Mafia Boss In The Multiverse

Rescuing Olivia the Governor\'s Daughter 2

Killian, after hearing his fathers words quickly got on his motorcycle and started driving towards the police station.

While he was driving, he put on a headset and started dialing a number. People on the streets turned their heads as they watched a speeding motorcycle pass by.

Some of the traffic policemen who were nearby looked at the motorcycle but only shook their heads.

”Something big must be going on right now for Prince Killian to have to travel at full speed. ”

One of the policemen drank some coffee and bit into his donut. ”It must have something to do with the terrorist attacks that are currently happening in the state.

Knowing this, it is likely that the national guard will be deployed to put an end to attacks and possible disturbances of people.

Fortunately, we are in the safest city in the entire state. I would even dare to say that it is safer than Washington DC.

In this place, foreigners or terrorists do not enter without first passing a complete search. That is why we do not have that problem with terrorists currently in the city.

Although Im a little worried since the national guard is not characterized by being very friendly, at least the security in the state will improve. ”

The policeman, who was listening to his partner bit into his own chocolate doughnut.

”I think I made a good decision when I moved from Arizona to Nebraska. This city is certainly pretty quiet.

In Arizona, although it is a fairly abandoned state, I would have already had to issue at least 3 fines, but in this place everything is calm. ”

The policeman laughed. ”Thats because the Flanagan family takes care of the city and people know not to do stupid things. ”

When Killian got to the police station, he got off the bike and walked inside, where he once entered he headed to his office.

One of the seated policemen looked at Killian with a smile. ”Detective Killian its a pleasure to see you. I hope you
e not too busy why Commissioner Henry is looking for you. ”

Killian smiled at his police partner. ”Thank you very much for the information, Matthew. Ill go to Henrys office in a moment, but first I need to change.

You may have to go on a pretty dangerous mission, so its better to be prepared than just suffer the consequences.

When I have more time, I would like to talk to you in more depth, but for now I have things to do. ”

Killian walked into his office and at that moment, changed clothes into his police uniform. When he finished, he put his police badge around his neck.

Later, he placed all the accessories that he needed as well as a bulletproof vest. Once he finished, he left his office and walked through the police station until he arrived at Henrys office.

Opening the door, he could see Commissioner Henry who was smoking a cigar. Henry, seeing that Killian had arrived looked at him with a smile.

”Killian, there are more than 60 policemen armed with long guns waiting in the parking lot. All the information about Olivias last location will be waiting for you.

You should not worry about the military because with the governors order you have free access to find your daughter. You can even find help from the national guard.

However, you must be careful when you meet the federal soldiers who are most likely already on their way to the state.

Although they can really attack you or do anything to you, they may try to use your troops as cannon fodder in some operations against this group of terrorists.

In that case, just contact me or directly with the governor, although with the document signed by the governor there should not be any kind of convenience.

But you know that with the federation things are never simple. ”

Killian nodded and started to leave the office. Before he could leave, Henry stared at him.

”Killian, please be very careful in this operation as not only your life and Olivias are at risk.

If something happens to you or something happens to Olivia, you can be absolutely certain that my life will be at risk in the most horrible way possible.

In any case, the cyber police are working hard to locate Olivias location in real time.

So at all times you will be able to know where she is as long as they do not eliminate the transmitter that she currently has in her body, which would be complicated or impossible.

But it is better to be cautious than to simply attack without having a plan in order to face the various adversities. ”

Killian nodded and walked out of Henrys office heading towards the elevator. When the elevator doors closed Killian showed an angry face.

This is because he was quite angry with those damned terrorists who had dared to kidnap his future wife.

For which he was completely convinced to go and rescue her from her leaving a path of blood if necessary, this mainly because he wanted to eliminate those enemies once and for all.

Although he did not know what the motives were for kidnapping Olivia, he would teach all those who have ill intentions with the Flanagan family that an attack against a member is a declaration of war.

When the elevator reached the parking area, Killian got out and looked at the policemen who were very well armed.

Staring at them, he decided to give a little speech before leaving.

”This will be a short speech, however I hope you can hear it quite well because I will not repeat it again

Today, a group of crazy people started a coordinated attack against the entire state. I am almost completely sure that the attack was to be able to kidnap my future wife.

As brave members of the Flanagan family, you must remember that an attack against us is a declaration of war, since peace will never be an option, since it is a sign of weakness.

I hope they
e willing to die because thats the only way well find once we get out of the police station. Those guys are crazy enough to start a full-scale terror attack.

So we must act equally crazy. I hope they can finish all of them as quickly as possible.

Once Olivia is saved, you can do whatever you want with the rest of the enemies, since they will be her spoils of war.

Just remember that rescuing Olivia has priority and everything else is not important. ”

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