Lucas smirked saying ”What so great about this girl? ”. Ryan whispered saying ”Hell no. I know you hate us but this is too much. You shouldn sell your blood siblings ”. Lucas grabbed Ryans hair saying ”We are half-blood siblings ”.Ryan pouted saying ”Don correct me in this situation ”. Mary was shocked. Daniel was standing before Mary staring. Ryan grabbed Mary and stood before Daniel glaring. Lucas pulled Mary and bite Marys neck and glaring at him saying ”This is mine ”. The blood was flowing from Marys neck. Ryan pulled Mary saying ”What the hell are you doing ? ”. Lucas smirked and pulled Ryan saying ”are you jealous ? ”. Ryan said, ”what do you mean- ”. Lucas bites Ryans neck. Lucas said, ”this too is mine ”. Daniel smirked saying ”I will get this girl no matter what happens ”. Kacy walked away sighing. Beth was completely shocked.

Ryan glared at Lucas. Lucas smirked and took them to his room saying ”Use this cloth to stop bleeding ”. Mary said, ” hurts ”. Mary started to cry. Lucas was surprised. Lucas was ”hey- hey don c-cry ! Ryan do something ”. Ryan said, ”why should I help you ! you ! your teeth are too sharp ! ”. Ryan also started to cry. Lucas looked at the closet. Lucas sighed and said, ”stop crying or else I will sell you both to him as a buy one get one offer ”. They both stopped saying ”Too cruel ”. Lucas walked out saying ”come out as soon as possible. They are waiting for us ”.Mary said ”Okay ”. Ryan sighed said ”Okay ”. The three went out. A chuckle noise came from that closet and someone said ”He is an idiot ”.

Lucas was sitting on his throne and drinking wine looking at Mary and Ryan from distance. Ryan saw this and mumbled to Mary ”He is been watching us for a long time ”. Mary said, ”yeah…his stares are really uncomfortable ”. Lucas said threw the dagger, ”You know I can hear you right ? ”.Ryan was shocked. Ryan said, ”what the hell? so you gave us this dagger to hear what we speak ? ”. Lucas giggled saying ”Oh my. I got caught ”. Mary said, ”….stalker ”. Lucas said ”Hey ! ”.

After some time, The party was ended. Lucas was fully drunk. Ryan saw this and said, ”Maids take King to his room ”. Maids came and were taking to his room but King shouted ”No ! I want my brother to take me to my room ! ”. Ryan sighed and held Lucas and wobbled to the room. Mary was following Ryan. They were in the hallways. Kacy was passing them. Kacy took a knife and was going to stab Ryan. But Lucas stopped her with a glare saying ”What are you trying to do, Princess? ”. Kacy said, ” said I can kill these two but what is stopping you ? ”. Lucas smirked saying ”This two should be dead in my hands, not by someones hands ”. Kacy walked away.

Mary said, ”She is cool ”. Ryan said, ”What ? I almost got killed And you say she is cool ? ”. Lucas started to laugh. Ryan said, ”You are sometimes scary and sometimes sweet. Which side are you ? ”. Lucas giggled saying ”I also don know ”.Mary said, ”You killed all other siblings and why did you let us live ? ”. Lucas said, ”its because we share the same mother ”. Ryan said, ”Woah..didn accept this ”. Lucas grabbed Ryans hair saying ”Hear clear…my uncle is trying- nothing mind ”. Mary said, ”let go of his hair ”. Lucas chuckled saying ”Don want to ”. Ryan sighed. Lucas said, ”…if you hate me…kill me now right away ”. Mary took her dagger and pointed at Lucas saying ”so thats why you gave us this dagger ? ”. Lucas said, ”Sh*t I almost thought you are gonna kill me for real ”.

They entered Ryans room. Mary ran and closed all the windows and doors and said ”Phew..All clear ”. Lucas fell to the bed saying ”Does your neck hurt ? ”. Ryan grabbed Lucass cheek and pulled saying ”Yeah of course it does ! ”. Lucas said, ”Sorry. Uncle (fathers side) and those A kingdoms were seeing us. I didn know what to do ”. Mary said, ”Brother ! thats why I told you not to read romance novels ! ”. Ryan said, ”Pfft- Im tired of acting ”.

