Mafia Boss In The Multiverse

Preparations for an important arrival

In the morning after celebrating the new year, an alarm clock started to ring, so a beautiful woman opened her eyes and stretched out her arms.

As she yawned, she moved the white silk blankets that covered her body. When she sat on her bed, the door to her room opened and a woman in maid clothes entered.

”Miss Olivia, breakfast is ready and her father is waiting for you right now. ”

Olivia caressed her face and gave the maid a smile. ”Thank you so much for waking me up, Ava. You can tell my father Ill be ready in a few minutes.

I would also like you to prepare me a mango juice. For some reason, I really want to drink something with mango. ”

The maid nodded and left the room so she could head towards the dining room. As she walked down the hall, she was able to listen to the news on the radio.

In breaking news, a shootout between members of the police and a former morgue worker occurred near Strawberry International Airport late at night.

The individual known as John Sinn was on his way to the airport when a patrol signaled him to stop for a routine inspection.

However, the man stopped his vehicle and at that precise moment took out an assault rifle for the exclusive use of the army. As a result, the two officers who were on the patrol were completely riddled with bullets.

After this, an exchange of bullets began between the murderer and the airport security that lasted about 15 minutes before the police and members of the SWAT team arrived at the place where Jhon had been held.

In an anti-terrorist maneuver, they managed to eliminate the murderer in less than 5 minutes, however the death toll is a great tragedy.

21 innocent people died on the spot and another 50 were injured and are currently in city hospitals.

14 policemen and airport guards were also killed and 15 wounded.

Today, Governor Sam Smith will give a conference at noon together with Commissioner Henry. According to the words of the Governors spokeswoman, a bill will be proposed to toughen the rules against automatic weapons in the state.

Also, in other news in the state of Ohio in the city of Pebble there was an explosion in an old canning factory. The explosion was so big that it destroyed 10 streets in all directions.

The authorities do not rule out that it is a terrorist attack…

Olivia who had listened to the radio a bit could only sigh and shake her head before going downstairs to the dining room.

When she arrived, she opened the door and could see her father sitting reading on her tablet, so she Olivia sat in front of him and gave him a sincere smile.

”Good morning Dad. ”

Olivias father who was Governor Sam, put his tablet on the table and looked at his daughter with a smile as he took off his glasses.

”Good morning Olivia, I hope you slept well because today will be a very busy day due to what happened in the city of Strawberry.

You will have to accompany me to the press conference at noon and later we will have to go on a small tour to the hospitals where the injured are from the misfortune that occurred that night. ”

Sam took a deep breath and closed her eyes as he caressed his forehead.

”The depraved act of that murderer is a serious blow to the prestige of our family and especially to my career as governor.

I always thought things would be pretty easy once I could be governor, but I guess people can control his destructive impulses.

Fortunately for us, we have the full support of the Flanagan family. They will help ease the load off our shoulders.

Because many of the civilians who were killed were workers in the various factories of the Flanagan family.

With your help, the pressure on us will simply be reduced a lot and we will be able to move forward once we give the people a solution and a culprit.

I don like to admit it, but in this case we will have to cooperate with the federal government in order to efficiently find the arms dealers who sold that automatic assault rifle. ”

Olivia who had a rather angry face, looked at her father seriously.

”Father, but you know that the Flanagan family is a family of murderers. They ended the life of my best friend! ”

Olivia slammed the table angrily. ”There may be no evidence against them to prove they are guilty of Dilans murder.

But you know very well that they are a criminal group that hides behind the facade of being an exemplary family. They are just a group of murderers who do not benefit society at all! ”

Olivia, at that moment, began to cry as she bowed her head. ”Why do we continue to allow them to exist when they are a danger to everyone? ”

Sam opened her eyes and showed a little sadness. ”Olivia, you are too young to understand how the world works, but luckily you are my daughter.

So I can tell you a little bit about how the world really works, it may be that you believe that society needs to be completely good.

But you should know that there is no such thing as too white or too black. Society is only a gray color which has variations in tonality.

With this, I am trying to tell you that in a completely gray world, we should always choose the one that affects us the least.

In this case, the Flanagan family is a necessary evil for the state as they efficiently block other criminal groups from trying to enter the city of Strawberry.

Although it pains me to say it, the city of Strawberry is very important to the state, as it is the industrial hub of the state and is the states equivalent of Pittsburgh.

With the only difference that the industry in the city of Strawberry never left the state so we can maintain a strong city despite the adversities in the world.

Unfortunately, the Flanagan family is a lesser evil that should continue to exist, not to mention that they have contacts in the FBI and at least many congressmen who support them.

I know you hate them for Dilans death, but even Im not sure if they
e to blame.

Either way, you must prepare yourself mentally because in a week you will enter Strawberry University, the Flanagan family has promised to keep you safe while you study at the university. ”

Olivia looked at her father quite disappointedly and clenched her fists tightly as she was angry, but she knew she couldn do anything to change her fathers decision.

Unfortunately, it was her destiny as the daughter of a prominent politician. She was doomed to be a small caged bird with no control of her destiny.

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