Selection of powers 1

In a small house away from the bustling city, a guy of around 25 years is staring at the computer with a bored look.

His name is Arjun Nanda, he is considered as a successful guy as he started a startup company at the age of 18, which recently became a unicorn company.

He hails from a large family where everybody is enjoying their life and Arjun is the middle child, who started the company but it now running successfully because of his siblings.

He is staying in a small house because he likes small cozy places because he feels like in big mansions it feels luxurious but gives an empty feeling to him, that is why he likes to be in small homely feeling house as his parents went on devotional tours. as for his 4 siblings they are busy with managing the company.

Arjun likes his now salted fish life where he just has to decisions from time to time as a shopkeeper and rest will be done by his own siblings.

Arjun ” Nothing new here ” muttered, as he is staring at a novel site. ”The same settings from either he is a trash or he was kicked out of the company, dumped by girlfriend, betrayed by some close friend, Orphan,some system whose origin is unknown ”.

” These authors are really struggling to find new settings as they are already used by some author gods burning with creativity ” Arjun grumbled as he began to search for new novels where he can enjoy more reading.

Arjun decided to ignore the medicine on the table, and began to walk towards the bathroom to take the bath.

Arjun began to think as he was bathing, ” what a beautiful life I was leading, I am considered as a successful guy, have a loving parents and great siblings. all for naught because of this damn late stage cancer ”.

”Yes, I am fighting with cancer from the last year, but at what cost I lost my parties, trips which I used to enjoy and now I am stuck in this house with beautiful environment in a sterile room ”.

”well it is not too bad cause I can have anything a Neet wants here but for my stash of p*** materials they need to be carefully hidden from my nurse. ”

” Huh, if I was healthy my parents shouldn need to go to every sacred temples to pray from my recovery ”

Arjun laid on the bed and began to drift into dreams.

”Breaking news, Arjun Nanda the youngest entrepreneur to build a build a billion dollar company has passed away at the age of 25 in his sleep fighting with cancer, many orphanages and rehabilitation centers members are crowding around the Arjun Nandas small house as they are already benefitted from his donations and now a new trust will take of these centers will now take care of his 20 % shares will be entrusted to the trust for charity. ”

” Inside news is that his three sisters and elder brother are okay with split in the shares as his parents gets 20% and each of his sibling will get 10% of his wealth, they all seems to agree with his arrangement. ”

” Please continue to follow our channel for the new updates on the death of the youngest successful entrepreneur in our country ”, The news reporter reported from the scene of the Arjun Nandas funeral.

P.S : I am new to writing, please bear with me or you can choose not to read this novel as this novel is brain child of my ideas of a fan fiction, those who stick to continue reading they have my sincere thanks in advance.

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