When they were kids, Lucas said ”Hey our uncle is threatening me that he will kill you both if we are together again ”. Mary giggled saying ”then what are we going to do ? are we not going to play together anymore ? ”. Ryan said, ”Pfft- nope. Why don we act enemies before them ? ”. Mary nodded. Lucas said, ”Thats a nice idea ”. They both gave an evil smile. From then on Lucas acted as bullying Mary and Ryan. Due to Lucass oscar-winning acting. Everyone believed it and didn threaten to kill Mary and Ryan. The affair between Bella and the knight was kept as a secret by King.No one other than King, Bella and that concubine knows Lucas, Ryan and Mary are siblings

Now, Ryan said, ”stop grabbing our hair. If I become bald. Im gonna kill you ”. Lucas giggled saying ”Don worry. I will buy you a wig ”. Ryan and Lucas started to kick each other. Mary sighed and said, ”…Kacy princess is cool ”. They both stopped and stared at Mary with a face of disgust. Ryan said, ”Really ? she tried to kill me and you! ”. Mary blushed to say ”But she is also cool ”. Lucas said, ”Mind your mouth before that A kingdom. They have a sharp mind. They might find our secret ”. Ryan said ”Okay… ”. Lucas took a potion and applied it to their neck saying ”this is will make it heal ”. Mary said, ”Brother, this is from A kingdom. How did you get this ? ”. Lucas said, ”don ask that ”. Mary mumbled saying ”didn you sneak out without us ? ”. Lucas patted Marys head saying ”No. Be careful. Be alive. I didn assign any guards for you both because of this act. So be alive on your own ”. Ryan said, ”Ok…you too…by the way what is the gift you planned for that King ? ”. Lucas said ”Jewels…but due to his act. I didn give that ”. Mary said ”Pfft- lame gift brother ”.

They went to their own rooms. The next morning, Ryan and Mary were picking flowers. Ryan laid on the ground watching Mary picking flowers with a bright smile. Someone approached them. It was Daniel and Beth. Ryan stood up saying ”Hail, King ”. Daniel ignored him. Daniel walked to Mary.

Daniel touched Marys hair saying ”Hey there, Mary ”. Ryan mumbled to the dagger ”Danger, Danger. Daniel is approaching Mary ”. Lucas who was peacefully in his study stood up and ran to the garden. Ryan was amazed by Lucass speed reply. Lucas was panting. Ryan mumbled, ”Woah..that was fast ”. Lucas smirked saying ”Why are you both disturbing A kingdoms kings peacetime. Get out of here ”. Mary nodded and ran to Ryan. Daniel glared at Ryan. Ryan was scared but he stood still. Daniel said, ”I want her ”. Lucas smiled saying ”Oh dear. She isn for sale ”. Ryan chuckled mumbling at Mary saying ”looks like you have become good ”. Mary pouted at Ryan.

Daniel took out his sword saying ”Fight with me. The person who wins will get her ”. Lucas smirked saying ”Looks like you don understand this situation, Daniel King ”. Daniel smirked saying ”Are you afraid ? You think I don know that you killed my brother Oliver right before my eyes with your bow and arrow ”. Lucas looked back at his room and giggled saying ”Oh my. You found that ? Yes I did ”. Daniel glared at him saying ”fight me. If I win, I will take her. If you win, I will leave without causing any problems. Deal ? ”. Lucas sighed. Daniel said, ”Are you afraid ? ”. Lucas smirked saying ”bring it on ”.

Ryan was shocked. Mary grabbed Ryans hand. Ryan smiled at her saying ”don worry. We won let anything happen to you ”. Lucas looked at Ryan and smiled. Lucas said, ”Be happy ”. Ryan kicked Lucass leg saying ”Don talk as if you are going to die now ”. The fight started. Daniel was going to stab Lucass Hand. Lucas dodged it. Daniel quickly used his sword and stabbed Lucass Leg. Lucas fell down in pain. Daniel stabbed Lucass Right chest. Ryans eyes popped out. Lucas fell flat on the ground. Ryan fell down in sadness. Ryan gave an awkward smile at Lucas mumbling ”Hey don act…enough get up… ”. Lucas smiled and again stood up wobbling. Mary was crying. Ryan couldn know what to do.

Daniel wiped the blood on his face using Beths shirt saying ”stubborn ”. Ryan shouted ”Stop !…you can have Mary…don hurt him…under one condition. Take me along with you… ”. Daniel said, ”Is that an order ? ”. Ryan kneeled while shaking in fear ”No… its a request ”. Daniel showed his shoe at Ryans face. Ryan closed his eyes and forced himself to kiss Daniels shoe. Lucas said ”No.. ”. Lucas was going to fall down. Mary caught him. Daniel smirked saying ”okay fine. Ive been wanting to have a butler. Be my butler. Work for me ”. Ryan said, ”…yes, my king ”. Daniel smirked and walked away.

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