Powers and penalties

” So what is your answer ”, The administrator spoke.

I thought deeply about it and began to answer, ” before I answer , I have some questions can you answer it about the second choice ”.

”Ok, sure but I can only answer within rules of MDAC ” he said, Then I asked my question ” What is your name Will i remember the meeting with you, Is it certain in 10 years the cure for cancer can be found and I may be cured and what if you cured me but I die of another reason will I come back here.? ” I gasped for breath after asking.

” well my name is ALEX,yes you will remember our meeting it is uncertain for the cure as life is unpredictable and if I cure you and you die of any other accident you will not appear here as you may not be selected then. ” He said after a slight pause.

I fell into thinking for a while and answered ” I choose the Reincarnation program because I do regret abandoning my life but I want new adventures, this is my answer. ”

” Ok, I accept your answer and reasoning behind it are you sure of the choice. ”He asked and I answered ”Sure ”

”You will have four chances to choose which power do you want and for your kind information all the powers may have penalties up on them, which may strengthen or weaken that power, and yeah usually all the other guys get 1 wish not power many of them choose the systems with different ways of earning points to get stronger, and the reason why you are getting four choices because it is ur 5th reincarnation and you successfully came here 4 times,I know what you are thinking and this will have answered most of your questions is that all are do you have more questions. ”

This guy surely knows what I am thinking, I shouldn mess with this guy I thought and said ” ok show me the options. ”

Alex waved his hand and a screen akin to a holographic projection appeared before me and gestured me to choose.

I began to browse the list ranging from Kryptonite body to elongation of tongue etc.. type of powers, I can understand the superman body but who is in the right mind, will waste their chances for elongation of tongue or growing more hair.

After more than an hour of browsing and finding the search option I began to say the options I choose.

Alex was surprised by my choice, the powers i choose are

1. Connection to my worlds Internet.

2. Shadow Khan.

3. Healing power.

4. Exp System panel.

Alex asked, ”I can understand the Shadow Khan, Healing and Exp system panel,what the heck are you choosing the internet connection. care to explain your reasons behind it. ”

I said, ” I will explain but can i choose the penalties or they random and can you tell me how much the penalties strengthen the powers. ”

Alex said with a surprised look ” yes you can choose the penalties and strengthening of powers will be unpredictable it will be unlocked over time and you can also choose whether to reincarnate as a baby or replace another one, the replaced one will get the chance to come here if you choose this option, we are quite civilized you know. ”

after thinking of over his words I began to explain my reasoning.

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