”what are you so surprised about. Dad just said I must go home tonight for dinner with my boyfriend . ” she explained helplessness laced in her voice.

”Okay,let me get this straight Miss. uncle asked you to take your boyfriend home and you don have one,so now you want to hire a man to pretend to be your boyfriend! sweetheart do you take uncle for a fool? That trick won work on him girl. ” She told her the bitter Truth.

”what should I do then? I don know what to do! ” Marina whined.

”Think girl think!… oh wait, I remember you told me that you had kissed a random man at the airport just to keep your Father off for some days,why don you ask him to be your boyfriend. I am sure with your charms he won resist? You might as well keep him as your ** buddy. ” Terry said laughing. she could picture the expression on Marinas face now.

David who was just standing close by clenched his fists tight. ** buddy? is this woman insulting him.

He had investigated that woman and found that they were best friends with Terry.

”Are you kidding me? that man is a total scumbag! ” declared Marina angrily.

”A scumbag? but the other day,you said he looked decent. ” Marina asked. she couldn comprehend her best friend anymore. Today she says this, tomorrow she says that.

”Decent,he is a pervert! ” continued Marina.

”A pervert? What did he do to you to call him a pervert? ” Terry questioned .

Stephen who was standing nearby couldn help but shiver at the frosting temperature that covered the whole place even though the sun was still shinning.

His presidents expression was darkening each passing moment.

He could tell the woman on the other side was their legal advisor Marina Santos and they were obviously discussing his president calling him names .

He really had to give it to her for being so brave .

David took long strides and snatched the phone from Terrys hands only to hear the little woman cursing him.

”Don even talk about that man, pretending to be a gentleman yet he is a pervert. Besides hes ugly like a duckling,fat like a pig and his face looks like that of an old man. Thinking about it,I feel like vomiting. ” Marina continued cursing

”keep him as my ** buddy? what a joke. He isn even good-looking why would I consider him, I better keep afew young and pretty boys as my concubines. That way when I get home,Ill have one to take off my coat, one to remove my shoes,one to massage me, another to… ”

”so between the two of us who is more perverted. ” David calmly cut her off .

Marina was surprised, why was there a mans voice coming from Terrys phone, besides why did that voice sound so familiar .

She removed the phone from her ears and checked if she might have accepted another incoming call while on Call with Terry but on closer inspection, that was not the case.

Her heart started racing,if it was who she was thinking he was, then she was doomed.

”Who are you? ” she asked

”hah! you forgot so fast? ugly like a duckling,fat like a pig abs and looks like an old man ” replied Lucas calmly.

”Mr.. Mr Morgan? ” she asked stuttering.

”Yes. do you have something to say? ” He arrogantly asked.

”Oh. how comes its you sir? I was wondering how to call you to ask for your help. ” she said

”Go on. ”

”I was wondering if you could accompany me to my fathers house as my boyfriend .. I mean a fake boyfriend just for today? ” You couldn tell if it was the same Marina from just a minute ago with her words now.

”And why should I help you. ”His arrogance could not be hidden.

”Have pity on me,I don know who else to ask for help. let me be indebted to a favour to you in the future. ” She tried convincing him.

”Why would you want to take an ugly,fat and old man like me to your father? ” he asked her taunting her to the core .

”Nonsense, who said you are ugly,he must be blind. You are the most good-looking, handsome, young and capable man I have ever seen. ”

heh! her bootlicking skills were very upgraded.

”Okay, send me your address and time,Ill pick you up. ” He said pleased by her description of him .

Ofcourse I am the most good-looking, handsome, young and capable man ever. he thought.


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