After five long minutes of holding breaths, trembling and sweaty palms, the disturbing gaze stopped.

Rather all she heard next was a creak on the bench behind her, causing her to remember that the bench was a double bench.

”You seem dreadful. ” A playful, relaxed male voice said.

Taken by shock, Raquel was not expecting to hear such a fine gentle voice as the producer of that intense discomfort, and yet here it was.

The first thing she did was try to find the owner of that voice, but she found herself caught in a trance that her body failed to obey her command, it was almost as if someone was controlling her.

”I thought you were going to kill me. ” She subconsciously blurted out, only to click her tongue in the end out of regret.

”Hahaha. ”

He burst into laughter, she could hear him stomp his feet to the ground as he laughed hard.

”Kill you? ” He said after calming down. ”And why would I, you
e already dead. ”

”Well no one said you can die twice, I don even know where I am, am I dead am I not, this is a useless waste of time. ” She said with a frown.

In Raquels head, she was battling between breaking out of his control and gaining her will back, but she felt worse than a child.

”Well for starters you
e in my space, and dying isn that bad, at least you won have to suffer anymore. ”

At first, she questioned the meaning of the word space but then out of nowhere, she felt a warm hand placed upon her shoulder that felt surprisingly calming.

”Well sorry to be in your space but when I woke up I was here, and although, indeed, dying isn so bad, Im afraid I won get to see my child again, my sweet son. ”

Like someone drenched in red colour, her cheeks became red, her eyes were puffy as water strolled down her face from the end of her eyes, escorted by another at the beginning.

Her tear streams failed to flow in one direction, and they parted ways along the line, some coming off her face, some still strolling towards her lip and some invading another tears territory across the nose.

”Is that why you
e crying your eyes out? ” He chuckled lightly.

Suddenly she felt something soft, fluffy and dry slide upward the wet surface of her face toward her eyes.

”How can that not be reason enough for a mother to cry, plus, hes going to be miserable. ”

She cried, sounding like she was being forced to sing when she had no voice.

”Those two timing wrenches are going to make my precious child work his ass off like a slave.

If only I wasn naive. ”

”Its not your fault. ” He said, still wiping her tears.

”It is, I can still remember how stupid I looked when he said he liked me, the feeling I had like the world had a different colour.

I pressured my parents into saying yes and ended up marrying my bastard husband.

Now I find out after being married for a long time that I was being played.

Now all I want is to deal with those too. ” She cried the most.

The mans handkerchief was already drenched in tears so much that it could fill a bucket, and upon seeing that his move to reduce her tears wasn helping he eventually gave up and retracted.

”Jeez, you
e dead and you still want revenge, to think Ive been worried about the wrong reason and the wrong person. ” He complained.

”I just want justice. ” She yelled out of her insecurity thoughts that the man would walk away after thinking her thoughts were trivial.

”I want to take revenge with my own hands. ”

”Oh reeeallllyyyy. ” He said.

”Yes, all my life, Ive been used and fooled by them, I just want to see justice done and be a part of the process. ”

At his silence, Raquel grew worried.

She could not tell where he was, even with a hand wiping her face, it felt weird. The man was on a whole different level.

”You know, I can help with that. ” He finally spoke.

”You can! ” She yelled with excitement.

”Yes. Lets say if you were suddenly given a second chance, what would you do? ” He asked.

”Ive already told you, let justice be done. ”

”Na thats too easy, but you might do that even sooner.

So well try to be fair, okay. ”

With a laugh he hummed a tune to himself, once again his footstep sound began and again she could not tell where it came from.

”If I help you with your life afresh then youll have to do what I want.

You will have three years, but during that period youll have to do a little something for me, for your main assignment. If at the end of the three years you fail to bring those people back with you for judgement then youd be stuck in this room forever.

If you succeed youll have the opportunity to make one wish come true. ”

She gulped hard, unsure of what to say, freighted to her bones, every bit of her screaming to just say no and let bygones be bygones.

But, out of all the parts of her body, in and out that said to bury the hatchet, only her heart refused to give in.

”Well, I don need that wish if I have what I want. ” What she wanted was not Karma, it was revenge.

”Say what you want but Ill still let you know in case you might need it. ” He generously said.

Now she was ready, her mind was made up, and her eyes were itching to be opened as well.

”So, what is your request? ”

”I won let you know that easily, Ill let you have a kickstart, then tell you what I want later. ”

As soon as his words ended, her eyes opened.

She springs from her seat, in a hurry to turn around to see her mystery helpers face,

”Wait, don go….! ”

Before she could dare complete the sentence, she felt a pressure suck her backwards with great force that her feet did not touch the ground and her hands felt like papers without life on them, her insides felt like it was being ripped from every part, she felt air sick so much so that she wanted to throw up, her mind became hazy.

The moment the movement stopped and her senses returned, she returned to thinking.

Who is that person?

If I could see his face just once…

Suddenly she felt a cold hand upon her cheek and something wet dripping upon her face, a sound of wailing and sniffles and the buzzing voices of humans.

Slowly she opened her eyes, desperate to know who it was that held her so warmly that made her heart melt and craved so much for that person, she wanted to know why she felt eager to meet this person until she heard something she was unfamiliar with.



Lilith… please open your eyes. ”

As she awakened to the unfamiliar building, hearing herself being addressed as Lilith repeatedly, like a trigger her brain began to reset, and in no time she found herself wondering.

”Who? Am. I? ”

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