The father and daughter Pair hugged for a while before separating.

” Are you spending the night here or are you going back to your house? ” Mr Santos asked.

” Ill be going back today,I have some things to settle at the firm but don worry Dad, Ill come visit you very soon and spend some time with you. ” Marina said.

” Its okay , now that you have a boyfriend you can spend some time with him and cultivate your feelings for each other. ” Father Santos replied.

” Dad, what are you saying? just because I have a boyfriend I should stop visiting you? ” marina countered.

” I said you two can spend sometime together,I am Old afterall while you have a long life ahead of you. ” Mr Santos insisted.

” but… ”

” Okay father,we will do that. ” Lucas interrupted Marina before she could continue arguing.

” Good, atleast your boyfriend is understanding. ” Mr Santos praised earning a scoff from Marina.

Looking at Lucas,she glared at him. What was he intending to do supporting everything her dad said. If he becomes soft, she was damn sure that her father will start making unreasonable demands to them.

” Okay forget it,its time to head home,its getting late. ” Mr Santos said.

” I packed for you your favourite deserts,I know how you love them so I asked the maids to prepare extra for you. ” Mr Santos said passing a bag he received from one of his maids.

” Thanks Daddy,you treat me the best. ” Marina said hugging her dad.

” Don continue acting like a child. ofcourse you are my baby,Ill always treat you well. ” Mr Santos said patting his daughters head lovingly.

” enough now, don keep the other person for Long.He said pushing her towards the entrance .

” we are leaving father. ” Lucas said.

” Okay, you drive safety and don forget to visit me anytime you feel free. ” Mr Santos said.

” Okay I will and thanks for dinner. ”

” its no big deal,we are a family. ” Mr Santos replied.

After bidding goodbye to the father,the two proceeded to the parking, entered the car abd drove off.

David decided to first drop Marina go her apartment before heading back home. It has been an hectic day but regardless,he enjoyed it.

Spending time with the Santos family,he could see that the two had a good relationship.

He couldn help but miss his parents.

Lucass parents died in an accident when he was barely two years. He has grown up under the care if his grandparents for years until his grandma passed away after suffering for a long time. He doesn know how it feels to have parental love but he can claim that growing up, his life was loveless.

His grandparents struggled to fill up the void left by his parents. To him, even he can tell how his parents looked like. He can only see them in the family portrait hung up in their ancestral home.

Even though his father had a brother, who is Lucass uncle Justin,Lucas never interacted much with him. They always kept a distance from each other. Since he was young,Lucas could sense the negative vibes from his uncle prompting him to lessen their interactions.

Spending time with Marina and her father,he felt envious of her. She was able to receive love from her father.

Lucas wished that his parents were still alive.

Marina on the other side was engaged in a battle of options. Her law firm is something she founded due to her passion of delivering justice to the oppressed. There was no way she was going to abandon it but on the other hand,the Santos company was waiting for her. She can keep running away from her duties and responsibilities as the sole heiress of the Santos family.

She was torn in between.

Marina decided that she would leave her firm in the hands of her apprentice. That was why she trained her in the first place.

Amidst their contemplations, they heard the sound of thunder and strong winds blowing followed by a heavy downpour.

” What the hell? there wasn supposed to be any rains today and it seems like a storm is about to hit the city. ” Sheila murmured but Lucas still heard her.

If theres something Lucas hated the most was rains while he is driving not to mention the intensity of the downpour forced him to slow down. He was damn sure that he will not be getting home today.

They drove in silence until they reached at Marinas apartment.

” It is dangerous to drive at this time, why don you come to my place. you can wait until the rain stops. ” Marina offered. she was well aware that the roads are bound to be slippery and driving at this point will be dangerous.

She wasn heartless besides its thanks to her that Lucas was caught in the middle of the storm.

” Okay. ” David readily agreed. its not like he had a choice anyway. He wasn foolish enough to insist on driving in this weather so stopping by her place till the rain stops will be a good idea.

” Take this and cover your head. Don wet your hair , you might catch a Cold. ” Lucas said taking off his jacket and passing it to her .

” What about you? ” she asked.

” Its okay,I can manage. ” Thanking him for the kind gesture,she opened the car door and stepped out and without waiting for him,she ran towards her apartment.

Lucas proceeded to alight from the car, locked it and followed her.

Marina entered the passcode and the door opened immediately. She ushered her guest in.

They removed their slightly wet shoes and changed to the indoor slippers.

” Make yourself comfortable, Ill go make a cup of coffee for us. ” Marina said and headed straight to her kitchen.

Lucas settled at one of the coach and started admiring the interior of the house. Just looking at the furniture,you could tell that they spelt luxury.

” She sure knows how to live life well. ” he said go himself.

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