how bad can my luck be. Marina lamented. She did not expect to meet this man here if all places. He was in the CEOs office so that meant he was either the CEO or the personal assistant of the CEO, but who was she kidding. Judging from his dressing and the aura that sorrounded him, she could definitely tell he was the boss here. Did that mean he was her employer?

oh god help me! she prayed. it was suffocating being in the same room as that arrogant bastard. besides, she was still angry at him for ignoring her and walking away as she talked to him .

Looking at him,his face remained expressionless.

” what an eyesore. ” She mumbled rolling her eyes. What she did not know was that she has said those words aloud.

His already dark face darkened even more. Marina nearly shivered but she wouldn show him that she was affected by his domineering Aura.

Stephen who was standing besides his president couldn withstand the depressing environment anymore. His boss was sending icy glares to the woman while she on the other hand appeared unaffected. she had a nonchalant look on her face.

It was the first time Stephen witnessed a person who was not intimidated by his president and that she was a woman. He himself felt that If this continued,he would surely be suffocated go death.

”Welcome to Morgan co-op, my name is Stephen,the presidents personal assistant. please have a seat. ” He politely offered her a seat

He wished the meeting to end as soon as possible because boy,he was sitting on needles

This woman here though he did not have a photogenic memory,he could remember her very well. Wasn she the same woman who had clung to his boss and boldly kissed kissed him in the broad daylight at the airport. How could he forget her. she was the first woman his boss had come to conduct with after ending his relationship with Tina.

But it seemed the two did not hear him since they were busy glaring at each other.

Marina was really angry.This man always had an expressionless face. it was unpleasant to look at. Looking at him,one could say that he owed the whole universe.

Lucas was angry at this little woman. she said he was an eyesore,that even to his face. She was really fearless. He couldn control his anger. She was obviously in his turf and that too he was her employer and here she was treating him like rubbish. The nerve.

Stephen could only shake his head and proceed to settle the files to be used in the meeting to their respective seats. since his boss decided to have a glaring competition with this miss here, then he won interfere. They might as well glare at each other till tomorrow.

Lucas was enraged, this woman was a daring one. Very few people could hold his gaze for a minute but this woman did not Back off at all. she must be willful,he thought.

coming back to his senses he wondered why he was angry at her in the first place. What did he expect her to do after seeing him ? jump on him and kiss him senseless? oh boy,he was surely charmed by her.

He moved and sat down on his respective seat. Marina proceeded to do the same.

”As you know,as my companys lawyer,you are in charge of all legal decisions in the company. ” Lucas started.

”The main reason for this meeting is to come up with a contract for material supply to be used in the construction of the phoenix Mall. ” he continued.

Marina had already switched to her business mode and was no longer the petty woman from a moment ago who was glaring at Lucas .

” Okay,its noted, when do you need the drafted contract. ” Marina inquired.

”Tomorrow by ten in the morning. ” Declared Lucas.

” what? ” she was surprised. it was almost midday so how was she supposed to draft a contract in such a short time! ”

” you heard me,we do not have the luxury of time, that contract should be signed by tomorrow evening. ” Lucas informed.

He knew that that was really a short time but what could he do? He didn have time to waste and the project was expected to be complete after three months so he had to hurry and get it done

”okay ” she accepted. if he was challenging her,she was accepting his challenge. she wasn known oversees for nothing. she was both efficient and service delivery was topnotch.

Its not that she couldn handle the work,its just that her best friend Terry was in town and the two had a date. She knew that to finish drafting the contract,she had to work overtime and at night too so she couldn make it. she just hoped Terry would understand her.

They finished the meeting and Marina stood up, files on her hand while she clutched her porch on the other hand intending to leave.

After the meeting was over, Stephen had rushed out of the office like it was ob fire. Walking towards the door, Marina was feeling elated that she was finally getting rid of that stoic face. just thinking about it, she felt her body being covered by goosebumps.

that stoic and expressionless face was enough to make your blood salt level shoot in the sky. That was just how much she dreaded staying close to him and looking at his face.

She had heard from her gossiping friends that the CEO of Morgan conglomerate was a young, handsome and charming Man.

Seeing him now,it was clear to her that her friends were blind if not, then their definition of handsome and charming must have changed since she last used a dictionary.

But just as she was about to reach the knob to open the door and get our if this hellhole, her wrist was grabbed in a tight clasp

The man had stopped her

”Don you think you owe me an explanation and an apology? ” His sweet voice send delicious shivers down her spine.

She had to admit his voice was a killer. It was deep, husky and manly .

She did not talk but only turned to look at him as she raised her eyebrows.

Explanation? apology? was he crazy,why would she offer an explanation to him and that too about what?

As per apology,she does not remember wronging him so why apologize. even if she did offend him,her apology was the last thing he could ever receive.

” You just appeared from nowhere and kissed me,I could sue you for sexual harassment. ” he said those shameful words with a straight face

Listening him talk,his grievances sounded like he was just assaulted.

” sexual harassment? do you have any evidence? ” she retorted

Lucas let out a dry chuckle, this woman was surely Interesting

”I don plan to fight a loosing battle. ” he shamelessly said.

Marina could feel a migraine threatening to break loose the screws of her head .

she couldn believe him.

”what do you want? ” she went straight to the point.

He must be fully prepared for him to threaten her like that. She had alot to handle and lacked the energy to argue with him

” I want you! ” Lucas said and Marinas eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

what did this man take her for? just because she had kissed him,he now had the audacity to make demands from her? besides he should be happy Since she gave him her first kiss.

Angrily Marina turned to him and glared to Lucas. if looks could kill, Lucas would be dead by now.

” I don know the kind of women you associate with but don take me for them . I am no the kind of woman who goes sleeping around with any man. ” with that she turned and left, slamming the door with a bang.

Lucas stood frozen in place. He didn know what came over him to blurt those words,he just found them coming out of his mouth. He didn know what was wrong with him anymore. He just couldn get a grip of himself when it came to her and now it seems he had offended her. he could only sigh in exasperation.

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