Daniel was shocked. Daniel thought to himself ”Wow…you like Mary that much ?…you dug your own grave…lets look how you are gonna have s*x with her in this future ”. Ryan looked at Daniel while kneeling. Daniel smirked saying ”Are you sure about that ? ”. Ryan said, ”yes my king ”. Daniel lifted Ryan and placed him on the table saying ”Just don kick me if you don want your leg to be cut ”. Ryan said, ”…ok ”. They both had a hot night together with each other. Daniels face was filled with sweat. Ryans face was blushing and crying.

The next morning, Ryan found himself lying in his bed. Ryan grabbed his head saying ”looks like I fainted….That monster didn leave until I faint…uh !!! I forgot Lily ladys food ”. Ryan sneaked and cooked food and gave it to Lily through the widow. Daniel who was passing through the garden saw this and was pretty surprised. Daniel said, ”look at him…last night he fainted saying it hurts and now he is climbing to the second floor with that ass ”. Ryan gave the food and was going to fall down. Ryan shouted, ”sh*t !!!!!! ”. Daniel saw this and used his magic to catch him.

Ryan said, ”Oh my. I almost died ”. Daniel said, ”of course. What were you doing there ? ”. Ryan said, ”uh…uh…I just wanted to exercise ”. Daniel thought to himself ”what a lame lie ”. Daniel smirked saying ”last nights exercise wasn enough ? ”. Ryan blushed to say ”My king ! you made me faint ”. Daniel giggled saying ”Is that so? why don we do the same today too ? ”. Ryans eyes popped out saying ”what- ”. Daniel pushed Ryan to the wall and started to kiss him. Ryan blushed to say ”King…w-what if someone sees us ? ”. Daniel smirked saying ”they will also see your pleasant face ”. Ryan blushed.

One sound came from the right. Ryan was scared. The sound approached near them. Daniel noticed it. Ryan whispered, ”someone is coming ”. It was Rose. Ryan closed his eyes in fear. When he opened his eyes. Surrounding was filled in the dark. Ryan could only see Daniel. Ryan was confused. Daniel smiled saying ”Its magic. She can see us. Then shall we continue ? ”. Ryan blushed to say ”…t-thanks… ”. Daniel smiled. They both had the pleasure.

In the night, Ryan wobbled to his room saying ”sh*t it hurts…. its not like I hate this but…wait did I turn gay ?!!!!!! ”. Ryan jumped to his bed blushing. Ryan said, ”Looks like I fell for him…wait no hell no ! ”.

Daniel was in his study contemplating. Danils thoughts ”why did I again F*CK him ?….why did I use my magic to save him….why did I hide him ?….looks like I become an idiot…sh*t ”.Daniel heard a sound in the kitchen at the midnight. It was Lily and Ryan.

Ryan was smiling and cooking. Lily was waiting at the table. Ryan said, ”Im the sorry lady for not making food last night. I was tired and fell asleep ”. Lily didn answer saying. Ryan pouted saying ”are you angry with me, lady ? ”. Lily said, ”….does my son harassing you ? ”. Ryan stopped for minutes. The room was filled with silence. Daniel was going to show up but Ryan giggled saying ”No lady ! I was the one who is harassing him. Sorry about that, lady. Please don hate me ”. Daniel was shocked. Lily said, ”…oh is that so ? ”. Ryan gave the food saying ”Eat this before it gets cold lady.

Ryan was standing. Lily noticed it and said, ”Sit over there ”. Ryan smiled saying ”no need my lady ”. Lily was confused. Lily stood up after eating. Daniel quickly hid. Lily went to her room quickly like a ghost. Ryan sighed and grabbed his ass saying ”sh*t…this hurts…that monster…ouch…Im not even able to sit on a chair. This chair is made up of wood which hurts my ass even more…I should be asking Jack to make me a sitting cushion ”. Ryan wobbled to his room. Daniel chuckled hearing him.

In Kacys palace, Mary was like a dog following Kacy all around with a bright smile. Kacy started to blush due to Mary. Kacy opened her eyes after asleep and saw Mary smiling at her. Mary said, ”Lady ! I love you ! ”. Kacy blushed and pushed her away saying ”I-Idiot what are you saying !? ”. Mary said, ”Yes lady. I think I love you. Im not able to control my smile when I see you. This is love ! I want to hug you and kiss you ! ”. Kacy shouted, ”Hey! Im royal blood. If you say this to any other royal blood your tongue will be cut off ! ”. Mary sighed saying ”yes lady I know. Even after my tongue is cut off I will still smile ”.Mary giggled. Kacy stood up blushing and went out. Mary shouted, ”Lady is blushing ! Looks like I got a chance !! ”. Kacy mumbled ”Idiot. I can hear you ”. From then on Mary started to wake Kacy by saying ”I love you, lady ”.

Kacy was working on her study. Kacy said, ”you can leave to your room…Im busy…I can take care from now on ”.Mary smiled saying ”My lady, Im your maid. I will wait for you ”. Kacy sighed and continued to work. Kacy was busy working on her study. Mary was waiting for her outside. It was midnight. Kacy came out of the study room and saw Mary sitting on the floor and sleeping leaning toward the door. Kacy chuckled saying ”This idiot ”. Kacy walked away to her room leaving Mary in the cold hallway.

The next morning, Mary was still in the hallway. Kacy sighed and poured cold water at her face saying ”You master itself is wake but why are you sleeping? ”. Mary woke up shaking and smiling. Mary said ”good morning lady ”. Kacy walked away. Mary ran to her room to get dressed up.

At the dining table, Kacy started to eat. Mary was standing beside her. Marys eyes were sparkling seeing Kacy. Kacy saw this and kept quiet. Kacy said, ”we are having a guest. Duke is coming so make sure to satisfy all his needs. He is important ”. Mary smiled saying ”yes lady ! ”. Kacy said, ”Ill be leaving for a day to report something to king. So make sure to handle them when Im not here. This is your test. If you do anything wrong. Im gonna kill you and that Ryan guy. Three of my junior will be here to protect the palace ”. Mary smiled saying ”yes lady. I will do as you say! by the way, where are they ? ”. Kacy said ”they hid outside. If something happens to the palace. They will come and protect the palace. And don try to escape from this palace. Ill kill you if you get caught again ”.

Kacy soon left the palace. Duke entered the palace. Mary smiled and bowed to him saying ”Welcome duke. Lady Kacy told me to take good care of you. If you find anything uncomfortable, you can tell me. I will help you. Then may I take you to your room ? ”. Duke said, ”oh you must be Kacys new toy. I wanna take a bath. So prepare me a bath ”.Mary smiled saying ”alright sir ”. Mary led the way to the bathroom after preparing for a bath. Duke came out after a bath.

Duke started to drink the wine while Mary was pouring the wine. Dukes butler was standing behind Duke. Duke grabbed Marys hand saying ”You can dance right ? Dance for me ”. Mary gave an awkward smile saying ”but duke Im at work ”. Duke glared saying ”This is my order. Dance for me and my butler. Do you want me to tell lady Kacy that you aren obeying my orders ? ”. That butler was smirking. Mary sighed and said, ”as your please duke ”. Mary started to dance for them. Suddenly Duke stood up and pinned her to the wall saying ”You are pretty. Right butler ? ”. Butler smiled saying ”yeah, my duke ”. Duke and that butler started to sexually harass Mary. Mary didn know what to do. Mary didn know how to fight so she grabbed that wine bottle and hit Dukes arm. Duke screamed in pain. Mary used this chance to run away. Mary was running in the long hallway.

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