Low Chance


eason Nim, the others are sighing in disappointment. Its like watching kids trying to reasons their mom.

. . . . .

”That was something. ”

Everything just happened so fast that I couldn progress anything, somehow its fun. Maybe I should relax a little.

I sit on my bad with my hands on the air, thinking about everything that just happened and process it one by one. We have gathered enough information, and found Hana for some weird reasons.

”One problem solved, one more to go.. ”

As I said that I remember something.

”Right lets see what I can do with this affinity.. ”

I tried to create a small marble out of space..

”Simple enough. ”

I can see the outline of it, not sure if anyone can. Once I touch it the marble explodes into pieces.

”Guess not. ”

Then how much MP did I drain?

HP: 120/120

MP: 40/80

Even a failed product can waste this much of MP? What if it was a perfectly condensed marble? Yeah guess I won be able to do that anytime soon.

”Hm, if space drains a lot of MP then time would drain a lot more.. ”

Using time magic basically controls the world itself, if Im able to simplify it maybe I can reduce the MP cost?

”Too much questions, next to the other one. ”

Oh how about status? I quickly open my status board.

”Lets see, what if I do this.. ”

I put my finger on my name, pouring it with some MP to change the letters into my name.

Name: [Kawasaki Haru]

Level: 1

Job: [Thief]

Race: [Human]

HP: 120/120

MP: 5/80

STR: 7

VIT: 6

INT: 5

DEX: 12

DEF: 5

AGI: 10

Affinity: [Time&Space]


It works! So I can really alter my status board.. but why I haven unlocked the skill for it? Sigh* whatever

It works! But thanks to that my MP almost reached 0. Yeah I think thats enough for now..

Laying on the bed, I slowly close my eyes..

”Lets see if I can have a good sleep tonight.

. . . . .

”Yawn* good morning. ”

Chizu walks up to the meeting room with her hand covering her mouth.

”Morning.. ”

The twins are still pretty sleepy, they haven get a good sleep after they live in this world.

”Hm? Where is he? ”

The door suddenly opens, a man with jet black hair an brown eyes walks into the room.

”Here. ”

Its been a few days since we stayed here. The more we stay the more information we get. So far our best discovery is the world map. Currently Zenrura is on the west of the continent, surrounded by water. North of this country is an unknown area, people don know whats inside it but there is a huge mountain on east of it.

To the east is a massive desert, with a country of Deraso ruling the desert. The desert is one of the most dangerous area currently, so people rarely explore it unless they want to go to Deraso.

Further to east there are 4 more countries. From top to the bottom there are, Kanila the country of demi humans, Rion the country known for their market, and lastly Dirona the country known for their best adventurers, Meron Empire currently one of the country with the most manpower. Between all of those countries there is null zone. Sadly we don have any information about it, but we don need to know about it yet.

Below Meron is a country that was deleted from the world map, like someone is trying to hide the truth and the rest 4 countries are unknown to this country.

”I think we have enough information for now. We can still dig in for more information about thid country but it might be risky. For now we will focus on training while Hana tries to uncover more stuffs for us. ”

Hana is actually a spy from a certain country, she refused to tell us about it. She said ”I will say it when the time comes. ”

Sigh* since when my sister becomes this cryptic?

”So all we have to do is train? ”

”Yes, we just need to learn the basics before we can start leveling. ”

Even though I want to gain some level, I can really complain to them. We
e trying to play as low as possible, because we have high profile it will be difficult to do so.

”Pardon my intrusion. Lord Jasmine has told me to bring you to her. She said she will begin the magic class. ” Nim said as she enters the room.

”Got it, tell her we will be there. ”

She bows to us and left the room.

”Alright get ready, I want to understand magic more. ”

. . . . .

”Good morning students! Today I will teach you the basics. Since Sora and Aoi already learn the basic, you guys can try to gain more control to your affinity. ”

”Understood. ”

They leave the room and went outside.

”Now, lets start from the basics. Magic has been in this world for centuries. We don know where it originates from but we can manifest one and use it. They consumes MP, or we call mana. Mana is something we can touch or see, but feel. We can feel the mana flow around us, even the ones inside others body. Some places have a zone rich of mana, but theres also one that has no mana in it. ”

”We call that null zone, its a zone that constantly draining every mana thats within the area. Thankfully its far from our country so we don need to worry about it. ”

”Now the main question is, how to manifest magic? Well some magic can manifest without skills but if you have one it would be easier to manifest. ”

She took out her wand, suddenly a spark of fire appears on the tip of it.

”Just imagine something that a fire has. Their size, what they need, and how they act. ”

The fire quickly vanishes.

”There are a few ways to make your magic stronger such as condensing them. Its like fitting five balls into one box that can only fit two balls, but this will cost you a much bigger MP cost. ”

”And for the rest- ”

. . . . .

The lesson last for 4 hours straight. Most of it are about how you manifest each element except for space and time.

”What a waste of time. ”

The only thing I haven know is how mana works, but thats it. Well maybe thanks to that we finally know what null zone is.

”I think I will go and train my AGI again. ”

I walked outside, trying to find the training grounds.

”Lets see.. hm? ”

”Hey Jasmine how does it go? ”

”It went perfectly! ”

It was Gerald and Jasmine, wonder what are they talking about..

”Sigh* thanks to that idiot King we need to prepare the sacrifice earlier than it should be. ”

Sacrifice? For what?

”Is he dumb or what? All he needs to do is surrender to that guy, that way he can save himself and the whole country. ”

To who? Yeah I think questioning myself won help, I better go.

I quickly walk away before the noticed me, thankfully they didn .

”Better say this to others, we will have a trip soon. ”

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