Lucifer’s Lilith

A Mysterious Being.

ot spare her a bit of sympathy to even try to explain himself and apologise, and rather greeted her with an unwelcome voice.


When did you come back? ” Harry asked with shock.

”Is that even important?

How could you do this to me? Behind my back? You tramp. ” She yelled

In the blink of an eye, she dived at the woman, and like a horse she pulled her by the hair, controlling her head movement and the woman underneath could not bear to resist due to the pain from her hair.

Meanwhile, her husbands eyes began to move around, desperately searching for something to use to rescue his mistress, whose hair was coming off like a hens feather.

Finally, his eyes met it, the perfect weapon.

The lamplight beside the bed.

It took just one quick swing of the lamp whack! for Raquel to come rolling from the bed.

”Don talk bad about her.

Shes much better than youd ever be, itll be better if you just hurry up and die. ”

Like the waters, Raquel could see it in his eyes, the devious look of her husband, the one she was too blind to notice because she had a veil called love over her face.

Harry sprung forth as he sat upon her, his two hands together forming a C as he got ready to choke her.


Harry, heuk!!! ” She could hardly breathe, talk or fight back, cancer had made her helpless and now the blow to her head was also adding to her suffering.

Her legs wobbled up and down, beating the ground as she struggled.

Miss Percy summoned courage and rushed forward, holding down her legs to stop her resistance. Soon she began to resist a little slowly and soon, there was no more fighting back.

As her eyes closed, Raquel slowly but surely drifted into the world of the dead.

She could hear the cries of her neighbour who went,


What do we do? only after she had become an accomplice to murder.

Be quiet and lets handle the corpse quietly. Her husband responded.

Upon her dying breath, Raquel cursed them.

”You two, you won get away with this.

Just wait, and Ill make sure I come back and pay you both a hundredfold.

Just you…Wait… ” Those were her last oath before her soul left, however, it seems fate may have other plans.

It was while she battled with her husband that she noticed a mysterious being, watching her by the window side.

With his face down, he smiled at her and said.

”How daring.

Would you like me to help with that? ”

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