Lucifer’s Lilith

Heaven, Earth or Down Below.

all, its not every day that one gets to see the grim reaper next to them as their eyes closed.

Her knees began to tingle, and in no time it went numb that she could no longer feel her leg muscles, a familiar feeling of paralysis it was, that she collapsed on her knees upon the face of the earth.

Her hair ruffled as the strands of her hair covered her face giving off a ghostly feel, she supports her body from reaching the floor with her arms.

What followed next was a series of sniffles and tears, and when the real tears began she could almost flood the place with her never-ending tears.

Nothing could comfort her, especially not the fact that she was in a room that had no end or beginning.

Raquel couldn tell if she was in the afterlife or just being messed with.

Finally, she dried her tears with her shirt and in that process she found herself dressed in the same outfit she had on her before she died.

itd be better if it was white or something. She mumbles angrily to herself.

She drags her legs with her and sits upon the park bench, looking up, staring at the white atmosphere that was not a wall, nor a cloud, just a white something that did not seem to end.

After much thought, she closed her eyes, bending her head back to rest upon the edge of the bench.




Automatically, her senses came alive, as she listened to the hollow sound of footsteps that seemed to increase as they got closer.

”Hmm, there was no sound of a door or anything? How did this person get in? Was someone else in here before me or is that person just waking up as I did? ”

Questions swam through her mind as she desperately tried to decode the answer.

”Lets just ask. ” She said to herself as the footsteps drew close enough before coming to a halt.

However, something felt strange.

She couldn identify the location of that person, from the moment the footsteps stopped.

Suddenly, a mysterious aura like an ocean drowned the entire room, sending shivers down her spine that caused even the strands of hairs on her body to lay low.

She could feel it, a murderous gaze right above her that made her tremble, that she dared not open her eyes, her palm became sweaty, cold sweat dripping down her face as she prayed, whatever you are, please go away because she felt that her life was on the line.

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