Love Destiny.

Don\'t be heart broken

I kept looking for my mother, but there was no sign of her in my shabby house.

”Mom, wheres mom? ” My question continues to search for the whereabouts of my beloved woman.

I stepped my feet to all corners of the house, I also did not find her figure, I returned to the front door, looking for the whereabouts of my mother outside the house or maybe she was in the neighbors house. but, what is the meaning of a house that is so messy like a broken ship. Something happened while I was at school?

”Mom, have you seen my mother? ” I asked Surtis mother, my neighbor

”I didn see La. ” the answer immediately made me look back, where was my mother.

”Oh my God, where is mother don worry, Mom. ” I thought with busy eyes looking around.

”Well, Ragil brought your mother, ” Pepos voice startled me, as well as pleased me with the information he provided.

”Thank you very much, Po. ”

”Yeah, you
e welcome, are you careful? ”

Ragil is the ruler of the area where I live. he was even a thirsty loan shark. his work under the guise of service made those around me feel suffocated and even almost out of breath.

”Mom, whats wrong, how can you face Ragil? ” I asked myself, confused as to what the problem was that my mother had to deal with vampires.I walked the suburbs, undisturbed by the whining of the worm in my stomach that had been fighting to claim its rights this afternoon. My mind is only focused on mom, I don want anything bad to happen to her. moreover Ragil is known to be very rude and emotional.

”Mom, wheres my mother? ” I shouted and asked the two burly men guarding in front of Ragils main door.

”Eh, who are you yelling at here? ” the man asked.

”Im Ela, the daughter of the woman your boss took hostage! ” I answered very loudly.

”A hostageare you kidding me you
e in the wrong place, ” they teased ending with a laugh so loud it made my ears hurtI rubbed my ears, it felt like my eardrums would burst, because of the laughter of those two—I thought, they must be Ragils subordinates. as a protective shield, to cover all the rottenness of Ragil who doesn know himself.

”Now where is your boss? ” My voice is so loud, I don show the slightest fear from them. as much as possible, I hide my fear.

”How dare you little brat, everyone is looking for our boss again, ”

”Whats the reason Im afraid of your boss? After all, your boss is also human right? Just like me ”

The two burly men were so irritated by my words, they were even approaching me now. However, my name is not Ela if they can easily catch me. I always find a way to avoid both.

”A move too, Gus? ”

”Yeah, hes like an eel. ”

Not long ago, I heard my mothers screams made my blood boil, Ragil must have done something to my mother. as fast as lightning I barged in, for the two men were caught off guard. I am now at Ragils residence.

e crazy, what did you do to my mother? ” I shouted which had now lifted my mothers body which was lying on the floor.

”Are you okay mother? ” I asked so worried she answered shakily, then my mother is now hiding behind me.

”This new toy, ” said Ragil with a sly smile.

”Im a human, not a toy like the one in your rotten brain! ”

”You also talk spicy, that mouth, what level? ”

”How dare you hurt my mother, be prepared to deal with the police, ”

”You threaten me, you think Im scared. the woman you defend, has a huge debt with me, and then she can pay it off and Im just asking for my rights. ”

”Then if my mother can pay, you can hurt my mother as you please? Of course not, I can report you for violence, do you like that? ”

”Just report it, Im never afraid of anything! ”

”Are you sure you are strong, languish in prison and lose all your strength and even you will rot in prison? ”

”I have a written agreement with your mother, so my evidence is solid. ”

”Then, in your agreement, it says that if my mother can pay the debt, you can beat my mother as you please? Nothing, right? ”

”You brat, ” Ragil cursed, ”Agus, Parto. ” shouted Ragil calling his two men.

Although he didn run out of ideas, he immediately saw an opportunity around him to quickly escape from Ragil and his men.

The police siren sounded, Ragil and his men panicked and let us go. without complicating it, I didn forget to take my mothers approval letter as well as Ragils letter that was on the table. using a thousand shadow moves, I went and disappeared, even Ragil couldn catch up to me.

”Damn.., just look at my revenge! ” cursed Ragil with a fist.

In the sedan, I laughed at what was happening. though I managed to hold back the fear. But, its all over and Im so grateful to the couple who broke up.

”Thank you Mel, you are really my best friend, ” I hugged my best friend.

”Yes, both La, ” said Amel who returned my hug.

”Thank you too, Yo, ” I said who had let go of my embrace with Amel.

”Yeah, just relax La. Amels friend means my friend too, ”

I smiled again hearing Ryos words, I felt very lucky to know Amel and be friends with him.

”Auntie are you okay? are we going to the hospital? so we can treat Aunties wounds, ”Amel was worried about my mothers condition and offered to treat her.

”Aunt is fine, Mel, thank you very much, you have helped us, ”

”Yes maam, I already consider that aunt as my own mother. So don be shy, okay? ” Amel replied while gently rubbing my mothers shoulder, it doesn mean Amel doesn want to hug my mother, its just that my mothers position in the front seat with Ryo as the driver.

A few hours ago, when I learned of my mothers whereabouts from Pepo, I rushed to contact Amel and asked for her help. because I knew, it would be difficult for me to get out of Ragils house, unlike when I was about to enter it. Ragil is known to be very cunning and has many ways tosuck the blood of its consumers.therefore, I immediately took the initiative to contact Amel.

”You managed to take the proof of the agreement, La? ”

”Yes maam, hopefully this can make our relationship with him easier. ”

”I hope so. ”

”But mom, what makes you able to deal with Ragilwhy has Ela never known about this problem? ” I asked so curiously and again my mother was silent.

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