Low Chance


”School trip huh? ”

I don know Id be forced to attend this kind of event, sigh if I know about it Id have stayed home and sleep for the rest of the day.

A boy around 59 feet tall (180cm), wearing a student outfit standing in the field. As other students went inside their bus, hes the last few to actually go inside.

”And its really hot too. ”

He closes his eyes for a moment, but right after he opens his eyes..

”Alright then.. what the **? ”

Before he knows it, he was nowhere near the school field, more like in a chamber or some sort. White pillars lining on the wall, and few people with white orb are surrounding him.

”What is this place? ”

He didn know that another students would be here too. two girls and three boys, including himself.

”Where are we? ”

”I don know- ”

Another world huh? Would be bad if I didn say goodbye to some people.

”Hey can I go back? If you want to transport me to here, atleast let me say goodbye. ”

”Im sorry but thats not how the magic works. ”

”Well, shit. ”

Plan B, find a way to go back.

”So any reason why we
e here? I doubt the magic chooses a random spot with people in it, if it does.. yea I think this is a violation of privacy. ”

”Pardon? ”

”Im just talking to myself, feel free to give us some information. ”

The other students are surprised and amazed at the same time. Their schoolmate somehow keeps it cool in an unknown situation like this.

The man looks around a little more while hearing someone who appears to be a priest explaining the situation.

e sorry if we disturbs you, but we
e on verge of destruction. You see, weve been fighting a demon lord for years and we can hold it anymore. This is why we summoned all of you, heroes to help us. ”

Hero? What a classic RPG game.

”Oh right, forgive my rudeness. Im Harold, the head priest in this country. ”

Hm should I give my real name? Or should I be safe? I don know if they have any lie detector in this world, oh well might as well try it.

”Im Alan, nice to meet you. ”

The other students know hes lying, but they kept their mouth silent because they know revealing their real name would get them in trouble.

”Its nice to meet you too, Alan. ”

. . . . .

After the introduction, Alan tries to remember every students that got transported here. Currently they
e waiting in a room until the meeting with the King comes.

The guy with bangs covering his eyes is Uramoto Kohei. The guy with short hair and glasses is Horikiri Sora. The girl that looks almost exactly the same as him is Horikiri Aoi, oh turns out they
e twins. The guy with a good muscle build is Ishii Kyoji, is he even a student? And the last one is a girl with black long hair, her name is Kudo Chizu.

So Im the only one who played safe huh?

”Can I ask why do you use a fake name? ”

”Playing safe of course, you don know what would happen in an unknown world. ”

”Fair enough. ”

The room is filled with silence, they don know on what to discuss and can only remain silent until this meeting with the King.

”Why don we make a plan while we wait. ”

”A plan? Why? ” Aoi asked.

”Better than doing nothing. Anyway we can just do whatever they said and gain some information or we could run away and risk of getting attacked or captured. ”

”Both of them are indeed risky. ”

”Of course, we don know what the world looks like. If we fight this demon lord we would lose our opportunity to talk a way out with him. You know? A peaceful option is better than making everyone your enemy. ”

”Thats true.. ”

”How about we wait until a few days, we should have enough information by that day. ”

”Kudo was it? Well that should work. ”

”I agree. ”

Everyone agreed on the plan. We will gather as much information in this few days. Once we have enough we will think about our future plan.

Sigh* after all of this thinking, I need some rest, or so what I thought.

Knock* Knock*

A girl? Wait no a maid.

”Sorry for intrusion, Im Nue and Im here to bring you to the King. Please follow me. ”

They followed Nue into the Kings chamber. Turns out the castle is bigger than they think because it took awhile to arrive at the Kings chamber.

The room is as huge as half of football field. There are nothing else in the room other than a few people and the King himself. The group was amazed on how big this room is.

”I welcome you to my country, Zenrura. My name is Edward Santua. ”

The King stands up, walking toward the group.

”We already explained to you about the war. The demon lord had claimed Half of the continent. We have sent a proposal for alliance to other countries but they refuse coldly. You are our only hope. ”

Classic RPG style story. They sounds like NPC repeating their dialogue over and over, maybe escaping the country is the best choice..

”But how do we fight them? ”

”In this world, we have something called System to track off everything we have and help us progressing on getting stronger. Just think of the word System and it should appear infront of you. ”

”Uh, lets see.. system? ”

As I said it, a transparent blue board appeared infront of me. Lets see, theres stats, equipment, skill, and job.

Stats shows you, of course your status ranging from HP, MP, Vitality, Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, Defense, Agility. Equipment. of course I don wear any kind of armor right now. Skill shows your current skill, but currently I have none so I will skip that. And lastly job, well turns out I have a few jobs to pick.


e master of trickery, lockpicking and pickpocket is an easy job for them. They have high dexterity and agility, but their defense and strength are rather low. They only use dagger, rapier, and bow as their main weapon.

(80% VIT) (100% MP) (90% STR) (80% DEF) (95% INT) (120% DEX) (120% AGI)


Born as a warrior, swordsman use their balanced stats to defeat their enemy. Even though they mainly use strength, doesn mean their other stats are lower. They only use sword

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