Loving Her Scars


The dismissal bell rang and the students stood up, packed up their backpacks, and turned in their notes as they left the class, the teacher stood there watching them as they went away. Four boys moved towards the parking lot. One of them was taller than the rest, he was lean and tan with beautiful, large, dark eyes, dark thick eyebrows and lashes, spiky black hair, a straight nose, full cheeks, and full lips. He seems to be the leader of the group. They discussed football and laughed about it.

”Hey, guys! ” a female voice called, they all turned to look at her. A beautiful, tall girl with sky blue eyes, arched brows, straight auburn hair that was well combed and tied in a ponytail, a small nose, and thin lips, stood there smiling at them.

”Hi, Sonja! ” the boys chorused, smiling back and waving at her.

The handsome tall boy smiled at her and spread his arms wide for her to go into his embrace. She hesitated for a moment before she went over and hugged him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

”You forgot about me, its like that each time you talk about this football, ” she complained looking up at him.

The handsome, tall boy bent down and placed a kiss on her lips. ”Im sorry my queen, I was going to…I thought you were going with Donna, Chloe, and Cherry? ”

She wrinkled her face. ”Thats not an excuse, Ryan. Its Friday and you know I don go with them on Fridays. ”

”Oh, thats true, ” he said smoothing her hair. ”I am so sorry. ”

”Buddy, we would be on our way, you two enjoy your honeymoon, ” one of Ryans friends said and they made to leave.

”Not so fast guys, ” Sonja said rolling her eyes. ”I have a very big announcement. I am having a party at my place and you all are invited. ”

”Hurray! ” one of Ryans friends chirped punching the air.

”Do not bring boring girls, I mean girls that I hate, ” Sonja said.

”Bye Sonja, Bye Ryan, we will be at your party! ” the three other boys said and scurried away.

”Bye guys, ” Sonja waved them off and turned to Ryan.

”Babe, I thought your parents are home? ” Ryan asked looking into her eyes with a smile.

”My parents are out of town for two weeks and I have the whole house to myself, ” Sonja replied.

”Its a pity, my parents are in town for two weeks. I don know if I would be able to make it to the party, you know how those people are, ” Ryan said and opened the passengers door for her.

Before she went in, he stole another kiss from her and she blushed. He smiled at her and started going over to the drivers seat. He was a boy with charms and he knew how to use those charms so well. He went into the drivers seat and stared at the girl beside him for a while.

She corked a brow and raised a shoulder. ”What? ”

”You are beautiful, ” he said.

”I know that already. I am the prettiest girl in school and every boy wants to date me, but you are the one I chose. You are pretty hot too. ”

Ryan chuckled. ”Should I take that as a compliment? ”

”Well, since we are complimenting each other. ”

Ryan ignited the car and pulled out of the parking lot. He didn know why but he was so much in love with Sonja and even if she didn believe that, he knew he loved her with all his heart.

Ryan Carson was the schools heartthrob. He was handsome, rich, intelligent, and on the football team. He had scored a heart trick, but the most essential quality that gets girls falling at his feet was his voice. Ryan was a nightingale. He sings really well and melts hearts with his singing. Ryan was not the regular popular Casanova guy, unlike them, he had fallen in love with the school fly girl, Sonja James who was also a pretty face and he had remained faithful to her which baffled and infuriated a lot of the girls at the same time. Although he possessed that one attribute of rich spoilt kids, that sense of arrogance, he was very charismatic and sweet at times. He was a lovable boy.

They were the most popular couple in school and were hardly seen without each other. Ryan had fallen in love with Sonja and had asked her out with a song. Their love story was one every girl fantasized about. But despite his laughter and bobbly spirit, Ryan was a very lonely child and no one sees that. Even though he had a lot of people surrounding him, he always felt empty and felt no one was really understanding him, not even his girlfriend Sonja who was a major bully in school.

”So, babe, what are you saying about tonight? ” Sonja pressed. ”You could even perform for me or we could sing that our song together. Mmm, what do you say? ”

Ryan remained quiet for a while, focusing on the road. ”Babe, you know I would do that if I could. My parents won just want me to stay out that late, my dad is grooming me to take over the company… ”

Sonja rolled her eyes. ”I know that and you are not supposed to be getting into trouble and all that, but babe this is for me. ”

Ryan glanced at her and smiled. ”You are so cute right now. ”

”Am I? Then grant my wish please. ”

”Okay, I only know of one way I could get out of the house. If you would come to my house tonight and ask them yourself there is no way they would deny you that. ”

Sonja appeared thoughtful for a while. ”Alright, anything to get you there. Can you make a stop so we could eat? Im famished. ”

”You are? Didn you eat during recess? ”

”I couldn the food was trashy and it was even more bitter without you. ”

Ryan placed one palm on his cheek. ”I am blushing right now. ”

Alina had to look for a part-time job if she was going to survive in her new school and get her surgery done. Her face had made other kids at school back in Australia make jest of her. She didn know how things worked in California, but she wasn going to let only Grandma Anna and Mr. Giannini carry the burden of Dave and her, she was going to help in her own little way. Moving from Australia had not really affected her because she had no friends to miss and none to miss her. It was Dave she pitied because he was going to miss a lot of his friends.

Since her parents died, Alina had really not been happy, she felt like a part of her died with them and somehow, she blamed herself for their death, they died because of her. She had dreams of that incident countless times and it had gotten Grandma Anna worried that she had to take Alina to see a doctor. The doctor said it was normal because she was still traumatized from the incident, it was the doctor that suggested moving to a different place far away from home for a start. So they moved to a small town in California.

She didn know if it was her face that brought her bad luck or if she was just an unlucky person. She had gone to over five coffee shops and restaurants since she came here, but none was hiring part-timers, they all just have excuses to give her. She was going back from the last eatery she had gone to. They had said that they would give her a call when they needed her, but she already knew how it was going to end. She was walking absent-mindedly, not taking note of the things around her. She had removed her hoodie and decided to walk with her bare face because she was tired of hiding her face.

Just as she was about to walk past a coffee shop, someone barged out from the shop and they collided. Something spilled on both of them.

”Oh, my, Im sorry, ” she began to say and looked up at the person she had collided with. She came face to face with a beautiful blue-eyed girl who was wearing a frown of disdain on her face and looking her up and down.

”I am so sorry, ” Alina apologized again.

”You should be, you ugly duckling! Don you have eyes?! ” the girl asked looking frustrated.

Alina turned towards the coffee shop. ”I will just get you another one. ” She stopped short when she saw the sign outside the coffee shop.

They needed a part-timer. She almost broke down and cried with joy. This was the reason she had walked the whole street since morning and it had been here, looking at her.

”Babe, I will just get us another one! ” the girl yelled and waved.

Alina turned to see who she was talking to. She saw a car parked by the roadside that she had not noticed when she came. She couldn see the person in the car, but whoever it was opened the car door and she turned back to the girl.

”Let me get you that coffee now. ”

The girl shot her a disgusting look. ”I will get it myself, I don need your money as ugly as your face, ” the girl said and stormed back into the coffee shop.

Alina stood there looking at her, tears welled up in her eyes.

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