After the father and daughter duo finished their hugs, Marinas Dad proceeded to welcome Lucas in the house.

” Good evening uncle. ” He greeted politely.

Marinas Dad, Mr Santos was happy to see Lucas appear as his daughters girlfriend. This was like a surprise to him,he least expected it. He had known the boy since she was young since he had a good relationship with his grandfather. Lucas Morgan was the favorite grandson of that cunning old man so they had met beforehand. He,as a father admired the boy since he could see the potential in him. He could tell the boy would amaze the world with his business capabilities.

” What uncle? since you are dating my daughter, shouldn you call me father? ” he asked him with a huge grin on his face.

He was truly happy to know that his daughter was able to get such a fine young man.

” yes, father. ” Lucas said emphasizing the father part.

Marina coughed violently hearing the ice block call her dad father like it was a usual thing to do. He is surely amazing with how he can adapt to a situation.

Hearing her cough, Lucas smiled evilly. He turned to her and started rubbing her back in a circular motion to ease her coughing.

” whats wrong honey,why are you suddenly coughing? ” he asked feigning ignorance to the fact that he was rubbing her back.

Marina felt electrocuted the moment his hand connected with her back. instead of the rubbing helping her,it worsened.

” Get a glass of water, quickly. ” her father instructed the maids and they rushed to get their young miss a glass of warm water.

A minute later,a Maid came carrying a glass of water and passed it to Marina . She gulped it down like her life depended on it. After finishing the entire glass, Marina felt better. she could finally breath.

” Are you alright? ” Lucas asked, this time obviously concerned.

” I am fine. ” Marina replied and moved further from him. she has come to know that he was not good for her poor heart. It was just a simple touch,why did her body have to react that way.

” Okay, lets go and settle. Feel at home Lucas. ” Mr Santos said and walked towards the couch.

The three people settled down and the men started talking about business. Marina felt left out so she decided to go to the balcony and breathe some fresh air.

She was in deep thought about the lady she had fought with some days back. Even though she instructed Brian to look into her and report anything he collected about her,she had this unsettling feeling. To her,that lady felt familiar. it felt like they had known each other forever. It couldn be a coincidence, even their body moves were in sync.

Marina took out her phone and called Brian.

” Have you identified the group that was opposing us in the mission? ” she asked immediately the call got connected.

” Easy there Queen. No greetings anymore? ” Brian asked feigning hurt.

” come on am serious,I don know but that lady is suspicious. ” marina countered.

” How do? ” Brian asked. even he after reviewing the video of their fight,he couldn help but wonder if the two knew each other.

” She seems familiar. Her moves,her agility, everything about her matches mine. I don remember having someone who is familiar with my moves let alone a woman at that. ” Marina explained .

” I have looked into our rival group. its a group of local hired mercenaries. If my guess is correct, shes a member of that mercenary group. ” Brian explained in reference to the video he has watched.

” I don know but I feel like something is about to change. I can place a finger on what it is. ” Marina said.

” maybe you have a twin sister somewhere. That can explain it. ” Brian joked.

” Don be ridiculous Brian. What twin sister,you do know that I am the only child of my father. ” Marina argued.

” You never know queen. life is full of surprises. ” Brian said but marina ignored him. she didn think that was possible at all. Her? Having a twin sister? its simply unbelievable.

” okay, let me know when you get more information about that lady. ” Marina said and immediately disconnected the call. She didn believe Brians theory because to her it was unimaginable. But who would have thought that Brian was right all along. The unimaginable because real.

A maid came in to call Marina for dinner. She decided to worry about that matter later. For now, shell just head downstairs and fill her stomach. She was hungry afterall and she was sure that her dad will have ordered the maids to prepare her favourite food.

Marina arrived at the dinner table. The men were already settled. It was evident that her dad was very pleased with her boyfriend. He seemed satsified with his future son-in-law. She couldn help but feel guilty of lying to her Dad.Sge knew her dad will be disappointed if he ever finds out that they weren in a relationship. But what can she do? she is helpless.

She settled at the left side of her father while Lucas sat opposite her,at the right side of her father.

The food was served and they started to dig in. The table was filled with Marinas favourite food. She felt warm inside her heart. Her father

is forever doing things considering her yet here she was not even honest with him.

The family of three ate peacefully. After they finished eating,they proceeded to the sitting room to chat.

After every one was settled,Mr Santos decided to open the conversation he has been dying to start.

” So when are you getting engaged? ” Marina who was happily sipping her green tea spat it and started coughing. damn it! she couldn help but curse. Her father was always dropping bombshells when no one expected it. His words caught her off guard.

Contrary to Marina who was a coughing mess,Lucas maintained a straight face. You could think that this conversation had nothing to do with him.

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