3rd POV

Next day, Ryan goes to school with a happy face and his buddy seems to be curious that what makes Ryan too happy so he ask him ” are you gonna smile all day? Or tell me what happened! ” Ryan don want to upset his friend that he will not spend his summer break with him so, he remains quite.

As for today football team selection of new ones, who just joined this year. They are on there way to the ground for selecting them. The club period is always busy because classes are not to be taken in this period only, so all activities are held in halls or on field. The coach already choose Parth and Sarwat for the selection and Ryan takes the business of recruiting and application form for the new ones.

All though the rivals are at different positions but the tension between them is unbreakable.

In between there came the three girls Rihanna and her two bff, they always came with some problem on their backs and Ryan seems to know about that and here comes the twist when Rihanna grab Parth by his hand and corner him at the side all though she is murmuring but its too bold so Ryan is listening about there talk ” you know Parth me and my friends are throwing a party at my home and I know that you and Sarwat are not at good terms so, we can settle down the things between you two as we want that science and architecture section team up against the arts and the business student section…..we are supporting you a lot and I am becoming the cheerleader so, you don have to worry about our team support, the whole school know about my charm, so frankly speaking we are going to do great this year. ” Parth doesn speak but after some time he says that he will think about it.

When both buddies seat up for a break Parth ask Ryan ”we are going or not to the party?, I think you are already aware about our talk ”

Ryan is ok with going to the party, but he have to know about Rihanna plan as she is very cunning. ” I will think about it! ”

Parth doesn agree with his friend mood so he says ”ok ” only. After that club period, classes were started.

Ryan and Anamika are preparing for the science project as Mrs. Pareek called them after recess to discuss about sci. project, so they think that they should do some things before starting their project, Anamika is too talkative and Ryan only nods his head in her support but after Anamika said about todays fight of Rihanna and her girls, he seems curious so he ask her ” why did they fight? ”

Anamika with a gossip tune says ” oh! Its too interesting, you don know that? Let me tell you…..as whole school knows that Rihanna and Chris are in relationship and Chris did flirt over her to an arts section girl, you know Georgia she is beautiful too? And when Rihanna knows about it, she turned in her bitchy mood and did a fight with Georgia while Chris is in architecture section and Rihanna is in our science section so, she made a bet with her that this year football match will be win by her boyfriend team and if they loose she will break up with Chris and if they win Georgia have to rub his nose on ground in front of Rihanna and I think you already know that she went up for Parth and Sarwat to combine the team against arts section. ”

She huffs and then started doing her work but Ryan lost in thought that the reason for combining the team is to make Rihanna win her boyfriend. So, he thinks that it is good that Parth and Sarwat will comes in good terms. Then, why not he support it as they are going to do science project together and, if there is no arguments they can work freely, although the fight between them is because of him so, he should do something to make them friends atleast.

When Ryan goes for washroom he found Sarwat there and he knows that he should ignore him but, Sarwat seeing Ryan make him a wild beast as there is no one to come in between, so when Ryan washing his hand he feels that someone is at his back when he is about to face mirror to know about his back there came the large hand which grab his hand and do the washing for him. Now he is in trap between those tough arms and when he suddenly see the man behind his back he know that without a word he can escape from the beast. So he turns and shocked by the distance between them, Sarwat lips barely touching his head. He push him but the strong grip doesn let him escape ” are you going to release me, or I should yell for a help! ”

Sarwat smirk ” oh! I think thats the manner of those girls and I don think you are one of them. ”

Ryan says ” I know that I am not that strong to make your face angel to change, so do me a favour and RELEASE ME.. ”

Sarwat totally alluring his crush ”I am going to release you but you have to give me a kiss, I don mind even it is on cheeks. ”

Ryan fumes in anger ” Sarwat you are making yourself a hard time, so its better to release me otherwise….. ”

Sarwat speaks ” otherwise what!…. ”

Ryan came up with an idea and kick in his groans. Sarwat clutch his shirt in pain and sit down there on floor. Ryan says with a smirk ” serves you right 🙂 ” and then flew away.

When he reaches his classroom Parth is already waiting for him ”where were you? You took too long for only washing your hands ”

Ryan amused but doesn speak, when the teacher come they focus on their books…but Ryan then pass a slip of paper note to him i.e. ”Im ready to go to the Rihannas party. ” Parth agreed with him.

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