Low Chance


agger down to its head. Stabbing the wolfs brain to death, it collapses to the ground.

[You have defeated a Level 12 Alpha Wolf]

So it was their alpha, and how the hell did kill a monster thats 11 level above me??

Sigh* lets see how much I level up.

Name: [Kawasaki Haru]

Level: 9

Job: [Thief]

Race: [Human]

HP: 207/420

MP: 95/230

STR: 16

VIT: 18

INT: 14

DEX: 24

DEF: 10

AGI: 28

Affinity: [Time&Space]

Skills: [Quick Step], [Condensed Space], [Backstab]

[Quick Step]

Increasing your AGI by double of its original amount, giving you a fast and quick movement.

[Condensed Space]

Condense the space to your desired shape. The more complex it is the more MP it drains.


Stabs your opponent from the back raising the damage by two times, draining 90 MP on use. (This skill won work if you don use it on the opponents back)

Oh wow the boost is quite huge, and I got a new skill.

”You done? ” Hana jumps down to the ground.

”Yeah, the balancing system is pretty weird. How can I a level 1 manaed to beat a level 12 mini boss? ”

”Well thanks to that you survived no? ”

”Sigh* hows others? ”

”The wolves kept coming but when you killed their leader, they just run off into the forest. ”

”Thats disappointing. ”

”Not really, they almost ran out of stamina. ”

So they need to train more. Their coordination is already great but their power is relatively low. Yeah I need to fix that, I don plan to stick with them for too long anyway.

. . . . .

”Theyve made their move. ”

”So its time.. ”

Edward stands up from his throne. Infront of him where 3 people

”Lets harvest the sheep. ”

”As your wish. ” The three said in unison.

. . . . .

”So.. what now? ” Chizu asked

”Level up along the way, our goal is level 20. ”

With this rate we should reach level 20 in no time, but if we keep facing wolves then it would be a problem..

”Hana whats your level? ”

”80. ”

”For real? Atleast it should be higher right? ”

”Hey you think I can constantly level up? Its hard to find the right enemy you know. ” She puffed her cheeks as she said it.

”Right.. anyway. We
e moving again. We can stay for too long. ”

Everyone nodded. We decided to keep moving north. On the way we met another monster..

”Giant termite? ”

”Yep. ”

”How many? And whats the level average? ”

”Around 10, and all of them are level 15. ”

Thats a massive gap compared to the wolves.

”Oh they seems to be guarding a level 25 queen. ”

”Is that even possible to beat? ”

”The queen is a punching bag, so as long you kill the guards first then you should be fine. ”

”Sigh* ”

What a troublesome enemy. The level gap is too big, and this area is basically the starting forest. What happens if we reach the desert?

”Alright Sora prepare your spell, after you shoot your spell Kyoji go tank as many as you can. Chizu, use your [Focus Shot] and kill as many as you can. Aoi, heal Kyoji, thats it. ”

”What about you? ” Hana asked curiously.

”Using the punching bag of course. ” i said with a smile.

”Eh? ” everyone said in surprise, but Hana didn .

”Have fun. ” She then jumps up to one of the tree.

”… alright guys do your job, Ill go first. ”

Sora raised his staff and starts on chanting, multiple colored light slowly appears on the tip of the staff. Chizu charges her bow, her bow starts to glow with yellow colored light.

”[Elemental Burst]! ”

Several orbs with different colour, representing each element rotates in a vertical motion slowly fusing into each other creating a white orb. The orb glows brighter and brighter until it releases a small beam then explodes the termites with ease, leaving a small crater.

… How the hell did he pull that spell off?

”Its supposed to be a weaker version of it.. ”

Its supposed to be weak!?

The rest of the termites are alarmed, Kyoji jumps into them and starts to bait them.

”[Lions Roar]! ”

A read aura emerges from Kyoji. Every enemy affected by it starts to turn their head and run toward Kyoji.

”[Focus Shot]! ”

As she let the arrow go, a yellow trail appears on the arrow as it pierces through three more termites.

Now for the fun part..

”[Quick Step]. ”

I dashed to the termite queens back and raised my arm.

”[Backstab]. ”


The screech is more than enough to puncture ones eardrum. I quickly stands back and cover my ears.

… The queen finally calmed down, she slowly turns to her back.

”No wonder why you
e called a punching bag. ”

With a huge egg sac on her back, its pretty easy to weaken and kill her.

I went behind her again and swings my dagger upward, slicing the egg sac to half.

Surprisingly she died because of it.

”I thought I need to stab her head or something. ”

[You have defeated a level 25 Giant Termite Queen]

Name: [Kawasaki Haru]

Level: 15

Job: [Thief]

Race: [Human]

HP: 980/980

MP: 407/490

STR: 28

VIT: 26

INT: 24

DEX: 36

DEF: 23

AGI: 41

Affinity: [Time&Space]

Skills: [Quick Step], [Condensed Space], [Backstab], [Knife Throw]

[Knife Throw]

Pouring mana into your knife and your arm, enhancing your speed and strength when throwing. Dealing x1.5 damage and drains 10% MP on use.

Not bad, just five more and we can reach level 20 in no time.

I turn my head on the corpse, the sac is full of unhatched eggs. They
e atleast the size of my head.

”Its disgusting, but I guess I should destroy them all. ”

. . . . .

”Oh wow we leveled quickly huh? ” Chizu said

”Thats because you guys are still low leveled. ” Hana jumps down to the ground while watching Haru destroying every eggs he see.

”But yeah, the rate is rather quick.. ”

[Horikiri Sora: Level 14]

[Horikiri Aoi: Level 11]

[Ishii Kyoji: Level 11]

[Kudo Chizu: Level 13]

”Oh hes coming this way. ” Hana pointed at Haru. Hes coated with slimes of the egg because they explode right after he stabs one.

”Hana is there any spell I can use to clean myself? ”

”No, but I have a portable shower. ”

”Portable what? Wait.. nevermind just take it out. ”

She took out a black cube and throws it, the cube unfolds itself into a shower. The group fell into silent.

Is he ok with it!?

”Thanks. ”

”Mhmn. ”

I went into the shower and close the curtain.. ahh what a bliss. Taking a bath would be better but shower is nice too..

After awhile I came out with my clothes clean, turns out you can wash your clothes in it too and dry them. What a handy item.

”You guys want to use it? ”

They all shook their head. It just a shower, you need to clean yourself at some point.

”Let me retrieve it. ”

She touch the shower and it folds back into a black cube.

”Alright lets continue. ”

… what the hell just happened??

The group stays silent and decided to follow him from behind.

”Oh yeah where did you get that? ”

”Someone made it. ”

”Must be someone whos from engineer degree. ”

”He is. ”

Hm? So this person is really someone who came from our world too. Wonder how he would look like.

Seriously, what is this conversation about??

The group doesn want to ask, its not like they don want to but they can . Because currently someone is following them from far away..

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