Mafia Boss In The Multiverse

A series of reckless plans

In a small hotel room, a young man opened his eyes when he could feel the sunlight on his face.

The young man then stretched out his hands and at that precise moment he received a call, so when he took his phone and looked at the screen and was surprised to see that it was his father.

”Good morning father, is there something I need to do? ”

”Killian, you must make the final preparations to be able to receive Olivia in the best way, I know that you have been preparing for the last few months to have everything ready but I have information that there is a group of stupid people that is trying to kidnap Olivia.

Our informants are sure that it is a Vendetta against the governor by a group of traitors who have not been identified.

Unfortunately, even with the family connections we have, it is almost impossible for me to find that group of bastards because they are so insignificant that they completely go off the radar.

However, I am completely sure of one thing, and that is that while the governors daughter is in the city, absolutely nothing should happen to her.

This is very important for the whole family and especially for your future as your heir. I want you to prepare everything you need to monitor Olivia once she arrives in the city.

I don care if its a personal issue or her conventional living space; I want you to be fully aware of her 24 hours a day.

Thats why Im going to force you to attend college with her. Youll have to act as a kind of guardian while we find everyone involved with the case of the possible kidnapping of the governors daughter.

Even if for some reason they manage to kidnap the governors daughter, I want you to be kidnapped as well and keep her in perfect condition.

I really don want to have problems with his father at this time. You should know that once his term in office is over, he will run as governor to be able to participate in the presidential race.

Although our family has a large number of connections and supporters of Congress, unfortunately we do not have a president among our ranks.

If everything goes well and you marry the governors daughter when he becomes president, you will have the opportunity to participate in his government.

Killian, I know that you are an almost perfect son, but you must be fully prepared to face that challenge in the future.

If you can get things right with your father-in-law, your plan to expand the family business can be implemented nationally without too much trouble.

But it is not for me to remind you of these things, just do what I asked you to do and under no circumstances are you going to ruin Olivias life.

Well, that would mean alienating the future president, which would be the equivalent of completely eliminating our family, at best. ”

While Killian was listening to his fathers words, he took a pack of cigarettes and started to smoke in order to relieve some of the stress he was feeling at that moment.

”Father, you can be completely convinced that I will take care of doing all the necessary things to be able to achieve our goals. ”

After those simple words, Killian ended the call with his father and lit the cigarette he had in his mouth to expel a little smoke later.

It was at that precise moment that he, taking his cell phone, sent a text message so that he could order his subordinates to meet in the hotels meeting room.

When he finished sending the message, he got out of bed and went to take a bath because he knew it was going to be a difficult day.

In the hotel meeting room, many men and women arrived who were wearing black suits with red ties and fake glasses.

All of them seemed on the surface to be completely normal people who should have jobs in a conventional company as office workers.

However, behind those friendly faces, the twisted pasts of all of them were hidden, because those 15 people were the regional leaders of the Flanagan family.

Whose mission was to take care of the correct operation of all the dark businesses of the Flanagan family. None of them was a good person to be able to get to the place where they were.

They had to kill a lot of people because the criminal world was not nice to anyone.

When the 15 most important people of the Flanagan family arrived at the meeting room of the hotel, they took a seat in front of the large rectangular table that was in the place.

It was at that precise moment that Killian entered the room. Without wasting time, he took his place and looked at everyone seriously.

”Today I received a call from my father informing me that a group of idiots is trying to kidnap the governors daughter.

I really have to look at their bravery for trying to do such a stupid deed, however the real problem is that they most likely have the courage to carry out the kidnapping in our city.

As you all know, for us the most important thing is that Olivia is completely stable while she is studying at the university in our territory.

That is why, as her future husband, my main obligation is to see that she does not have to suffer a trauma due to our stupidity.

Therefore, I am forced to ask you to make the necessary preparations to be able to carry out the cleaning operation in all the districts.

Blood will have to be spilled for the next few days before Olivia can arrive. I want absolute discretion in the handling of corpses and the use of firearms.

Therefore, everyone will be obliged to use silencers on their weapons and do whatever is necessary to avoid drawing the attention of the authorities.

Although it is hard for me to say it, it is important to purge all the foreign enemies in the city in order to prevent the kidnappers from making any stupid attempts within our administration area.

I feel sorry for the innocent, but Im not going to risk my future wifes life, let alone mine. ”

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