Selection of Powers 2

I opened my eyes and look for my phone to look at the time. I looked at my wall clock and seeing it is now 12 pm, ” where did this nurse go, where did my gaming pc, phone and these medical equipment gone, I can see them in my room now. ”

I was confused and when I got up from my bed began to walk towards the door, I was surprised to find that my body is walking steadily and I am not faltering at a few steps ”Amazing, Did I got blessed by a miracle or what ”.

” No you aren blessed, you are dead ”, spoke some one as he was walking into the room.

” what ” I exclaimed at the sudden voice and I was practically shouting ” F**k, Who are you, and why do you look so much like me ”

The guy who looked like my mirror image spoke, ” No i am not your mirror image or your twin as you are thinking and definitely this not a dream ”

I perfectly began to show my poker face and I was panicking inwardly in my mind, ” Damn, this guy looks like he can read my mind ”, ” Yes I can read your mind ”,the guy spoke. ” can you please shut up I am already panicking, and need to calm down give me some time ”, ” sure ” the guy spoke.

after 5 mins which feels like a half hour I began to speak again ” so what do you mean by I am dead and where is this and mainly WHO ARE YOU? ”. after talking i almost back to my usual self.

” WOW, the classic questions, well let me give you an clear understanding of whats happening to you ” he waved his hands and a chair no a throne which looks strikingly similar to Game of Thrones Iron Throne materialised infront of me and he motioned me to sit on my gaming chair.

As a I sat down and before I speak further he cut off my speech by saying, ”As you can see I have powers and I am an administrator for the Multi Dimensional Authoritative Council, MDAC for short, you are chosen for the Reincarnation program, before going into the details of Reincarnation program, let me show you something ”.

The Administrator gestured before me, the space shifted around me and in the blink of an eye, I was standing before Our Family mansion as many people are appear to be mourning for someone and deep down I think I know who they are mourning for.

I looked down at myself I appear to be transparent and in a ghost like state, how do you know ghost like state i can answer because they are walking through me as I was air and they can seem to see or feel me at all here.

” Yes they
e mourning for you and as you are thinking it is you who are dead, you died of cancer and this the next day after your death. as for my appearance exactly like you I just wanted to show you that I can appear as any one I want as a Female Goddess or an Old God bursting with wisdom as many novels of your world, do you want to enter the house and see how your relatives are behaving after your death?. ”

I slowly understood whats happening and I am dead , whoever this administrator is he has some business with me and he seems to have screw loose in his head ” Who the f**k shows after sceenery of his death, are you mocking me or what ? ” I shouted.

” No I am not mocking you, I am just showing you this so that you can understand your situation better and do you want to enter your house or you want to go back to where we met.? ” Administrator asked.

I gazed at My house with deep sadness in my eyes and resolutely turned back and said to him ”lets head back to where we met. ”

The space shifted around me and I was back in the my replica room and we are back to where we sat before going to my house. ”Now you have two choices before you either you choose to join the Reincarnation program or you choose to go back to your previous life where your cancer may continue to persist and it may be cured in upcoming 10 years or let me cure it for you and huh the time reverses to yesterday ”

” So what is your choice your previous life or going to your new life with adventures and one more thing before going into details of why you have these choices you must choose your choice, so what is your answer?. ”

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