Ryan fell down. Kacy walked away saying ”Boring ”. Beth said, ”…they are Mary and Ryan ! ”. Daniel said, ”so what ? ”. Lucas started to laugh seeing Ryan. Mary tried to lift Ryan but she couldn . Mary said, ”…Lucas help us ”. Lucas saying ”finally you are speaking. You really want him to live ? ”. Mary kneeled saying ”yeah..please ”. Luca smirked saying ”looks like this is not the correct date for him to die ”. Lucas lifted Ryan saying ”Woah..he is so light. Are you sure he is a boy. Such a tiny body and…small girly face..I wanna crush him ”. Mary said, ”are you gay ? stop describing him like this ! ”. Lucas smirked saying ”maybe I am ”. Mary said, ”Not funny, king ”. Lucas went to his room.

Beth said, ”…love triangle ”. Daniel said, ”yeah.. lets leave ”. Beth said, ”but Lucas king planned a party tomorrow night. You are not gonna attend ? ”. Daniel said ”Yes ”. Beth said ”he said he has a gift for you and Kacy princess ”. Daniel smiled saying ”gift ? pretty excited. Lets attend that ”. Beth said, ”Ok, king ”.

Ryan was being treated. The doctor said, ”The cut wasn that deep so he is fine. He just fainted in fear ”. Lucas started to laugh. Ryan said, ”stop laughing ! I was too scared ! Are you sure you are my brother ? ”. Lucas said, ”Yeah Im. If I wasn you brother. Why would I stop Kacy from killing Mary ”. Mary said, ”But you tried to kill me ! ”. Lucas giggled saying ”Looks like a big yes ”. Ryan stood up saying ”Im leaving ! you cold-hearted brother ! ”. Mary followed him saying ”yeah ! ”. Lucas grabbed Ryans hair saying ”Ok fine go. Use this magic potion to hid that scar. This can make the scar disappear. Im just giving this so that you won scare the guests ”. Ryan was annoyed. Ryan took that potion and walked out. Mary followed him. Lucas smirked saying ”…Cute brats ” when they went out.

Mary applied the potion to Ryans scar. The scar disappeared in a day. On the day of the party, Mary and Ryan were in the garden practicing the dance. Beth and Daniel were watching this from their room. Kacy was watching this from the roof. Lucas walked to Mary and Ryan saying ”Hey you two! wear these clothes . And…have this ”. Lucas gave a dagger along with the clothes. Mary said ”dagger ? ”. Ryan shouted, ”wait don tell me. Are you going to fight with them at the party. Are you telling us to fight for our lives ?! ”. Lucas smirked saying ”Thats a good plan but I don have enough loyal guards. So use this dagger in case of danger ”. Ryan said, ”From when did you worry about us ? ”. Mary was amazed by that dagger and said ”this must be our first gift from you, King ”.

Lucas knocked on Marys head saying ”are you an idiot? I gave this to you both so that you both can be alive after the party ? ”. Ryan said with a serious face ”What do you mean ? ”. Lucas smirked and get close to him saying ”At that party, many perverts will be there. And they are totally interested in males and females. So make sure you both are alive ”. Lucas smirked and walked away. Beth said, ”…King looks like he really hates his siblings ”. Daniel smiled saying ”No I don think so, Beth ”. Beth was confused. Kacy walked away.

Ryan and Mary went to their room to get dressed. Ryan sighed and looked at Mary saying ”should we just run away ? ”. Mark said ”nope. He will chase us and kill us ”. Ryan pouted saying ”Hell no !…we are all born from the same mother but why is he like this ? ”. Mary said, ”But mother abandoned us and she kept Lucas ”.

In the past, B kingdoms king named John married a mystery dancing woman named Bella. Her history is a mystery. But John loved Bella so he didn mind that. The firstborn of those two is Lucas. Bella was cheating on John with a royal knight. Ryan and Mary were born from that man. These two babies were taken to John. This affair was got to know by John.

Bella shouted, ”You have a lot of concubines. Why can I have one boyfriend?! ”. Johns anger was raised, he killed that royal knight. And left Bella alive without thinking. He was going to kill those two kids but Johns one concubine begged to let those babies live under her care because she can give birth to any children. So, John also left her to take care of the babies. Bella shouted at the babies while seeing that royal knights dead body saying ”Its all because of you two ! if you two weren born. We won have been caught. And My love won have died. Its all because of you two ! ”. She hated Mary and Ryan. She never cared about them. She thought of them as bad luck. She never let Lucas near Mary and Ryan….and…..

Now, Ryan said, ”Don talk about that b*tch ”. Mary was shocked ”brother ! she is our mother ”. Ryan said ”nope. She is just a person who gave birth to us. If our father was alive. I don think he would let this happen. Nevermind. Just change. Lucas is waiting for us. Don let anyone touch you. Okay ? ”. Mary said ”Ok brother ”. Mary gave a warm smile. Ryan patted her and went to his room. They both were ready. Mary and Ryan were wearing belly dancer dresses. Mary was in Red color. And Ryan was in blue color.

In the hall, Lucas was sitting on the throne with a bow and arrow beside him. Many guests along with B kingdom were there. Daniel and Kacy were sitting beside Lucas. Beth was standing beside Daniel. Lucas smiled saying ”Hey there ! Im gladly presenting you with my dancers! ”. Everyone applauded. Ryan and Mary entered the hall. Mary was amazed by the bright lights in the hall. The music started. They both started to dance together. Ryan whispered to her saying ”look at me and dance ”. Mary smiled and nodded. They danced gracefully along with the melody.

The music ended. Lucas smirked and said ”Great ! now lets all have fun ! cheers ! ”. Everyone shouted in excitement. Some mens approached Ryan and Mary harassing them. Lucas smirked and said, ”come serve me a glass of wine you two ”. Ryan was shocked and ran to Lucas using this great opportunity to escape. Mary followed Ryan. Ryan gave a smile and served him a glass of wine whispering ”Oh my King, looks like you did a good thing for the first time ”. Lucas smirked and said, ”Oh is that so ? ”.Mary nodded. Lucas grabbed Marys cheek saying ”Looks like your fear for me has been decreased ? ”. Ryan said, ”No, my king ”.

Daniel stood up saying ”Its getting interesting. I would like to buy these two. How much do you want ? ”.

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