Love me, Please [BL]

I don\'t think so

Lucas grabbed Ryan saying ”…what are you trying to do now? put my bedroom on fire again? burn my clothes for hurting Mary? I would recommend you to stop those cheap tricks. Your mother made a fool out of my mother. So I wouldn allow repeating this same mistake again ”. Ryan said ”Good. And I would recommend you to not hurt Mary ”.

Oliver whispered to Daniel saying ”Woah looks like a love triangle ”. Beth whispered, ”Yeah…looks like that Prince Lucas like Mary but Mary and Ryan are in love ”.Oliver said ”intersecting ” with a smile of excitement. Daniel was seriously watching them. Ryan dragged Mary with him as he said ”then we may leave, prince ”. Lucas started to laugh after them leaving. Lucas said, ”such a fool…don worry mother…I won let that mistake repeat..throne is mine ”. Lucas walked to his room.

Oliver, Daniel, and Beth sneaked out of the prison. They jumped to the tree outside through the window in the hallway. They landed safely. Soldiers discovered them. Everyone was alerted. They started to run in the garden as they fight with the soldiers. They reached the exit fence on the garden. Daniel and Beth jumped crossed that fence. But when Oliver was going to follow them. An arrow was shot from the palace and that arrow stabbed Olivers shoulder. Oliver fell down coughing blood. Daniel started to scream in fear of seeing his brother coughing blood. Oliver smiled at Daniel saying ”D-don ….worry about me…get out safely…Beth…take him… ”. Beth said, ”But- ”. Oliver glared at Beth saying ”Now ! ”. Beth shouted ”y-yes sir ! ”. Beth dragged Daniel out.

They sneaked out of the palace and that kingdom using the spy placed by Kingdom A in B kingdom. They reached the A kingdom safely. They entered the palace. Queen and Kacy were quiet. That palace was filled with blood and bodies. Many soldiers were standing outside with blood on them. Daniel said, ”..what happened ? ”. Kacy said, ”..after you both left..B kingdom attacked on us…B kingdoms soldiers are dead….father is also dead…where is brother ? ”. Daniel was quiet.

Beth kneeled and gave Olivers sword saying ”…prince Oliver was stabbed by an arrow from B kingdom while we were trying to escape ”. Queen started to cry. Queen walked outside while crying. She locked herself in a room. Kacy shouted with an angry face ”You left him over there ?! What if he is alive ?! why ?! ”.Beth saw going to defend but Daniel stopped him saying ”No…Im sorry. There was no to save him..that fence was- ”. Kacy said ”excuse… its an excuse! you are weak! thats the fact! ”. Kacy stormed out.

One elder came saying ”crown prince and King are dead..the throne should be passed to someone else. The next prince is you. The throne should be given to you, prince ”. Daniel said, ”…Ok. Do the formalities ”. That elder said, ”yes, prince ”. Soon Daniel becomes the King. Kacy started to learn how to fight. Beth becomes Daniels personal knight. Daniel never smiled once again. The relationship between Daniel and Kacy got worse. Daniels mother never came outside that room. Kacy got a war knight position. She got herself a powerful team with powerful knights.

Lucas killed his own father and got the throne. He becomes an orphan. His first decision was to have peace with A kingdom. A peace letter went to Daniel. Daniel smirked as he looked at the letter. Beth said, ”Are you going to have peace, king ? ”. Daniel said, ”..yeah ”. Beth said, ”but- ”. Daniel said, ”…its because I lost my father and brother….my mothers smile. I want him to suffer just like this… ”. Kacy found this stormed inside shouted ”are you going to be in peace ?! ”. Daniel said, ”…Im the king. Mind your words ”. Kacy said, ”sorry, majesty but Im here as a royal family ! ”. Daniel said, ”ok…yeah. You can go and kill those queen and concubines ”. Kacy smirked saying ”ok ”.

Lucas was in his bed with someone. He was naked. Ryan stormed inside. Ryan shouted, ”you killed father ?! ”. That person on his bed was under the blanket so Ryan couldn see that person. Lucas smirked saying ”yeah. So what ? that old man was the one who held me back from hurting you. Now he is dead. So you don have anyone to save you from me ”. Ryan said, ”you heartless beast! you killed a father and now you are having a pleasurable night with a person ?! ”. Lucas giggled saying ”yeah that was a nice night ”. Ryan shouted ”you ! ”. Lucas wore his rope and limped to Ryan saying ”You mother is a dancer right. You and Mary can dance right ? Dance before our guest tomorrow ”. Ryan said, ”why- ”. Lucas said, ”Mind your words kid. Right now Im the king. I can kill you and Mary at any time. Im pretty interested in seeing a male belly dancer. See you tonight ”.

Ryan informed Mary. Mary smiled saying ”its ok brother. We can do this ! ”. Ryan smiled and patted Mary saying ”Ok ”. A scream was heard. Mary and Ryan came outside. Kacy was killing all the concubines. They were running for their lives. Lucas was sitting and enjoying this blood site. Ryan was shocked. Marys eyes were sparkling with bright stars. Kacy was filled with blood. Kacy looked at Ryan and Mary with a glare. Kacy walked to them with the sword covered in blood. Kacy placed the sword on Marys neck saying ”oh another one ! ”. Ryan pushed that sword with his bare hand saying ”Lucas ! what is happening ?! ”. Lucas walked in smiling. Daniel and Beth walked in with an emotionless face seeing the blood.

Lucas said, ”Oh dear. She isn a concubine. You can kill her if you want. I don care ”. Kacy said, ”Ok the- ”. Ryan shouted, ” How can you! ”. Lucas grabbed Ryans hair saying ”should I remind you again? Im the king. Looks like you didn learn your lesson yet. You love your Mary, right? ”. Lucas took his sword and was going to slice Marys neck. Marys eyes popped out. Ryan hugged her, using his body to cover Mary. Ryan got hurt on his back and started to bleed. Mary was scared and looked at Ryan. Ryan coughed blood and gently patted her head saying ”looks like you are going…to dance alone ”.

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