In Daniels room, Beth said ”King, why did you agree to him ? ”. Daniel smiled saying ”that brat has a huge self-pride. But did you see him kneeling down before him for that woman? I felt his pride being crushed. I would like to see his pride being completely crushed ”. Beth was shocked. Beth said, ”King, I think he has an ill motive. He is a guy. What if he hurts you ”. Daniel said, ”That won happen ”. Beth said, ”As your wish king ”.

Kacy was watching this from the roof. Ryan stood up saying ”Im sorry Mary… ”. Mary said, ”Its okay ”. Lucas opened his eyes slowly saying ”So…sorry ”. Mary kissed Lucass head saying ”Idiot king… ”. Lucas said, ” too are leaving ? ”. Ryan said ”yeah.. ”. Lucas smiled while blooding was following from his mouth saying ”then Mary will be safe. Be happy… ”. Ryan sighed and shouted ”Royal doctor ! ”. Lucas was taken care of by the uncle and the others.

Mary and Ryan went to a graveyard before going to A kingdom. It was the graveyard of the concubine who took care of them besides that the queens grave was also there. The concubine lost her life due to an illness in the past when they were 17. Mary kept a flower and went to the carriage. Ryan said, ”…I will be back ”. Ryan walked to the carriage. They were taken away by Daniel to A kingdom. No one was worried about them. Kacy stopped them saying ”throw that dagger away.. now ! ”. Ryan sighed and threw that away. Mary threw it away and followed Ryan.

Ryan took a bag and entered that carriage. Ryan and Mary were riding alone in that carriage. Mary was sad. Ryan smiled and showed her the bag saying ”Guess what is inside ”. Mary was confused. She peeped at the bag. It was their cat pet. Mary said in excitement ”What is it doing over here ? ”. Ryan smiled and made a proud face saying ”I took a risk and bought him over here ”. Mary smiled and hugged him saying ”thank you ”. Kacy who was on the roof sighed hearing them.

The carriages stopped on one village for a break. Mary was sleeping. Ryan saw this and stepped out to wash his face. Ryan saw a river. Ryan started to wash his face. Ryan said ”water is fresh…but I don feel relived. Ryan took a crossbow he had in his back and tried shooting it on the tree but he couldn shoot. Ryan sighed saying ”he never let me learn fighting …now look Im not even able to save myself ”. Ryan dropped that bow and started to dance to the winds flow. Daniel saw this from behind and walked away.

In the carriage, Mary was sleeping. Kacy was her and came close to Mary, trying to kill her but Mary woke up and smiled thinking its a dream. Mary said ”What a pretty girl ”. Kacy grabbed Kacys head and pulled it to her and kissed Kacy. Mary again fell asleep. Kacy was shocked. Kacy climbed to the top of the carriage again with a blushing face.

Soon they entered the A kingdom. Daniel and Kacy were welcomed warmly by the citizens. In the hall, Daniel said ”Mary will be working as Kacys maid. She will learn manners from Kacy. I hope general Kacy to be strict always. Kacy has all right to kill Mary if Mary does something wrong. If Mary is still alive in Kacys hand. Im gonna make her my concubine. The same goes for Ryan and me ”. Ryan smiled at Mary whispering ”Its gonna be alright ”.

Beth took Mary and Ryan to do the formalities. Mary was sad. Ryan patted Marys hair saying ”its okay. We can see each other while the breaks ”. Beth said, ”Sorry to interpret but…Kacy princess and Daniel king don live together…they have a separate palace. It is 50 km away from each other ”. Ryan was shocked. Mary said ”what ?! ”. Beth said ”Thanks to your Lucas king. After Prince Olivers death. These two fought with each other and got separated. And the former Queen locked herself in the old building. Thats where Ryan is going to work. And the king will be there after 1 month. He got some work to do. So he told you to go there now ”. Ryan gave an evil smile saying ”great free ”. Beth got shocked and said ”looks like you are pretty happy to hear this ”. Ryan smiled saying ”Of course not. Im too sad. You can see from my face ”. Beth started to laugh and said, ”Mary can go with Kacy princess now ”.

Mary walked to Kacy, who was standing before the carriage. Kacy blushed while seeing Mary. Ryan stood before them far away. Ryan was going to cry so he turned his back on her. Mary noticed it and ran to Ryan hugging him from behind whispered ”Don cry….brother ”. Ryan turned and kissed gently on her head saying ”I thought I will be crying at your wedding but looks like Im crying while you are being sold away ”. Mary started to laugh. Ryan said, ”ok go now before Kacy tries to kill you ”. mary smiled saying ”we will be back together again…brother ”. Daniel, Kacy, and Beth saw this from far away. Daniel said ”Oh my…looks like he can take his eyes off his lover ”. Beth smiled. Kacy and Mary went to Kacys palace.

In Kacys palace, Kacy said with a cold face ”look here..I don have any workers. You are the only one. You are sent by the king so I hope you don disappoint him. Don annoy me. Don break stuff. I rarely get guests so your only job is to clean the palace and make my food ”. Mary smiled at her saying ”Yes, maam ! ”. Kacy said ”…maam ?…fine call me maam ”. Mary smiled and said, ”yes maam ”. Kacy walked to her study saying ”prepare for me to bath ”. Mary said, ”yes maam ”.

Mary went to the bathroom and poured warm water on the tube and looked around the bathroom. There was no scent bottle. Mary mumbled, ”where is the scent ? ”. Kacy came inside with a robe saying ”What are you looking at ? ”. Mary smiled saying ”scent bottles, maam ”. Kacy said, ”…I don have one ”. Mary was confused. Kacy said, ”you can leave now ”. Mary said, ”yes, maam ”. Mary ran outside with a red face saying ”…..she is cool !! ”. Mary giggled and walked away. Kacy was blushing saying ”she knows I can hear her now right ? ”.

In Daniels study hall, Ryan was standing before him as a butler. Daniel said ”you are leaving to my palace right now, ” Ryan said, ”yes, excellency ”. Daniel said, ”in that palace, there is one cook and one maid. You make one butler. So good luck. When I come back the palace should be clean. Even the air should be clean ”. Ryan smiles saying ”Yes, excellency ”. Ryan walked out and shouted in the garden ”what the hell am I gonna do ?! ”. Beth smiled and said, ”your carriage is ready ”. Ryan pouted saying ”Ok, bye Mr. knight ”. Beth smiled and walked away. Daniel was seeing this from his room and started to laugh looking at Ryan.

In Daniels palace, Ryan shouted looking at an old palace saying ”you got to be kidding me right ?!!!! he is a king how is this possible ?! ”.

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