” king thrump said ”dad! ” Charles added almost yelling ”are we here to discuss country affair or some useless marriage issue ” he ask ”am the king here not your dad crown prince ” king thrump said in a menacing tone as charles lips curve up ”then have a good long discussion your majesty ” Charles said and stand up ”am out of here ” he added and walk away the chief and Minister could only watch him leave they couldn say a word knowing their prince is i don give a damn prince

Buzz buzz buzz Charles phone beeps he breath out heavily as he brings out the phone and accept the call it is Tina calling he smile as he stare at his phone ”hello ” Tina said ”My love ” he reply and Tina blush ”Baby how are you doing ” Tina said and Charles stood still for a while he blush as Tina call him baby her voice was so sweet and his anger subsided hearing her voice ”I just got home and am already missing you ” Tina cheek flush red as she roll on the chair ”I miss you too ” she said Charles who was already in the castle garden suddenly halt when he felt someone hug him from behind and a arm creasing his chest ”i_ i will call you back Tina ” he cut the call and take the arm off his chest with annoyance he knew no one dare do that expect from his financee he turn to see where the hug came from it was indeed from his financee Klara, Klara is the prime minister daughter she has a cream color skin and a yellow lips which make her look like a mermaid with he long black hair she was wearing a long length cloak dress been a noble daughter ”who is that ” she whisper as she close the distance between her and Charles ”a friend ” he smile ”I want you Charles ” she whisper seductively causing Charles to smirk he hold her waist and draw her closer to him leaving no gap between them ”really? ” He said as his lips almost brush against her nape he crease her cheek with his index finger downward to her chin ”listen now dear financee ” he whisper solemnly in a threatening voice ”have you ever think that our engagement is not a love match? ” Trace her chin down to her chest as he stare at her with annoyance ”next time you try to touch me and seduce me with those hands am gonna chop it off and send it to your father for dinner ” he said and push her away as his aura darken he stare at her one more time and walk away Klara bit her lower lips and look around.

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