In Daniels palace, Daniel was watching Ryan 24/7 from his room. Ryan said, ”why do I feel like someone watching me ?! ”. Durning Breakfast, Daniel was caught looking at Ryans ass. Ryan shouted, ”My king! what are you looking at ?! ”. Daniel smirked and pulled Ryan to his lap saying ”is this comfortable ? ”. Ryan blushed and said ”Hey w-why ? ”. Daniel said, ”Nothing. Don call me king. Call me Daniel ”. Ryan giggled saying ”oh my thank you. I hate calling you the king ”. Daniel looked at Ryan saying ”I just told you to call me Daniel. I didn tell you to speak rudely ”. Ryan giggled saying ”oh my was that rude ? ”. Daniel kissed him saying ”yeah but you are cute so I will let this slid for now ”. Ryan blushed.

Daniel said, ”looks like there are two ghosts wandering around the kitchen at midnight ”. Ryan was scared and thought it himself ”ghost ? at midnight ? sh*t I need to change the meeting point with lady cuz brother said ghosts can eat our souls !!!! ”.Daniel looked at his face and smirked. Daniel bites Ryans neck saying ”Im hungry ”. Ryan was confused ”you want more steaks ? ”. Daniel lifted Ryan and placed him on the table saying ”yeah. Im hungry. I wanna eat you ”. Ryan blushed and said, ”…go on ”. Daniel giggled and lifted him and ran to his bedroom. They both had the pleasure.

At the midnight, Lady and Ryan were sitting in the kitchen. Lily was drinking water peacefully. Ryan said, ”lady your son said there are two ghosts which are wandering near this kitchen at midnight ”. Lily spitted the water right at his face saying ”what ?! son found us ! you idiot. You didn even know that ?! ”. Ryan said, ”was that supposed to be a metaphor ?! I almost thought there was a ghost ”. Lily said, ”ghost isn the problem right now- ”. Daniel came out from the dark saying ”look time no see mother ”. Lily gave an awkward smile. Ryan hid under the table whispering ” with your son…you shouldn waste your life thinking about the sadness ! ”. Lily smiled and hugged Daniel. Daniel was shocked.

Lily said, ”Thank you son for leading the family and the kingdom. Thank you very much for waiting for me ”. Daniel started to cry saying ”sh*t why am I crying ”. Lily patted his head and whispered, ”that brat is the one who climbed to my widow in order to clean my room and cook for me. He is a good guy. Don harass him. He will make you happy so you also try to make him happy ”. Lily smiled and walked to her room. Daniel said while crying ”come out….Ryan ”. Ryan came out with an awkward smile saying ”oops looks like I got caught ”. Daniel quickly hugged him while crying. Ryan hugged back saying ”Oh are heavy ”. Daniel lifted Ryan saying ”to the room ! ”. Ryan shouted ”hell no !!!! ”. They both spend a night together.

In Kacys palace, Duke shouted, ”catch that b*tch ! ”. Butler started to chase her. Mary looked around thinking to herself ”sh*t, where are those guards, aren they suppose to protect the-..palace..right palace..not me…I have to hide- ”. Mary hid in Kacys closet. But Butler found her. He slapped Mary and pulled her to the hallway by grabbing her hair. Kacy bit his hand and pushed him away. Mary started to run while thinking ” wait no ! they will catch me…I need to run outside and return after Kacy coming ”. Mary opened the door and it was raining. Mary ran outside in her dancers costume and bare feet in the rain. Butler was chasing her. Mary hid behind the tree. Mary closed her eyes in pain. Mary fell asleep.

In Daniels palace, Kacy came to Daniels palace. Ryan said, ”My butt hurts ”. Daniel kissed Ryan saying ”…cute… ”. Ryan giggled. Daniel said, ”I love you ”. Ryan was shocked and didn say anything. Daniel patted his head saying ”take your time ”. Daniel was in his study along with Ryan standing beside him. Kacy came inside to report about her wedding. Kacy looked at Ryan and glared. Ryan is shaking in fear. Daniel saw this and pulled Ryan to his lap making Ryans back facing Kacy and his face facing Daniel. Ryan blushed and whispered, ”what are you doing ? ”. Daniel said, ”Im in the mood ”. Ryan whispered, ”what ?! now. Just now we finished. My butt still hurts and your sister is here ”.

