Love me, Please [BL]

What the hell ?

Ryan grabbed Daniels cheek saying ”you thought my younger sister was my girlfriend. And now you
e saying you love me after blackmailing me with my sister ”. Daniel sighed and said ”At the prison..when I saw you in the dark. I fell in love with you but you were with her. My older brother said she must be your girlfriend. And you were a guy so I forced myself to move on. After my brothers death, I hated your kingdom. I lost Kacy and my mother. I didn want the war to continue and your brother itself killed your father. So I wanted peace. He also lets Kacy kill the others. He didn allow me to touch you both so I thought it was truly the love triangle. I hated that. I wanted you to be beside me but I was too afraid you might betray me so I acted roughly to you. But after seeing you giving your body to me for Marys sake. I wanted to crush your pride. I was angry. I found Mary was your weakness. I hated that. After seeing you changing my mother. I didn want to fool myself by saying that I hate you. And I waited for the right time to give up on you- ”.

Ryan slapped Daniels chest saying ”you really give up too fast uh ? ”. Daniel was confused. Ryan sighed saying ”By the way, your sister is getting married ? ”. Daniel said ”yeah. She said she is going to marry that Duke…people said Duke is a traitor of this country. He had his all family killed many citizens and sealed them. We didn get any appropriate evidence so we couldn do anything. I told her this but she….told me to shut up ”. Ryan said ”Pfft- sorry…wow she is a total crazy brat. I heard she used to be a sweet princess what happened to her ? ”.

Daniel lifted Ryan saying ”After Olivers death she totally changed. She balmed me for not saving Oliver from Lucas. She is also true. I should have sent Oliver first and I should be dead- ”. Ryan kissed him saying ”what bullshit…Im sorry ”. Daniel giggled saying ”no need to worry. I already got revenge on your brother. On that day I was going to kill you and take that Mary to sell her as a slave but after seeing your pretty angry face I accepted your offer ”. Ryan was shocked saying ”you ! ”. Daniel quickly ran away taking Ryan with him to the bed.

In the early morning, Ryan woke up as usual in Daniels room. Ryan looked at the window. Mary was standing in the garden looking at a flower. Ryan quickly got dressed up and went down. Ryan said, ”what are you doing over here ? ”. Mary hugged Ryan saying ”just don ask about that. I don want to talk about that ”. Ryan sighed and patted Marys head saying ”Ok fine. I don know what happened but let me say this…Im fine. Daniel is taking good care of me. He says he loves me. Im happy. So I want you to be happy too. Im pretty sure Lucas is also happy ”. Mary said ”Ok.. ”. Ryan said ”uh..looks like your master is here ”. Mary looked back. It was Kacy. Kacy took her sword saying ”you two-timer ! ”.

Kacy ran to Mary with a sword. Ryan shouted, ”Woah what is happening ?! Looks like she is going to kill you ! run ! ”. Kacy shouted, ”Im gonna kill that guy! ”. Ryan started to run holding Marys hand saying ”oh my god ! looks like her target is me- ”. Kacy did a backflip and stood before them. Ryan said, ”….god….. ”. Ryan started to run shouting ”Daniel !!!!!!! help me !!!! you sister is trying to kill me !!!!!! ”. Daniel woke up and saw the widow. Mary tripped and fell. Ryan stopped and went to her. Kacy jumped to Ryan with a sword ready to stab through his heart. Daniel jumped out naked with a sword. Daniel blocked that sword saying ”Stop it, Kacy ! ”.

Kacy didn stop. Ryan shouted, ”why are you naked ? ”. Daniel was blocking Kacys attack saying ”I was asleep. After seeing this. I jumped out of the widow. If I was late. You will be dead by now ! Kacy stop ! there is a misunderstanding ”. Mary was quiet. Ryan gave the coat to Daniel which he brought for Mary saying ”wear this ”. Daniel kicked Kacy. Kacy fell far away. Daniel wore the coat and started to fight. Kacy shouted, ”you said you love me then why are you still in a relationship ? ”. Daniel looked at Ryan. Ryan shouted, ”when did I ever told you about that ?! ”. Mary mumbled saying ”She is talking about me ”. Ryan looked at Mary and said ”what ? ”. Mary stood up shouting ”She is talking about me ! stop trying to hurt Ryan! he and Lucas are my biological brother ! ”. Kacy stopped in shock saying ”brother ? ”. Ryan said ”Love ? ”.

Ryan fainted saying ”what the hell is going on ? you say you love her ? ”. Daniel caught him and lifted him saying ”so the love you told last night was her ? ”. Mary said ”yes but you don need to worry, king. I will not be disturbed by my emotions ever again. Im sorry ”, Daniel said ”Ok but- fine ”. Mary said ”sorry for this mess. We will leave now. Thank you, king….take good care of him ”. Mary walked to the carriage. Kacy followed her saying ”why didn you tell me that he is your brother ? ”. Mary said, ”you didn ask my lady..then shall we leave ”. Kacy said, ”..yes ”. Mary sat beside the carriage driver saying ”you can leave ”. Kacy said, ”you are not coming inside ? ”. Mary smiled saying ”no lady. This is more comfortable ”. Kacy went inside with an empty face.

Ryan woke up after some time shouting ”where are they ? ”. Daniel said, ”they left ”. Ryan said, ”Mary loves Kacy but Kacy has a finance and her wedding is coming soon. That explains this…she always saw Kacy with eyes of sparkle ”. Daniel said, ”from when ? ”. Ryan sighed saying ”from when Kacy was trying to kill her ”. Daniel started to laugh saying ”wow.. your sister got a weird taste ”. Ryan said, ”I don know what to do ”. Daniel kissed Ryans head saying ”Don worry. If your life is Mary. Then my life is also Mary cuz you are my life. I won let you be sad. So don worry ”. Ryan smiled and kissed him saying ”you cheesy brat ”. They both had the pleasure. Ryan woke up thinking ”you are an idiot. You think I will forgive you for hurting me, my sister, and brother ? Im a guy too. I too have pride. You humiliated me. I will make you beg for me…Beg for more ”.

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