Love Destiny.

Don\'t be heart broken

My name is Auristela, a cheerful girl who always has many friends, at school, at home and even I can always bring a quiet atmosphere to be crowded. not because my voice sounds shrill, but because of my attitude and nature that can always make people around me feel happy withMy existence is able to always make people around me happy even though my family life is relatively poor. too many problems that day after day I go through, of course, all not far from the name of money.

I am the son of a scavenger and my father left us alone, because the disease that lodged in his body had eaten away at my father. so that father could not take it anymore and chose to give up because of his illness, so finally had to leave the two of us in this cruel city.I am a final high school student with the best achievement in my class. Because of that, I was able to attend a public high school in the beloved city of Medan.

Although I am the son of a scavenger, but I have never been ashamed of my life, nor have I ever intended to hide the status of my family which is considered very poor.

I also went to school because of the scholarship I got, and vice versa. maybe, I will not feel sitting in high school, enjoying my teenage years which are full of interesting stories for sure, there are ups and downs that will be memories in my life and I will definitely tell youto my generation.Ive never been bothered by a thing called love. although my best friend Amel Pradipta is always busy with his love affairs which always end with tears in my arms.

”Ela .., ” shouted Amel approached me, with her hands that were already wiping her tears. her eyes were puffy and her cheeks wet with tears.

I understand, if this time Amel had to break his heart again, not with the same man. Whereas a week ago, Amel was very happy. when telling her story that she had just received love from a boy in her next grade.

I spread my arms, knowing that Amel would definitely rush to hug me.

”Thank you La .., ” he said who was now crying profusely in my arms.

”Hes not the only man in the world, Mel. ”

”My heart hurts so much La, ”

”Your tears are too precious for a man like him, Mel, a bastard like him doesn deserve your tears, now you better wipe yours okay? ” I rubbed Amels cheek, trying to wipe away the tears that were running down my best friends cheeks.

”Lets go to the cafeteria, Im really hungry, ” I said, showing my white teeth that were lined up neatly, my grin was able to make Amel laugh and forget for a moment her disappointment in her ex-boyfriend who was even a week old as her lover.

”It turns out that crying also takes energy, right La? ”

”Surely, you think shedding tears doesn use any energy? ”

Amel and I have been friends since junior high school, now we both stepped into the cafeteria, Amel accidentally bumped into a man who just made himself waste energy this morning.

”Mel, please .., listen to my explanation, ” said Ryo who immediately confronted the two girls at school.

”Everything is clear, so theres nothing more you need to explain to me, ” Amel refused and asked me to leave her ex-lover.

”You misunderstood, Mel. ” shouted Ryo who was now chasing Amel. Not caring about the several pairs of eyes that kept watching him,

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