Marina cursed that damned man a thousand times in her mind. Just who does he think he is? Just because he was good looking, did that give him the right to ignore her like that. What an arrogant bastard, did he think he was that important? hmph!!

She walked towards the airport lobby to hail a cab to take her to her apartment. she swore shell teach that arrogant man a lesson when they happened to meet again. But wait? something seemed to be wrong about her choice of words. Again? was she anticipating their next encounter. She frowned and tried to shake her head to remove that face out of her mind. If she continued thinking about hime,she might as well suffer from blood pressure .

She hailed a taxi and swore to take a two day sleep without going out to compensate for the lack of sleep for the past one month.Now that she had shaken off her fathers people from trailing behind her after that act she performed at the airport, she was sure her Dad will not come to pester her for atleast few days. With that thought in mind,she praised herself for being a genius.

Lucas boarded his private jet and left for the meeting with Mr Maxwell of jungle construction company. He was set to finish the meeting and head back to catch up with some work. He had turned into a workaholic.

He leaned back on the seat and decided to take a short nap,it would take almost two hours to land and that was enough time for him to rest .

He shut his eyes intending to catch some sleep but a certain beautiful face flashed in his mind.

She had a small and round face with pink little lips. Her lips tasted sweet like candy and were very soft. the faint taste of her alluring lips was still lingering in his mouth. It wasn his first kiss but it was surely the first time he had kissed someone so deeply and that too felt addicted to it.

He felt a sense of deep attraction to her. he didn hate her kisses,on the contrary he loved them. He wished he could just grab her and dominate her whole body, kissing and touching her allover .

Lucas was taken aback by his thoughts. He couldn tell when he had become so evil minded and that too to a woman he just met today. His heart was beating erratically and fast. Thinking about it,he concluded that he has been charmed. She must have gone to Africa and visited the kamba wizards who gave her those love charms. He was done for.

If Marina could hear his thoughts,she could vomit blood. what love charms? will she endanger her supple and smooth skin to travel all the way to Kenya to acquire charms for him.

If he was atleast a little gentler, maybe he could be worth that trip . Besides,did she, Marina Santos need to look for love portions to charm a man, with just a flick of her finger,she could have any man she wanted.

Two hours later,the plane had already landed and Lucas entered the private car waiting for him and went straight to the hotel they were supposed to meet.

He walked towards the private room and found that Mr Maxwell was already waiting for him.

He pulled a chair for himself and sat down after greeting his business partner . Mr Maxwell was not alone and was accompanied by a young woman who seemed to be in her early twenties.

” Mr Morgan, let me introduce you to my daughter. This is Terresia Maxwell. Terresia,meet Mr Lucas Morgan, the CEO of Morgan group of companies. ” Mr Maxwell respectfully introduced them to each other.

” Hi, you can call me Terry. ” the young lady replied with a withdrawn voice.

Mr Maxwell eyed his daughter and she inturn rolled her eyes on him.

Lucas caught sight of their interaction between the father and daughter and could tell what was Mr Maxwells intentions of bringing his daughter along due to the contract signing.

He could tell that the woman was the least interested in him. He found her interesting.

” Hi. ” Lucas replied back to give face to his business partner.

” since the contract is signed,why don we celebrate with a glass of wine. ” Mr Maxwell suggested

” Sure. ” Lucas readily accepted.

” I would like to tell you that from now onwards, youll be working with Terresia for this project. ” Mr Maxwell informed Lucas.

This way he could create more chances for his daughter to meet with Lucas. He admired the young mans business acumen and charisma and thought it would not be bad if he became his son in law. His daughter Terresia was very capable and beautiful and most importantly she was single so he did not see any problem in trying to matchmake the two. if the two ended up getting married, then he could rest assured that his daughter and the company would be in good hands. but man,he was in for a big disappointment.

After the meeting was over, Terry offered to escort Lucas out. she wanted to make things clear between them lest he becomes interested in her.

” lets drop the formalities now, Lucas right? ”

” Yes ” he gave her the permission to be casual with him.

” You are a wise man so am sure you can tell my fathers intentions. I am not interested in you,not now,not in the future. You are not the kind of men I would want to date. ” she said seriously gazing at him .

Just look at his expressionless face like he us suffering from facial nerve paralysis. I can stay in the same room with him lest his gloominess is contagious. Her inward thoughts were really ugly. This was Lucas Morgan afterall. The most handsome and eligible CEO in town. Its just that ever since he took over the Morgan group of companies,his smiling face seemed to have been wiped out of the surface of the earth

He always wore that cold and expressionless face of his.

” okay. ” he replied

”huh! okay? just like that? ” Terry couldn help but ask. what does he mean by okay?

”what else was I supposed to say. ” he was not interested in her either. Relationship was the last thing in his mind so she had saved him the hassle of later telling she shouldn harbour any feelings towards him.

With that he walked away leaving Terry dumbfounded.

she watched him until he got inside his car and the car drove off. Only then did Terry stomach what had transpired between the two of them. she chuckled and turned back to head to the private chamber only to bump to his father.

”ouch! can you make some noise when walking. ” she angrily asked her dad rubbing her nose which had bumped into his hardened bones

” how is it my fault you were busy admiring the man all along. ” Mr Maxwell teased her.

” What admiring? whats there to admire anyway? ” she wondered out loud.

Mr Maxwell burst into laughter.

” Come, lets go back. ” he said to his daughter.

Lucas returned and continued with his work. With the upcoming project of building the phoenix Mall which was designed to be connected to a childrens park,he was bound to be busy. sometimes he would think about that shameless Woman but he would dismiss the thought and burry himself in work. sometimes he would think of investigating her to atleast know her identify but something would always stop him from Doing so.

She was wrecking havoc In his mind and heart. sometimes he would sit down and just miss her soft and sweet lips and that narrow waist he had held as he kissed her. All these thoughts were driving him away.

since his companys lawyer had resigned after marrying and moving oversees. he had through his secretary appointed a new company lawyer who would be responsible for all legal terms and contracts drafting for the company.

The lawyer he had appointed was a woman in her mid twenties. she was a renown lawyer oversees and had just moved to settle in the country. since he valued talent and experience the most,he had chosen that firm to represent his company in all legal proceedings.

She was supposed to report today since he had some work to attend to. she was supposed to be here ten minutes before so now she was running late. Lucas hated unpunctual people the most and said they lacked professional ethics. They were supposed to draft a contract to be signed tomorrow morning but now she was late. Lucas turned to look at his personal assistant glaring at him

” what kind of incompetent….? ” he trailed off since the office door was pushed open and a beautiful woman dressed in a black business suit walked in.

” Sorry for being late,I was stuck in traffic. I am your legal Consultant….. ”

she couldn finish the line and was stunned silly seeing the Man before her.

” you! ” Lucas said.

” its you again! ” marina said

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