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Volume 1 - Chapter 8 - Vampiric Drive

Droggo tied Seth to the back of a tree. His gingerly smile on full display as he opened his back. Tens of shining objects sparkled inside his bag. They all had sharp blades fixed in them.

Seth asked with a hint of fear, ”What plans do you have for me? ”

”Nothing huge. We are just going to have some fun. ” Droggo flashed his brown set of teeth.

”Oh no. First, please don smile. Its horrifying. Second, I like ladies, pretty ladies, not men, definitely not ugly men like you. Im sorry. ” Seth gave a fake apology.

His sarcastic tone surely stung Droggo. Dipping his hand into his bag, Droggo flung a fast object at Seth. A sharp dagger cut into Seths chest. He yelped as a wave of pain instantly hit him.

It shouldn be like this. Seth complained in his mind.

From the start of the game, he had suffered far worse injuries. A dagger stab didn seem that painful. Yet, the blinding pain caused him to scream out loud.

He could feel something moving in him, eating his body inside out.

”What did you do to me? ” A look of realization donned on Seth. He directed his question at the grinning Droggo.

”Hehe, you aren so tough after all. I will really enjoy this! ” laughed Droggo.

After concluding his round of laughs, he embedded another dagger into Seths chest, doubling the pain instantly. Amidst all this pain, Seth found control in himself. Crying louder wouldn help matters. He realized the daggers were coated with a special substance that instigated pain. Droggo took pleasure in this sort of activity. The madman wore a euphoric look on his face that beamed whenever Seth screamed.

”Why are you doing this? Why capture me? I don recall doing anything bad. ”

”You really have a glib tongue, don you? Your people caused all this, and now, I will hunt every single one of you down until you become roaches! ” The madman said with such sharp vindication.

Droggo stabbed Seth yet again, but this time, Seth bit his lips, trying to curb the cries about to surface. He tried his best to take in the pain as if it was nothing. He knew his cries would only satisfy Droggo.

”I don remember causing anything. The way I look at it, your gang is high on something. ”

”Hehehe. Can you really look at the world and say you have done nothing? Your ancestors cursed all of us. Worst of all, your human ancestor had the **ing audacity to sleep with a **ing foulbloods? How shameful? ” Droggo spat on the ground with a disgusting look on his face.

”But that is not why you are doing this, right? ”

He had enough experience as Rhazien Az Mor to tell if someone was hiding something.

Droggo glanced back at him with surprise. ”What? ”

”You get high off it, don you? Delivering pain to others, acting superior to those you deem as foulbloods. It turns you on. In fact, I bet that is your source of pleasure. ” Seth was ruthless with his words as he stared straight at Droggos pants, at a particularly special section of it.

”How dare a foulblood say that to me? Fucking mutt. You should know when to speak. ”

Enraged, Droggo walked closer to Seth with a dagger in his hand. He grabbed Seths head and scribbled on it with his dagger. Blood trailed down Seths face as Droggo kept stabbing without an ounce of care.

As drips of blood stained his mouth, Seth taunted. ”Look, all Im saying is that I get it. It is truly admirable that you find pleasure through other means. Though, it is equally disturbing that Im the object of this pleasure. I wonder if that makes me your sex toy. Hahahaha, that is — ”

Droggo cut him short before he could continue. ”–Laugh all you want. When Im done with you, there won be a mouth to laugh with. ”

He was cruel with his actions. Baring Seths chest naked, he went on to carve into his flesh. It was a mystery what was going on in Droggos mind. He almost betrayed it with the self-accomplished grin he had on his face as he heard Seths screams.

He stopped for a moment.

”Why aren you saying anything now? Hahaha, ” mocked Droggo.


A narrow wound appeared on Seths chest.

”Where is your glib tongue? ”


Another wound appeared.

”Talk! ” Droggo raged.


”Talk! ”


”Talk, **er! Whats wrong? Cats got your tongue? ”


”Hahahahaha ”

”Is it done? ” whimpered Seth.

Droggo stopped what he was doing. He voiced out, ”Huh? ”

”Did you come yet? I heard its pretty rude to interrupt a sickos moment of pleasure, ” smirked Seth.

”You **er… ”







How many hours has it been? Ahh, shit, I lost track of time

Seth reeled in the ever-growing pain. Moments ago, Droggo stopped his brutal actions, disappearing into god-knows-where. Seth looked upwards. It was already night. He could hear the crickets noises as they announced the presence of nightlife.

As for himself, he was doing pretty well, if one looked at the situation from the perspective of a brainless idiot.

Fuck, this is really annoying.

If not for his vampiric healing, he would have died from excess bleeding. He wondered if Droggo really expected him to survive that. Maybe the so-called foulbloods really have advanced healing factor.

Anyway, I have had time to think, and I think Im really **ed, Seth spoke to himself.

A thick metal chain bound him to the tree, preventing him from running off. The gang back at the tent often brought up their intended destination in their conversations. It was there they would sell him off as a slave, even though he wasn a foulblood or from elven heritage.

It was all messed up. If only they looked at him long enough to distinguish the difference between a vampire and those from elven heritage.

Im not a **ing half-elf or elf!

In less than a day, he had come to realize what the term foulblood really meant. It referred to those of elven heritage. A race that he thought would be highly venerated in a fantasy world. Seth wondered how this had come to be.

I have to do something. This can go on–

Seths ears perked as he heard something that brought him out of his mind. It was the howl of a creature. Luckily, it seemed too distant, but Seth still felt the innate fear that pulsated in him as he listened to the continuous howls.

The bushes rustled, leading Seth to look forward. He caught the figure of Droggo running towards him.

Droggo unchained him from the tree while muttering, ”They are here. They are **ing here! ”

When he closed the cuffs, it didn make the snapping sound that would mean it was tight enough. Yet, he was too distracted to notice the irregularity.

Droggo grabbed Seth and rushed into the tent. Inside, the others were all alarmed as they heard the howls.

Diggory ordered, ”Gear up. This will be a long night. ”

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