Kacy stood up saying ”This is the report as your sister…what a bunch of fools. Im still here. I didn know this guy will be your new play toy ”. Kacy walked away. Ryan mumbled ”new toy ? you had one before ? ”. Daniel said ”yeah ”. Ryan stood up in sadness ”oh is that so ? ”. Daniel smirked saying ”what an open book. You can leave. Take a rest ”. Ryan made a sad face saying ”…new toy… ”. Daniel sighed saying ”Did you just now get jealous ? ”. Ryan shouted ”No ”. Daniel giggled saying ”I don think so ”. Ryan shouted with anger ”what if I did ?!!! ”. Daniel said, ”wow that was loud ”.

Kacy returned to her palace. Kacy entered the palace after giving the report. Kacys juniors reported what happened. Kacy was quiet. Duke said, ”looks like your maid ran away ”. Kacy said, ”Yeah…Junior ! search for her in this forest and bring her to me dead ”. Junior kneeled saying ”yes- ”. That junior noticed someone coming from the forest and pointed it to Kacy. Kacy turned and looked at that person. It was Mary. Mary woke up and heard Kacys voice. Mary quickly wobbled to her. Duke and the butler were beside her with umbrellas. Mary started to shake in fear.

Mary wobbled to Kacy looking at her. Mary was standing in the rain. Mary said ”Lady the- ”. Kacy slapped Mary and grabbed Marys hair saying ”where did you run away ? why did you hit Duke ? why did you bite his butler?! ”. Mary said, ”lady they tried to **** me ”. Kacy said, ”why don you just let them ? ”. Marys eyes popped out and looked at Kacy. Kacy avoided eye contact. Marys head was seeing the ground. Duke said, ”its fine. I came here for discussing our upcoming wedding ”. Kacy said ”Ok. I planned a private wedding in the golden palace. My family members won be coming. So you can invite all your family ”. Duke smirked saying ”great. Then we will leave ”. Duke grabbed Marys neck saying ”hope you are alive until my wedding ” They left. Junior also left.

It was Mary and Kacy alone in the rain. Mary was standing in the rain. Kacy looked at Mary saying ”hey you- ”. Mary lifted her head smiling with tears flowing on her face along with the raindrops flowing on her face. Mary said, ”wow…you have finance? I didn know that lady…Im sorry. I will make sure to allow anyone to **** me in the future as you wish. Then let me ask for my leave today. Ill report to work tomorrow morning ”. Kacy said ”King- ”. Mary said, ”Don worry. I won escape. If I did that. One, you will kill me, or two, I will be dead…I will be back miss. Your dinner is ready.. ”.

Mary walked in the rain with bare feet on that road. Kacy went inside and grabbed her heart crying ”why do I feel empty again ?…. ”. Mary was shouting and running on that road.

In the night, someone was knocking at Daniels palace in the rain. Ryan opened the door and saw it was Mary. Mary was wet. Daniel saw confused. Ryan hugged her saying ”what are you doing over here ? ”. Daniel was angry and shouted, ”why are you hugging her ? ”. Ryan said, ”why not ? she is my- ”. Daniel gave an evil laugh saying ”even if she is your girlfriend. You won be satisfied with her while having s*x. You will only be satisfied by your ass ! ”. Ryans eyes popped out saying ”what do you mean by that sh*t ?! she is my sister ?! and whats with the ass ?! ”.

Daniel was confused and said, ”sh*t…me, beth, and Kacy thought you, Mary, and Lucas are in love triangles ”. Ryan sighed and said ”She is my blood sister. Lucas is our half stepbrother. We and he share the same mother and different father. I and Mary are born from an affair between Queen and the kings knight. This was supposed to be a*t ”.

Daniel said, ”oh my god. Did I just hurt my brother-in-law and sister-in-law?! ”. Ryan shouted ”what ?! I didn even agree to your love proposal ?! ”. Mary looked at Ryan and said ”love ? between you two ?…. ”. Mary started to cry. Ryan hugged her saying ”oh my god what happened ?! ”. Daniel started to run around searching for a towel while shouting ”sh*t ”.

After some time, Ryan came out of the room saying ”she isn saying anything…looks like she got a break up. She was crying saying that she lost her love. In Kacys palace are there any other workers ? ”. Daniel said, ”No…she never trust anyone so she doesn have one ”. Ryan said, ”Woah..that did Mary sneak out and met her boyfriend ? ”. Daniel said, ”maybe. I don know… ”.

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