Lucifer’s Lilith



Im not certain I can recall bearing that name. Is that truly my name?


What is my name?

What is my name? I can remember anymore.

”Lilith, please open your eyes. ” Sobbings and wailing are all I hear, and repeatedly I asked myself, why is that person crying?

Something felt troubling but no matter how calm I felt, I could not put my fingers on it. How peculiar.

At the flash of lighting, I opened my eyes, hoping that the weeping man would cease his cries, only to face a great backlash when my sight greeted the basking light of the ever-blinding glory of the golden sun.

My two round white balls were fried and

shrunk, and my eyelids bowed out of respect, not daring to test the power of the sun.


Oh finally, you
e awake my darling. ”

A blurry figure suddenly reached to embrace me with teary eyes.

He looks tall and slim, and although I craved to have a proper look, the sun was blinding my eyes, or was it him?

I saw the appearance of the figure before me.

As he finally wrapped his arms around me and was close enough, I saw him.

With a round face, he stood, his white hair was wet and shiny, and he had it packed backwards in a ponytail with a lock of braided hair dangling by each side, just barely sustained by the rubber band holding the hair together.

The roots of his hair look brown but upwards was white, and I could not tell if it was an obvious mistake or just his hair.

He had soft arc eyebrows with double-lined eyeliner with lashes that were short, thick and fully adorned with a beautiful rare specimen of red jewel eyes that captivated me at first sight.

His lips were naturally pointy, with shades of blood red like snow whites apple, moist and delicious to taste they looked, and for the chefs award kiss, his face was accompanied by an ideal nose, slender and thin.

I open my mouth to question him, reaching forward towards him and…

”Kaeser. ”

I paused.

A thought suddenly runs through my mind, how did I know his name? I ask myself.

”Mrs Kaeser… ”

I turn my head by reflex to answer my name.

A man in a white dress wearing glasses looks at me, two female nurses behind him, with a board in their hands as they stare at me.

”Are you alright Mrs Kaeser? ” The doctor asked.


Thats right, Im Mrs Kaeser, Kaesers wife Lilith and weve been married for over three years now.

My head feels light, my entire body feels lighter than polythene.

I look around at the unfamiliar face and finally regain my senses. Im at a hospital, but why?

Something warm, and soft slowly dances around my back, and when I look up, its Kaeser whos rubbing me.

Still, overwhelmed by an unknown cause of shock, I found myself debating on how to speak and what to say, well I can stay silent forever, the doctor and nurses and even my husband are staring at me with anxiety and curiosity in their eyes.

”Kaeser, what happened to me, what am I doing here? ” I asked.

My husbands eyes shone brightly, it was even worse than the sunlight I faced earlier.

”Don you remember? You suddenly passed out on your way to work this morning.

The doctor says its because of extreme stress. Are you okay darling? ” He says.

Finally like a ticking time bomb, my memories explode.

The missing pieces of the puzzle that held the answer to my questions finally come together.

Thats right, I was on my way to work this morning when I felt dizzy. By the time I got to the car, Kaeser called for me to hand over the breakfast he had made and I turned around to meet him when I blacked out.

”Is that so? Have you called the office yet? ”

Slowly I lowered my legs to the floor, sitting up as I spoke to Kaeser.

”Have them know I may not be available today but Ill be sure to show up tomorrow. ”

”No! ” The sound of a male voice yelling NO, had me flinching.

As far as Ive remembered, Kaeser has never raised his voice at me, not less talked back to me, but he did dare.

”No?! ” I repeatedly asked.

My neck made a snapping sound as I turned swiftly, looking Kaeser in the eye. Does he even know who he was speaking to, or what he was saying?

”What. Do. You. Mean. By. No? ”

He looked around, scratching the back of his head, his jaw, and under his elbow.

”Um… well, you just woke up so… ”

Look at this twig go, hes trembling so greatly and yet he dares speak back to me.

How dare he!

”Ehem. ”

Our gazes revert to the doctor who suddenly clears his throat, approaching the bed with a warm professional smile on his face.

That smile seems a bit too over the top though.

”What he means Mrs Kaeser is that you need an appropriate amount of rest, at the moment, your body probably needs to be asleep for at most, half a day for the next week, because of the amount of stress you put it through. ”

My sanity broke, the time frame was oddly exaggerated, and it seems to me like everyone has decided to make a scene today.

Perhaps everyone in the hospital has lost their sanity to start sprouting nonsense, thats why they
e asking for the impossible.

”Hey. Don tell me what to do. ” I barked at the doctor who flinched, taking a step back as the nurses drew closer, giving eyes as if they were staring at a woman whos lost it.

As one came to my right, the other to my left, they each took one hand as they pinned me down.

I see the doctor backing me as he walks up towards something, and when he turns around hes holding an injection, a very very long one at that.

”I know my rights, besides I could just buy some stress reliever supplement or something, so I don need injections, Kaeser. ”

My husband looks away, I must admit, I feel betrayed right now like the entire world has ganged up against me.

”Im sorry, my love, but I can do that.

Youve been overworking a lot and I was already afraid youd turn out this way, so please, just once, listen to him.

Don worry about work, I already told the office about your condition after we got here.

At the moment, I asked them to let you be on your vacation leave. ”

”… Do you have any idea what youve done? I worked hard to preserve those free days, ” I yelled at him.

”I know, and now you
e going to need it, so why not use it now? Seriously, I don like seeing you in this state. ”

Stunned I was, Kaeser was never one to talk back, in all my memories with him, he was always the quiet and patient dog whod accept whatever was thrown at him and I liked to keep things that way.

Today he left me speechless, I never knew he had it in him to speak up, and I also felt somewhat uncomfortable for taking his silence for granted all this time.

With nothing left to say to him, I let the doctor do as he sees fit.


Today I was discharged, and the first thing I did when I arrived home was head straight for my room.

I wanted no disturbance of any sort, I just wanted to think.

”Lily, I made lunch, so can you please come down. ”

But no, I couldn get that peace because Kaeser has been on my neck ever since our return.

Maybe hell shut up if he sees that Im not answering.

”… ”

Knock! Knock!!

Oh come on, just one minute of peace is all Im asking for.

”Lily, Ill leave your food and go to my room when you feel hungry, then you can heat it before you eat. I keep telling you, eating cold food will make you sick.

Um, thats all I have to say, I hope you have enough rest. ”


I hear Kaesers footsteps slowly diminishing.

Burying my face between my legs, I sighed deeply.

Tears began trailing down my cheek, emotions I had kept in a corner suddenly surfaced and I asked myself.

”What is happening to me? ”

I can seem to understand myself anymore.

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