Olivia opened her eyes in the morning and with a slightly disappointed face she prepared herself because today would be the day she had to leave her home to go to Strawberry University.

She wasn completely worried that something bad might happen to her on the road or in the city, however this didn mean that she was happy with her fathers decision.

But she couldn do anything to change her fathers decision, so she just kept all her anger away and set out to organize the few things she needed before they left at noon.

While she was organizing all her stuff, the door to her room opened and her maid, Ava, came into her room.

”Good morning Miss Olivia, breakfast is ready and we are just waiting for you to organize what you need so we can get all the cars up before we can leave for the city of Strawberry.

Do you have a special request, or would you like me to send a message to your father? ”

Olivia who was putting away some of her most personal belongings stopped what she was doing and turned her head so she could look at her maid.

”Ava, I really don feel comfortable having to leave home so I can go to a college that doesn even interest me.

I really wanted to go to Yale or any other university but my father forced me to go to that university, which I am not happy about.

Because I have to go to a university that doesn even interest me just because of my fathers decision. Do you think I complain a lot, or am I just throwing a tantrum? ”

The maid Ava, looked at Olivia with a smile. ”Life is never fair with the decisions that it forces us to make. As a former member of the army special forces, I can tell you that many times you will have to accept horrible decisions.

Personally, I have suffered from bad decisions throughout my life. However, even if you fall and you are quite injured, you have to keep going.

What makes me happy about you, Miss Olivia, is that you do not try to fight against fate because you are aware that it is useless to complain when you really do not have control of the situation in your life.

Unfortunately, you are the daughter of a politician, so you are condemned to simply be a political tool. Although it has its drawbacks, you will never really be able to complain that life is unfair to you.

Well, many people would like to be in their place, although that will mean losing their freedom, which is of no use to them because they are so busy trying to feed themselves that they simply do not pay attention to what freedom is.

In this case, it is okay to complain and even feel helpless about the decisions that were made about your life. However, you must also completely overcome this situation and make the most of it.

Whoever tells you that you must take control of your life is cruelly lying to you because you will never really have complete control of your life as long as you live in a society.

Unless you have enough power and strength to become one more player in the game of life.

Because if it is not that way, then we can only say that you are completely doomed, since freedom will always be false. ”

Olivia who was listening to that lowered her head and squeezed with her hand a photo frame which had a picture of her mother.

”I guess you
e right about everything you mention, but its just so hard having to accept things when you know they can be completely different.

Especially what hurts me the most is the fact that my father tried to get me to marry a man who is a bad person and will definitely not be kind to me.

The worst of all is that I will really end up suffering the consequences of my fathers decisions, and the fact that I have to try to love a person who is to blame for the disappearance of my best friend hurts me a lot.

You weren there when we first met and he gave me that smile so morbid I still have nightmares thinking about it.

The face that man has is not that of a normal person. He has a great feeling of cold and disconnection. That makes him seem like some kind of psychopath, waiting for the best moment to kill.

Just thinking about the fact that I have to open my eyes and wake up every day with him by my side is something that makes me quite angry but especially causes me a lot of anxiety.

Could you sleep with your enemy, Ava? ”

Ava simply sighed. ”You have the option to enjoy your relationship. I never had it. In the army, I was raped countless times by colleagues or officers.

On the battlefield many times I was captured and tortured but there was always something in common and that was that they always violated my body.

When it comes to the enemy, you will never have a choice, no matter if he is an internal or external enemy. ”

Olivia who heard those words realized that she was being quite childish, so she simply swallowed her complaints and lowered her head.

”Im so sorry Ava… ”

The maid Ava, interrupted her words as she shook her head. ”You shouldn feel anything, Olivia, but you must remember that perhaps your problems are less than anyone elses.

In this case, you have the opportunity to be able to live a happy life which I never had the opportunity to do. I am not telling you that you have to be submissive all the time.

But you have an opportunity to set the rules in the relationship and even try to do things differently.

Because I am completely sure of something, it is that you will never suffer from a violation or something that puts your life at risk.

So he should just feel happy that he has a fully functional life and not only that, he also has a privileged life that not many people can have. ”

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