Lucifer’s Lilith

Cheating Duo.


Ha— ”

Her breath was slow but heavy, as she held onto the rough wall for support, dragging her noddle legs and pushing forward without time to rest.

A walkable distance appeared like a centurion battle.

Her grape-like lips were dried and cracked, and her eyes, like an endless void, had no future in them.

The smallest gush of the wind was enough to make her shoulders tremble.

On her head was a skull cap, and on her neck was a half-dead peach shawl that looked like it was either gotten from the fifty cents store or stolen from a beggar.

She was not in a good shape.

Under the shawl, hid hospital wear, however it was poorly hidden under a white blouse and green striped skirt, the definition of a horrible taste in fashion.

Anyone could tell at a single glance that she had escaped from a hospital, but still, no one dared to question her.

And as if she had found redemption, she pushed her back forward, sprinting towards the door just a few feet away from her.

The luxurious apartment meant only for the wealthy was where this woman resided, and as she drew near, words could not describe the feeling she had, but if anything, it was happiness.

At long last, Raquel had arrived at her home, and as always, she typed in the house password on the door and made her way in.

”Harry! ”

She called out, shutting the door behind her.

Her home was elegant.

The wall was painted in black and white styling, the couches were white and without a stain, and the house was allured with the sweet scent of rosemary.

The bookshelf in the middle of the passage was arranged, and everything in the building reeked of money, especially the enormous picture of a much alive version of herself in a wedding dress, in the arms of a young man about her age, the one she was searching for…

Her husband.

Other pictures were present, including a family picture of her, her husband and a son, but she especially adored her wedding picture, because it was perfect.

She had fled the hospital to see her husband because she became sick of that place, she wanted to be with her family during her last moments.


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